Perfectly Imperfect with the Grace of Swan

Paddling along with the grace of a Swan . . .
We could become inspired
to appreciate the beauty within the
indoors and outdoors of everyday Life

Do you see the beauty within your own Being and
the world around you?

Do you appreciate the apparent paradoxical imperfections?

Might we dig deep enough
and rise up to the challenge and opportunity –
to make friends with whatever we do not like about ourselves?

Trying to lead a perfect life . . .
Is a foul stink of unhappiness
As is augmenting anything perceived as undesirable

Becoming mutable by adjusting our internal world
Opens us up to the sacred space of inner peace

Transient remedies to sitting with what is –
Are conveniently inconvenient distractions from the Now
Because cosmetic changes only temporarily placate the little ego

Remember that “the Tao does nothing and yet leaves nothing undone”
We are aware that we are aware

Our modern world has an appetite for destruction and super-sized meals
The Empire hisses that cosmetic surgical procedures
will swoop in to rescue us

A dying old world paradigm
parrots marketed mental tapes that suggest
removal of scar tissue will cure us
from built-up excessive fats
that are pushed on the masses

An externally driven culture of band-aids and face-lifts
Gleans the Silver Screen
“Who stole the soul?”

When greed is perceived as good
We understand the Liberty of the Stock Exchange has
Properly programmed us to pledge our allegiance
to the Almighty Dollar

How much money do you really need?
Don’t you know that maximum economic profit can’t buy you harmony

But a more equitable and intentional sharing of abundance –
Facilitates shifting our heartfelt beliefs into intuitive knowing . . .

We understand equal access to concrete resources
When a more fair and just New Earth is revealed

See you further on up the trails,


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