In Preparation for Changing Weather Patterns with Squirrel

A New Moon is coming
Signaling new beginnings like new moons do

Squirrels reflect lots of yang-oriented active activity
Their energies are intensified by peaking sunlight that is
now making a slow downhill descent

Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are celebrating a resurrection of light
after their darkest day of the year on their Winter Solstice

We are reminded to use what we need and prepare for in times where fewer
resources are available as we travel further into
natural seasons of darker scarcity

Won’t be too long before light and dark energies
are equal again on Autumn Equinox in September

But for now we are reminded to learn to balance work and play
Summer is a good opportunity to become more festive and socially engaged

What about the UK pulling out of the European Union?

Doesn’t this latest episode synchronize with the reflection that big waves of change
are crashing in as we sail closer toward the new shores an Aquarian Age?

Old hoarding ways of viewing the Earth as belonging to us
to subjugate and plunder are fading, yet not without resistance

Whilst this delayed mindset keeps humanity enslaved by making repetitive
and unconscious consumer transactions is an unsustainable life support system

Tragedies like the latest Orlando massacre and Donald Trump’s popularity
are reminding us that it takes more energy to hate than to love

What will a more equitable economic structure supporting The Many look like?

We can say with confidence that promoting the general welfare for the Goose
and the Gander facilitates an awakening of our souls to the

Light of Unity Consciousness

See you further on up the trails,


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