Cherokee Meditative Poem

Cherokee Meditative Poem

Meditation is an experiential state of consciousness that is experienced by sustaining awareness. Meditation is a space of being present in a way that we “aware that we are aware.” But in reality, it is a label, thought and judgement free zone.

Check out this Chakra balancing meditation demonstration below. You can also refer to the Chakra chart, click on the audio version or look at the written description below:

Chakra balancing meditation resource:

This particular Chakra meditation tradition was reportedly passed down from the Andean Shamans of the Americas. I do this chakra meditation everyday. It is a particularly powerful way to start and end your day with this meditation.

Chakras are energy centers located within your body, and our planet. A daily mindfulness practice & chakra meditation is a practical way to nurture wellness. In general, the the 7 main chakras, as indicated on the chart above, correspond to the 7 rays of the rainbow. If you want, you can picture yourself basking in the energy of a rainbow, and then each individual ray of the rainbow when you balance each individual corresponding chakra (for example, red/root chakra/red ray rainbow, etc.)

Refer to the chart above to understand where your chakras are located, and how they manifest in your body. This chart can help you focus on developing your own daily mindfulness/meditation ritual. You can do this meditation with your eyes closed or open by visualizing/perceiving your chakras in your own body as you do this meditation.

If you look at the chart, hover your right hand over where your root chakra is (red), and move your hand circularly counterclockwise 10 times to unwind your chakra. Next, squeeze like you’re going #2 to release energetically. Then, you can circularly move your hand clockwise 10 times.

Repeat the above step for each Chakra.

Congratulations, you have just rebalanced your chakras!

Bonus Material:

After about a week of doing this Chakra balancing meditation consistently, you can picture a golden halo about a foot above your head, and then send it upward toward the Heavens, along with the rest of your chakras traveling with it, like taking an adventure in a spaceship. And then picture yourself connecting with the Spirit in the Sky, which is more a state of consciousness than a physical location. See your unique, diverse expression in connective co-regulation with the Cosmic Oneness of All That Is.

When doing this Chakra meditation (as well as any other mindful moments during your day), try to be gentle and kind on yourselves, let any judgments pass with care, concentrate on positive self talk, and don’t get seduced into any stories or negative self talk. As always, picture peaceful, calming thoughts, and give mindful attention to your breath entering into, circulating throughout, and then exiting your body. Hold your three fingers together on your thumb, like you’re softly holding a potato chip so that it doesn’t break. Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and soften your belly like a feather pillow as you breathe.

Meditate on how the InterGalactic Frequencies below correspond to the Chakras & Rays of the Rainbow Meditations:

InterGalactic Red Frequency-used to activate, warm, and strengthen.

InterGalactic Orange Frequency-used to cleanse, clear, and release.

InterGalactic Yellow Frequency-used to mend and heal broken bones, ligaments, and tendons.  Also useful for mental processing.

InterGalactic Green Frequency-overall universal cleansing frequency.

InterGalactic Blue Frequency-cooling and soothing to inflammatory processes.

InterGalactic Indigo Frequency-unique spiritual vibration frequency

InterGalactic Violet Frequency-high vibration frequency used to raise the vibration of any healing process.

Check out this Qigong/Taichi meditation demonstration below:

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