Falling Away From Entrapment, Warding Off Negative Energies With Turkey’s Spirited Guidance & Leaving It To A Full Beaver Moon In November

Transformation Within During The Process Of Letting Go Without Revisited Classroom Mothership Earth

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  1. Transformation Within During The Process Of Letting Go Without Revisited
  2. Overcoming Old Ghosts, Mindful Moments & Awakening To The Spirit Of Inner Peace
  3. Remembering Grandmother's Spirit
  4. Mirror Of The Mind Meditation
  5. A Gemini New Moon, Full Strawberry Supermoon & The Energetic Butterfly Effect

October ends with the modern holiday of Halloween, which traces its roots to the Samhain. The Samhain marks the approximate mid-point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Our days are getting darker and we are turning more yin-ward. Our ancestors honored this spirited time by recognizing the “thinning of the veils” between the physical and spirit realms. As such, it is an especially good time to connect with our loved ones that have passed on into the spirit realm. There is so much help in the spirit realm if only we ask. Keep a picture or memorable item of power that reminds you of your beloved on an alter and meditate on that to connect with their energy.

In the beginning of November, we welcome the traditional All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead and a Scorpio New Moon on the Fourth. Even today, mask wearing remains a powerful spiritual practice that invokes portals into other dimensions and alternate realities, and can also be a good exercise in empathy through perception of other viewpoints.

A Beaver Full Moon rises on Friday, November 19th, 2021. Our ancestors honored this Full Moon by recognizing this time when beavers finished their winter preparations and took shelter into their lodges. Civil Rights calendar highlights include National Native American Heritage Month, Solidarity Week, Diwali, Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of Hanukkah at the tail end of the month. Reflect on how we are all equally part of oneness and yet we are diverse expressions of Spirit. Also, the winds of a powerful astrological Eclipse season are blowing in, which will trigger the status quo and further rattle the cages of our global community. Specifically, there will be a Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon this month and a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on December 4th. Keep in mind that the Universal Pillars of Love and Truth are what really hold things together, not the ego made structures that appear to run the show. The shake ups are meant to move us into alignment with that. Remember that what we resist will only persist and lead to more pronounced suffering. Might as well say yes to the present moment and be mindful of the home of your breath.

Artwork by Barbara Merlotti

A Full Beaver Moon awakens an attitude of gratitude for shared blessings.

Picture a Turkey to give you the spiritual power you need to

ward off any negative energies that want to suck off your aura.

As you wake up your Third Eye,

you become a more powerful spiritual watcher in your day-to-day operations.

Remember to think in moments, and just be with them,

one breath, one step, one moment at a time.

The time is now for feasting on an attitude of gratitude

Be thankful for everything that comes your way, even if it

doesn’t feather your ripple!

Don’t let that bum vibe hold back your spirit.

Picture a Turkey to fluff your energy field.

Are you feeling thankful for your blessings?

Or are you focusing on what you do not have, but wish that you did?

Turkey guides us into the shared space of gratitude and infinite blessings

Even if they are notorious for stealing their fellow nervous woodland creature 

squirrel friend’s winter stockpiles of food storage . . .

In this way, Nature holds up a mirror to look at the power of leveling impulses.

Let us give back to our Mother Earth –

As a way of saying thank you for the abundance She has provided us.

Picture a Turkey to ward off any negative energies that might be

sucking on your energy field and leaving you feeling drained.

A Full Beaver Moon reminds us of a time when peak beaver activity

inspired our ancestors to set traps before swamps froze.

We all need enough fur to keep our bodies warm to survive the cold winter months.

In that industry, Turkey helps our souls warm up to the idea of

feeding ourselves a clean spiritual diet.

We are waking up to the birth of a New Age and Paradigm.

We are lifting the veil from our Third Eye that has been

sleeping in a hypnotic trance for a long time.

A critical mass of feminine energy is gaining power in numbers . . .

Trying to put the brakes on this yin bound train will only delay our gratification –

Met with predictive futile resistance

Equal access to resources is an unfolding convergence of harmony again –

Of sustainable living for our planetary consciousness and beyond.


