Journeying with Pelican in our Meditations

When we get shamanic in our meditations, we take a step into the realm of Infinity so that we may bring back spiritual insight into our material reality. This is how we become the change we want to see in the world, in the spirit of if not me, who and if not now, when? When we do this, we wake up to living more consciously and intentionally.

*Light incense/candle.
*Start drumming to a consistent beat that feels natural to you. A simple bongo drum works well. Get into a comfortable position, relax and breathe.
*Picture a pelican in your imagination and feel its energy coming into your Being.
*Ask Pelican for any guidance that you feel is appropriate for you. Being specific with your question is helpful.
*Continue drumming for 10-20 minutes and gently allow yourself to receive whatever arrives to you in your consciousness.
*Thank Pelican for its spiritual medicinal offering.
*Remember your callback by opening your eyes and changing your drumbeat. A callback facilitates the transition back into our material reality. A callback can also be in the form of a word or mantra that you prefer. My callback consists of 3 sets of 8 beats, then 3 sets of 3 beats and then 3 sets of 7 beats.
*Record your notes of whatever messages Pelican brought to you. These messages might be in the form of feelings, lyrics, sounds, visuals, smells etc. Let go and gently allow your soul to inform you as you travel along in your walking meditation.

During my journeying meditations this week, Pelican is helping me glimpse deep within my soul the power in releasing my judgments that I have carried inside myself and with others. When we hold this space in our souls, we take back our projections and experience inner peace. When we all do our part in this area, we co-create win-win realities, a peaceful New Earth and experience harmony on our Planet and multidimensional Classroom throughout.

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