Perceptual Adjustments with Lizard’s Guidance

Subtleties of perception . . .
Scale back to the old sands of time

Relax formidable systemic walls of perception
See through an old age mantra of the better the devil you know . . .

Allow the sunlight warm your soul –
Let the earth ground your spirits and bake on rock solid foundation!

Shady areas can cool you down . . .
Mountains can connect you to Father Sky

Co-creation is about we consciousness as we move into an Aquarian Age
Equality energizes masculine and feminine energies

We all need to keep trying

Even though fictive lizard Master Yoda’s spits
the wisdom to do or do not . . .

It’s hard to be rational and logical when the Universe
reverses directional momentum

Might as well embrace illogical, creative and non-linear/localized
systems of thoughts . . .

Just imagine a world where we all know inner peace –
See that reflect in our outer world for all of us to share

See you up the trails,


2 thoughts on “Perceptual Adjustments with Lizard’s Guidance

  1. Hi Brotha! It’s been a while since I commented. I enjoyed this post for selfish reasons. I’ve been stuck in a rut of making decisions for purely rational reasons most of my life. Therefore, I appreciate your line about having some decisions that can be “illogical, creative and non-linear/localized.” It is important to utilize all emotions when deciding what we want in life with the pursuit of ultimate happiness being of utmost importance. Thanks for your continued thoughtful posts. See you in a less than two months!

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