Imagine all of us sharing our resources and gaining equal access to the greater good. We know that we have been well-trained to divide and conquer and view ourselves as separate from one another. In that, we have become good at making judgements about each other as being either superior or inferior by sizing one another up. But in today’s tumultuous times, we have been given a clear view of perspective taking. A culture of egalitarianism is being born, albeit not without the labor pains. While the pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. The freedom to choose whether or not we will continue to suffer is a powerful choice. Waking up to finding a way out of the suffering is in our best interest as a collective consciousness. Abundance is a real possibility. We will know when a critical mass is here when enough of us choose to believe it and see the change reflected in a New World as it is revealed before our eyes. May any benefit from this practice help relieve my own suffering. As well as the suffering of all beings. Today my body, mind, emotions, my speech actions and deeds, will embody Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. May all Beings Be Free!

Take care of yourselves everyone,


We are a World of Shared Blessings Turkey

Sunlight is dimming now . . .

Darker days, and current events on our planet today
want to seduce us into getting boxed into downward doomsday
mindsets that fade spirits into dark edges

Shadowy geopolitical turmoil cloud
the light at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes, the ghosts of yesteryear resurrect their haunting
Try to look upon past relationship dysfunctions with clear eyes
so that you can see from a new vantage point

Like a dying relationship, the death of the leaves
breathes in the possibility of new life . . .

Meditate on the new beginnings of a new moon

Train yourself to climb the dunes one step, one breath,
and one moment along the sands of time . . .

All we have is right now . . .
You can choose dive into the depths of your soul’s waters

Close your physical eyes for a moment, and open your spiritual eye to
see yourself opening up to abundance . . .

Say, “I am calm, I am relaxed, I am Divine Nature!”

Like our spiritual ancestors before . . .

Picture a turkey to ward off the negative energies that
want to sap your energy field . . .

When each one of us is awakening to the light of inner peace,
we are simultaneously becoming the change we want to see in the world

Just as Hell is a state of consciousness,
so too is the Heaven of a New Earth

Walk into your Divine Nature to witness the revelation
of a new dimension, while experiencing a vibrational shift . . .

See you along the trails,


Feathering Our Collective Ripple with Turkey

The American election season is over, and yet another big business
candidate Trumped changing demographics and predicted voting trends yet again

Movement into a New Age continues, albeit not without
conservative values seeking to establish issues of security and order

But the population is aroused . . .
We all have our part to do to make a more fair and just society

Where we can celebrate our unique, diverse expressions of Great Spirit

Fear is spreading like wildfire,
while climate change is upon us

Protestors are marching in the streets
People are understandably afraid of losing ground

Remember that Turkey is here to ward off dark energies and evil spirits
Let them go and release their strings clinging from your energy field

Although squirrels might have a different perspective
Like the boasting of thieves after a looting

Remember without the roaring fire of laughter
There would be no spiritual warriors

It is hard to be seduced by the dark side with an attitude of gratitude

The harvest is in with an abundant attraction of
positive self talk echoing in the winds

See you further on up the trails,


Feeling Thankful for Turkey’s Shared Blessings

Turkey serves up an abundant spiritual diet –
inspiring us to thank and give back to Mother Earth

This bird is the word on the power of gratitude and sharing

Good food for the soul –
especially during miserly tidings for many

We live in hard times of violence, tyranny and terrorism . . .
But we also show an incredible amount of resiliency, compassion
and general concern for the common good

Let us welcome reciprocity with seasonal shared blessings

Like taking in a breath of fresh air . . .
Turkey’s death gives us life

Might as well digest an attitude of gratitude for their sacrifices
What do you have to be thankful for in your life?

A dying old world programs us to gobble up mass consumption of sound bytes
melting in a pot stewing from peddled fear-based mass illusionism

False remedies are packaged as mixed cocktails –
security blankets in our consciousness

How do we breathe in revolutionary zeal – without the hate?
How do we awaken our better angels instead of becoming walking corpses?

Light as a feather like Turkey lights our way through the darkness
Our adaptability allows us to walk with grounded spiritual footing

Do you see that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Look at how squirrels are driven nuts by turkeys stealing their winter storage
But Nature does show us organic leveling impulses that return balance
to the flowing cycle of life

A Full Beaver Moon reminds us of a time our ancestors set traps before swamps froze
so that we would survive with clothing to keep our bodies warm
during cold winter months

Picture a Turkey to unearth hidden wisdom and seeds of growth

Meditation on Turkey awakens us from a hypnotic trance
Feminine energies are coming in through our Third Eye’s perception

Use this yinward lens to open up new ways to look at the world

More birds are soaring into the gates of hell . . .
But a massive spiritual awakening is taking flight into new vistas
on the Map of Consciousness

In spite of being unique expressions of God . . .
Remember that we all spring equally from Oneness

Try to stay as close to Love, Light and Laughter
While shifting away from the fear mongering orchestrated by the corporate media
and us and them kind of thinking

Shape shift into Turkey’s spirited energy field for a spell . . .
And ward off any negative energies that want to feed off of your soul

Occupy Inner Peace!

