Butterfly Magic

A Strawberry Full Moon accompanies the Summer Solstice
this Monday in the Northern Hemisphere . . .

Float with Butterfly through multidimensional reality . . .
A peak experience awaits atop the summit of yang’s sunlight

Cool down elevated spirits during an energetic fire on the mountain!

Loosen up entanglements with superficial differences

Time to heal our dysfunctional ways within an endangered human family

Summertime is a natural time for externally driven action and outward expansion

Become inner peace and see it reflect in the world around you

In the Southern hemisphere, yin’s dark nights reach their zenith
then darkness wanes as their days slowly grow longer . . .

In spite of how shy or introverted you might be . . .
Transform into a playful and social air like Butterfly

Lighten-up our energy fields with a trajectory of joy in our energy fields . . .

Breathe in light-hearted fresh air
and sow the seeds of love

Flap your wings and let your heart sing with Butterfly!

Relax judgments and prejudices of yourself and others

See we are all a colorful and diverse expressions of oneness

Butterfly guides us into the equal fields of cross-pollination

See you further on up the trails,


For more information on the arrival of my book, Something to Chew On . . . , here are the links to access a copy if you are interested:


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