Blue Jay Guides us through eating Crow with True Wizardry

Blue Jay has the potential power to guide our souls into
connecting with the wizardry our Higher Self’s royalty

But not without flirtations with masterful illusions

Sometimes on the spiritual path, the way toward authenticity
is through a “fake it until you make it” perceptual doorway

Try not to beat yourself up by letting guilt and shame block you from
awakening gentle grace inside yourself during this transition

Movement into changing times has its rocky edges
True, the tides feel less predictable and more chaotic today

There is a strong urge to turn back the clock to a more innocent time

Intensities of peak sunlight are felt as we approach the
Summer Solstice and the harvest of a Full Strawberry Moon in later June

Mastering the magic of Heaven and Earth is an unfolding process . . .

There are many trained professionals out there that can help you
read the map of your inner landscape where synchronicity and

Unexpected chance encounters can become your reality

The apparent madness unfolding in the world around us
has a reality to that perception

But don’t let that bog you down into the swamp or dampen your spirits

Speak your truth respectfully without fear of how it will be taken
And let go of how it is received

Trust that the your message will be heard

See you further on up the trails,


For more information on the arrival of my book, Something to Chew On . . . , here are the links to access a copy if you are interested:

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