Onward up the trails,


Shared Blessings with Turkey

Earth Eagle serves up inspiration to give back
to our Mother during these
shared blessings of harvest season

Turkey’s death sustains our lives
Digesting gratitude for their sacrifices
is good food for deeply thankful thought

A dying old world programs us to buy into
a mantra that pushes us to acquire and get ahead
But when we try to use force to ends by justifying means
We are saying that we don’t trust the Universe to give us what we need

Meditation on Turkey reminds us to walk with secured footing
Reflecting our own adaptable nature
by roosting in different locations in the dirge of night
Let us be mindful of what dreams might come into our material realm

Building a New Earth with Turkey
Gives birth to win-win co-creative possibilities

Why not wake up expecting synchronicity?

Seasons change gradually
Transitions feel more gentle when weathered
like a slowly dripping spigot

Are you appreciating the subtleties of larger changes to come?

A resurrection of the Golden Rule
Awakens a place where the Higher Self meets Collective Consciousness
We gather in a theatrical convergence of egalitarian harmony
Birds of a feather flocking together

Do you see that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Yes squirrels get angry about turkeys stealing their Winter stockpiles
But we can dig on the symbolism of nuts and acorns
In mining our souls to burn clean energy
We unearth hidden wisdom and seeds of growth

Visions from our Third Eyes welcomes
abundant arrivals of feminine energies
She has strength in Her numbers
It takes a formidable systemic empire to hold us back
But that need not make us public enemy number one

Remember that we are all One
Cut from the same cloth
Though diverse expressions

Steer clear from fear-based peddlers of divisive images of hatred
to the out of tune choir of Ebola, ISIS, War on Terror
and Police free indictments chimes in with
arrested development of self-preservation
Ferguson is a magnifying mirror of an American horror show

Occupy Critical Mass

How smart are you at being lulled into a hypnotic trance
by mediums of advanced technologic distractions?

May we gracefully allow Turkey’s spirit guide us in
warding off negative energies
that feed off our souls
So that we are light on our feet

See you further on up the trails,


A Plea to our Planetary movers and shakers . . .

A good old boy fraternal order cleverly breathes coal into the souls of its new initiates. As such, a chaotic choir sings a nightmarish karmic hypnotic trance-like opera of reward and punishment. In this refrain, it is hard not to get boxed into tick y-tacky packages of winners and losers, heroes and villains and angels and demons.

The old ways of maximum incentive for greed blinded by arrogance is way past crossing the line. Effectively playing the fox and the lion game of when to be assertive and when to be ingratiating has taken us to the edge of a cliff. Disillusionment abounds. Mister, there is a darkness on the edge of town.

We have a system that foments talk show pundits that profit off of the ignorance of their audience. Let us take for example the same talk show host that both criticizes Obamacare that he then parrots advertisements for accessing Obamacare in commercials that handsomely pay his salary. Without skipping a beat, this charlatan manipulation pulls the wool over the public at large – particularly the educated business class to unconsciously buy into polarizing arguments of us and them. Stop the insanity.

But with an infusion of spirituality into our humanity – we understand our survival is not a game. There are no enemies. We are One. The time is now for the paradigm to change. Powerful energies are moving in this Spring. Can you feel them budding?

It is easy to take a swing at the present moment . . . rat a tat tat . . . Russian toy soldier’s in the Ukraine . . . Now that’s gangsta.

Now is the time to shake-up and move on up into a co-creative system that is designed to nurture our natural luminosity. We can live in harmony with our Mother and all her sentient beings!

Imagine a conversation between Spider, Porcupine and Turkey . . .

Spider embodies a figure 8 shape that symbolizes our infinite and creative nature. We are empowered to clear Cosmic Karma by consciously weaving our dreams into our waking experience with reality. The more willing we are to choose to see the silver lining and make positive interpretations, the more potential we have to heal ourselves and our planet. What good is gold if our consciousness is weighed down by heavy metal?

