Centered Breathing Meditation

As we move forward in our collective journey into a New Age and Paradigm, it is especially important to breathe effectively. You don’t have to be T’ai Chi master, Yoga Guru or Wise Shaman to know the deeply healing medicinal value of breathing. Here is a quick meditation to remember in your daily walking meditation.

1. Breathe in slowly through your nose into the lower part of your lungs.
2. Feel your stomach moving out as you breathe in.
3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth.

This is a great calming-down strategy because you can use it anytime and anywhere. Repeat as necessary. Remembering to breathe is the simplest way to access the internal experience of inner peace.

4 thoughts on “Centered Breathing Meditation

  1. You are all quite welcome. And thank you all for the public imprints to add as inspirational resources to share. At the end of the day, our vocation becomes our avocation when we remember to pay attention to our breathing. Breathing is an involuntary action. But when we wake up to our breathing as a voluntary conscious experience, then we are mindful of our way of living. Our work and play can co-exist and make friends with one another. This is a concrete step up the trails toward moving mountains, while building a radical (lower case r) and sustainable democratic (lower case d) process in our politics (lower case p) of living.

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