The Return of the Blue Jay

Somewhat akin to fascist thinking, talent has glamorous and seductive undertones. As such, talent only gets you so far Life. Moreover, like energy, it’s what we do with it that counts. Our modern world showcases many dabbling spiritual pretenders out there that front being wise gurus. The Empire’s Imperial friends in Congress prefer to go unexamined and keep us distracted with handsomely paid experts hustling the god of opinion. But don’t be fooled by the man behind the curtain. Meditation on the energy of Blue Jay give us a Crow’s view of feathering the embers of our true inner wizardry. Our healers, guides, teachers and coaches are valuable resources to us as helpers along our way. But at the end of the day, the Blue Jay within facilitates the process of getting in touch with a deeper part of our souls that reveals developmentally appropriate use of our power. I wonder if John Lennon’s Blue Jay totem soared into his consciousness when “Mind Games” arrived into his musically recorded archives?

Geopolitically, we still bear witness to an overindulgence in “rule by secrecy” behavior patterns. Cyberbullying and other criminal behavior is defensively postured as justifiable by our leadership by barking, “national security.” Really?! This silly paradigm peddles the idea that we, the “rascal multitude” are children that should be seen but not heard. There is great fear, particularly among our leaders, that “we the people” have all kinds of crazy leveling impulses to “form a Perfect Union”. From a limited perspective, this cannot be tolerated. The elitism and accompanying arrogance that flies within this energy field feels entitled to control the public mind behind closed doors because our friends at the top of the food chain believe they know what is in our best interests. While “appetite comes with eating”, does this kind of hierarchical, patriarchal and linear thinking really reflect best business practice? True it might prove lucrative, but the masterful illusion that the “ends justify the means” is merely a smokescreen. The Higher vista of Blue Jay’s perch reveals that abundance is available to all of us. We can know harmony on our Planet. Even if we whack ourselves physically, our consciousness lives in mind and spirit. Why not do what we can to provide sustainable living for our physical form through a healthy diet of mind-body-spirit nourishment? Saying yes to healthy foods, with authentic labels, respectfully produced by organic farmers being paid livable wages on healthy ground is good business. Universal health care is a right. Free public access to quality education is the hallmark of a free society that values “fairness, honesty and integrity”. During this process, holding democratic principles in our awareness is a challenge and an opportunity. Being less disposable and more mindful of our daily consumption helps us awaken to Unity Consciousness and celebrate our diverse expression of Great Spirit. We are all cut from the same cloth.

Some of us that perceive ourselves as living a more spiritually disciplined path have a tendency to overindulge in intellectualism and austerity. But “why so serious?” In our ascension onward, we need to remember that becoming a true wizard is saying yes to wearing a genuine smile during our travels. Carrying a playful, light-hearted, healthy sense of detachment in our Being helps lighten the air of a room and calms the nerves. Waking up to the idea of Reincarnation reminds us that even in the dirge of a landscape of doom and frown, there is the unmanifested potential birth of an open-hearted smile. Use the energies of the Summer Solstice on and around June 21 to light your way. Masculine-Yang is dominant on this day. As such, Light’s peak will start waning toward a Full Moon on June 23. Meditation on Blue Jay will help you balance Heaven and Earth, as consciously walking in both realms is always good medicine.

See you further on down the trails,


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