Porcupine stimulates our chi by making the point that faith and trust in Great Spirit reveals that a Divine Plan that is unfolding in our lives. Through the wonder of childlike innocence, we are discovering Life’s mystery through portals of fantasy and imagination. Can you see these chimes of freedom flashing?

Turkey chimes in by leveling the playing field by reinforcing the wisdom that in the giving, there is receiving – illustrating a message board of shared blessings. Give it back . . . Take it back. It is time to ward off the evil spirits of pessimistic cynicism.

We have a need to feed our souls with an essential spiritual, physical and intellectual diet. Are you exhausted? How is your energy level? Manic, elevated, unhappy or low? Can you sit with loneliness? Are you afraid to get to know yourself on a deeper level? Why is that?

An internal Fountain of Youth springs eternal inside of each of us. However, it is useless if we do not tap into it.

Movement into a more equitable society requires a more buoyant, equilateral triangle. The movers and shakers are in positions of power to embody leadership by investing in equal access to resources. Their collective intention has been in the extreme opposite. Enough is enough!

An empire that is only interested in sustaining itself is not sustainable. Therefore, a vested interest in all of us winning, awakens an impetus to co-create Heaven on Earth instead of depleting Her resources to extinction.

Congratulations guys . . . maturation is kicking in.

See you further down the trails,


Feasting With Turkey, We Give Thanks For Our Shared Blessings

I remember hearing stories about turkey leading the flock by harmonically harvesting balance, here on the ground of Classroom Mothership Earth.  For example, turkey notoriously drives squirrels nuts when She levels the playing field by taking back squirrel’s stockpiled hoard.  Whether a nervous woodland creature’s modern-day version of Robin Hood, or a Shaman from the Americas, turkey is good medicine for warding off evil spirits.  Have you ever noticed a room lighten up-almost immediately after someone new enters a shared space, where the air just felt heavy with an attached negative vibe?  If so, you might have been the free recipient of some turkey’s shared blessing.  Turkey’s strength lies in their numbers.  When consuming their energy, turkey has the potential to awaken inner vision, feminine energies and infinite possibilities.  In our modern world of 10, 000 things and bling-bling, the more humanity consciously consumes turkey’s positive spirited energy, the more we co-create a more equitable and sustainable New Earth.  Isn’t this just another utopia (or dystopia), ego-centered labeling mechanism describing a totalitarian new world order, communism, socialism and/or devilishly fixed idea of Heaven?  No.  What we are talking about right here, right now is a perceptual shift in consciousness, starting at the intrinsic, individual state of consciousness and reflecting back that picture of the world around us.  From the perspective of Great Spirit, turkey reflects win-win scenarios where abundance is available for all of us to share.  We become the change we want to see in the world. 

Have folks caught wind of the forecast that Wal-Mart workers will strike on Black Friday?  Don’t we already have way too much stuff?  How much money do the heirs to the Wal-Mart empire really need anyway?  Is it really too much to ask that the working folks of Wal-Mart earn a livable wage, with access to the same health care as Wal-Mart’s top dawgs enjoy?  Cheap for me to say, I’ve hardly shopped at Wal-Mart since it came on the scene.  However, when I pass one of their stores, I imagine the building running on renewable energy, with a greenhouse-like park atop its structure and a garden-like oasis that families and children can safely enjoy.  Maybe a sweet penthouse nestles there, like an oversized wolf den, where the landlords and groundskeepers live like Hobbits, boroughed within the structure.  But I digress.  We have much suffering, polarity and disparity on Earth today.  Climate Change is forecasting stormy weather that is affecting the way we live.  Are we going to allow ourselves to get in alignment with Nature, or are we going to resist the changes in weather so within and as reflected in our outer world?  To date, we humans have been so outer directed in our program development.  And yet, we are pre-wired to evolve into our Higher Selves, where the cosmetic and insatiable old world of the dying ego is losing its grip on our plight.  Great Spirit resides within all of us, just waiting to awaken to flow like a fountain of youth that gives freely and replenishing itself endlessly.  When we enough of us awaken within ourselves by welcoming turkey’s shared blessings, we simultaneously co-create an egalitarian human family of politicians, business folk, movers and shakers and salt of the Earth folks that intuitively know reciprocity and egoless harmonic giving and receiving.  At this moment in time, we will see turkey’s meditations reflected more clearly in our internal experience with external reality, with an unfolding convergence.

