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Here is a link to a recent interview of my first published book:

Ari Joshua Bouse gives us “Something to Chew On”


In surface and depth . . . We swim together with joy in our steps . . . Hummm . . .

In surface and depth . . . We swim together with joy in our steps . . . Hummm . . .

Ari Joshua Bouse is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Reiki Master. Meditation is a key dynamic to his way of life. Ari wholeheartedly believes in the way meditation can positively transform the lives of others. He is here to lighten up the consciousness of the planet and beyond. Ari offers consultation on meditations and spiritual awakenings.

Please feel free to visit his website at: http://www.classroommothershipearth.com. If you would like to reach Ari, please email him at: darknightwalksinsunlight@gmail.com.

If you would like to see my first time interview, feel free to click on link below:

For information about my first published book, please see the following links:



11 thoughts on “About Ari

  1. Brother Ari,
    I truly admire how you have taken up writing as what I would call ongoing acts of spiritual practice. Your hompage is really inviting, and the page about you is wonderfully accurate yet cleverly succinct. I feel moved a step closer to taking up writing myself. See you tomorrow at 6!

  2. Nice succinct description of yourself, Ari. I would only add that you have a warm and validating nature and unique sense of humor. And you forgot to mention the Boss. I love that Surge Milker is important enough that you include it in the one paragraph you write about yourself. I’m glad we can share the Turtle energy of my long-haired partner, too.
    ❤ Kelly

  3. I really love that photo…glad to be able to capture the moment…that day hike “was one for the books” as you would say 🙂

  4. Happy New Year (both Gregorian and Chinese)!

    Here’s wishing you and yours the continued support of Mother Nature.


    Uncle Pat

  5. The quote below reminded me of you.

    Seeing Clearly

    Our practice is to meet life exactly as it is and to notice whatever fear, anger, or doubt gets in the way of direct intimate contact with this moment, bringing attention to that as well. Rather than changing something or seeking to get somewhere we imagine we should be, practice is about seeing clearly exactly how things really are and how we relate to them. Practice thus becomes an increasing intimacy with life just as it is, and there is nothing—including the ideas that we should be getting something or somewhere—that is unworthy of the clear, nonjudgmental attention we call mindfulness.

    – Douglas Phillips, “Q&A with Douglas Phillips”

  6. Hello Ari, Your blog is having beautiful article. And I am quite inspired by knowing of your pursuits in New Human, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Reiki Master. I am sure many must have benefited.



  7. My, my…saw your article in the latest Inner Tapestry, and had to look you up! Niiiice work…enjoyed working with you at our day jobs…I’m living on the coast now and working here, too. Pleasure to read your thoughts!
    Jahneene (former case manager and glad of it!)

  8. Amazing!! I am going to learn so much from you! And I am going to enjoy much future correspondence with you on spiritual concepts. My head is still reeling over the discovery of our genetic relationship and our shared spiritual hunger/awakening!!! I thank Ed for this gift late in my life (50).

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