Bat Guides Us Through the Changing Seasons

A New Moon passed us by last week . . .

Won’t be too long in the hunt before
we bear witness to a Full Harvest Moon

Here in Northern New England, the foliage is peaking
Signaling a death cycle in Nature that is gaining momentum . . .

In much the same way as our old world and selves are passing away

Bat guides us further into darker days and nights of our souls
A light ignites a memory that –
even in death, there is rebirth

Echolocation illuminates light in dark . . .
Might as well let their energy light our way

Change is in the air as the Empire tightens its grip
Relax on being trigger happy and shooting from the hip
without hitting the pause button

Gazing through a lens of a dying old self –
Look forward to a rebirth with novel perceptual vision

See something new in something old

It’s hard to think seven generations ahead . . .
But here we are in the eleventh hour being the ones we are waiting for

Facing our fears –
Even in our darkest hours . . .

Beneath a deep tunnel lies powerful crystalline light waves
Illuminating underground shadows

A return to childhood innocence . . .
Yields an authentic adult view-point

Release and let go of old habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior
Embrace life as a surprise birthday party

Let us face our fears head on knowing . . .
Intuition guides us through an unfolding Divine Plan

See you further on up the trails,


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