Being present is not always easy.  In fact, it is easier to be distracted from the present moment, hypnotically lost in the robotic doings, than to merge with it.  Yes, there is an endless commentary from the voice in the head that feeds off incessant, predominately unconscious and mostly repetitively negative thoughts and the accompanying choir of emotional reactions.  When we become aware that we are aware, we create space around our thoughts and attached emotional reactions.  The more frequently we become a passive observer, the more we are equipped to watch this drama unfold like a movie before our eyes, without reacting to it.  When this becomes an integral part of our daily walking meditation, we start replacing those pesky soap operas, by consciously choosing to co-direct a solution focused script.  Perhaps the ring tone of this melody sounds like a John Lennon earworm singing, I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.  In dreaming a new dream, solutions are our focus, rather than creating problems that the ego insatiably feeds on.  The most important prayer, if you will, is to carry an attitude of gratitude with what is happening right now in this present moment.  Find a way to say thank you to whatever the situation might bring.  Like a vampire bite, dark emotions carry venom.  Bloody serious.  Why not sink your teeth into turkey to ward off foul food for thought?  In spirit of birds of a feather flocking together, use this energy to drink in the turkey medicine in you, pass it on and be pleasantly full. 

Stay True,


Am I Sharing Here Or Just Being A Turkey?

On this Autumn Equinox, I am in a deep place of gratitude as I remember walking with a student out on the trails recently. After detecting a subtle movement down yonder, We quieted our chatter and crouched out of their field of vision and watched a flock of Turkeys reminding Us to honor the shared blessings and harvest atmosphere of the crisp Autumn air.  Once the Turkey caught wind of our scent (including gobble sounds emanated from student) and fled the scene, I was so grateful to see that one left a beautiful feather just for me.  The last time one left an offering like that, was probably about a year ago somewhere else along that path. And I just let go of that feather circa “Am I Going Nuts, Or Have I Just Forgotten Where I Buried My Acorns” blog entry. “Ho, Brother Turkey! So freely you give of everything you are, so others may truly live. Give away Eagle . . . Deep and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self and others.”

Additionally, I wonder if Lao Tzu would concur that Turkey medicine might be a remedy to “the boasting of thieves after a looting”? Would He feather Our modern world’s ripple by calling on Turkey to quiet Our obsession with “rampant consumerism”, by tickling Us into channeling Our Chi in a more egalitarian way? Admittedly, Turkey medicine might be a threat to national security, given that it might be a hard sell to the gravy train Military Industrial Complex, Medical Model Establishment, an Economic Hit Man and/or a Big Pharma Executive, given that it’s free and generally has positive side effects associated with Inner Peace. I remember dreaming a new dream that looks like a free for service economy–vis-a-vis a philosophically free market based on bartering that honors Unity Consciousness and the Diversity within an organically more equitable global village, where resources are shared.  In the spirit of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, “there’s enough and we can all win.” Further, I enjoy Native American stories that share that Turkey was a co-creator of the world by teaching Us how to raise corn and protect Us from the ‘Evil Dewar’s’. In the spirit of that, I wonder if Indian Shamans sought Turkey’s council regarding the original intention of the first Thanksgiving Harvest? Now I don’t know about that for sure, but I hear Turkey drives Squirrel nuts when Turkey steals Squirrel’s acorn stash. If We were talking baseball and Squirrel was pitching, that’d be a foul ball.

Finally, Turkey’s energy connects Us to Our Third Eye in that Our “collective consciousness” is waking up and flowering as We become the change We want to see in Our world. Our waking up is tied to Our Mother waking up and of course how We treat Her. At the end of the day, I say Thank You to Our Mother and send her lots of heartfelt loving energy. Further, Turkey alludes to strength in numbers, which hints at Our growing Critical Mass . . . a rising tide sea of consciousness that will tip the iceberg and lettuce effectively transition into a New Age and Paradigm, a la “birds of a feather, flock together.” Now as I look for a carrot in this New World, I am inspired to perceive humanity from the standpoint of a ‘cultural salad bowl’, chock full of mixed greens.

I Hopi You are well,