The Imbolc, A Full Snow Moon And Groundhog’s Medicinal Guidance In Shadow Work: There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel . . .

On February 2nd, it will be the Imbloc aka Groundhog Day.

Our ancestors honored the Imbolc because it was the approximate mid-point between the

Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring.

And then a Full Snow Moon will occur on Sunday, February 5th.

Given that in certain areas, the heaviest snow usually falls during this month . . .

The origin of this Full Moon’s name derives from

our indigenous ancestors who experienced a deep blanket of snow.

Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon,

because of the harsh weather conditions that made hunting very difficult,

and food supplies ran dry.

Meditation on the idea of practicing Mental Subtraction as a walking meditation

can help you see what life would be missing without you in it. It would be a dark void.

Your presence is a gift and a blessing that needs your inner light

to come out and shine on the world.

Energetically, Spring starts at this time, as the seeds underground start thinking about waking up.

Use the new year energies of the Winter slumber to meditate on

what you would like to see come out of hibernation and rebirth upon Spring’s arrival.

Looking back along the dirge, this writer has experienced many trails of tears . . .

One time, this came in the form of a past mental health walkabout to raise awareness

on the tragedy of suicide and its adverse affect on those of us

who have survived our loved ones who have died by suicide.

During the funeral procession,

I met a woman who was walking to support her friend’s son who ended his life abruptly.

Confused, she commented that all he left was a brief note

expressing only that he was curious about the other side.

Likewise, our relationships can change like the seasons.

As in entering or exiting a VIP entryway of secretive inner circles.

Meaningful connections can move in and out of the union privilege of our lives.

Because we are human, we develop attachments to these relationships.

Sometimes, a relationship becomes enmeshed, enabling, codependent, and even toxic.

But like an old hiking boot, the fit wears out is welcome and no longer serves the pairing.

This process is not without resistance and pulls at your heartstrings like an old Blues song.

Are you willing to go beyond your egocentric experiences with

anger, disappointments, resentments, expectations-

or even a sense of entitlement?

Meditation on the energy of Groundhog allows us to experience death without dying.

Groundhogs go into hibernation for a long time during the death of Winter.

They dig elaborate tunnels underground

and reflect the mantra that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

May Groundhog become a member of our spiritual Dream Team

and guide our spirits into soulful nighttime travels.

Paying attention to our dreams and how they connect to our waking reality

is empowering by awakening to the interplay between death and rebirth in everyday life.

We can do this while we are living out this lifetime

and stepping into the realm of Infinity while we are still breathing.

Take care of yourselves everyone,


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