Feeling Thankful for Turkey’s Shared Blessings

Turkey serves up an abundant spiritual diet –
inspiring us to thank and give back to Mother Earth

This bird is the word on the power of gratitude and sharing

Good food for the soul –
especially during miserly tidings for many

We live in hard times of violence, tyranny and terrorism . . .
But we also show an incredible amount of resiliency, compassion
and general concern for the common good

Let us welcome reciprocity with seasonal shared blessings

Like taking in a breath of fresh air . . .
Turkey’s death gives us life

Might as well digest an attitude of gratitude for their sacrifices
What do you have to be thankful for in your life?

A dying old world programs us to gobble up mass consumption of sound bytes
melting in a pot stewing from peddled fear-based mass illusionism

False remedies are packaged as mixed cocktails –
security blankets in our consciousness

How do we breathe in revolutionary zeal – without the hate?
How do we awaken our better angels instead of becoming walking corpses?

Light as a feather like Turkey lights our way through the darkness
Our adaptability allows us to walk with grounded spiritual footing

Do you see that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Look at how squirrels are driven nuts by turkeys stealing their winter storage
But Nature does show us organic leveling impulses that return balance
to the flowing cycle of life

A Full Beaver Moon reminds us of a time our ancestors set traps before swamps froze
so that we would survive with clothing to keep our bodies warm
during cold winter months

Picture a Turkey to unearth hidden wisdom and seeds of growth

Meditation on Turkey awakens us from a hypnotic trance
Feminine energies are coming in through our Third Eye’s perception

Use this yinward lens to open up new ways to look at the world

More birds are soaring into the gates of hell . . .
But a massive spiritual awakening is taking flight into new vistas
on the Map of Consciousness

In spite of being unique expressions of God . . .
Remember that we all spring equally from Oneness

Try to stay as close to Love, Light and Laughter
While shifting away from the fear mongering orchestrated by the corporate media
and us and them kind of thinking

Shape shift into Turkey’s spirited energy field for a spell . . .
And ward off any negative energies that want to feed off of your soul

Occupy Inner Peace!

Onward up the trails,


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