Even on the Surface, Conscious Breathing has Great Depth

Dolphin guides our spirits in this material world
into remembering when Grandmother Moon
once wove patterns of the tides into our daily Earth-walk

Dolphins are speaking to us to help us remember
primal communication through sensing vibration and sound

Do you need to pay more attention to your intellectual development,
or communication issues regarding the psychology
of self in relationship?

Whether looking at conflict in world events
Or personal relationships –
Sometimes silence or even pausing to take a deep breath,
and think before we speak gives peace a chance

Water symbolizes creation, passion and sexuality
Feminine power gains sustainable momentum
when tapped into gradually, gently and softly

Picture the dominant Masculine Military-Industrial Empire
Breathing in the fresh air of these self-evident Truths
and then exhaling its complexities that blow things out of proportion

Before going scuba diving . . .
Remember to adjust breathing patterns accordingly
Blowing out tension by relaxing into deep belly breathing

We use our sonar (empathy) to tune into our natural bio-rhythms

Surf the energetic waves with a playful, light-hearted sense of detachment
But not without holding secure footing onto our boards

Dolphins lesson plans awaken our
curiosity, intellect and intuitive faculties

Let us bow equally to our oneness and diverse expressions
Without our breath, there would be no rebirth

Do you need to expand your awareness beyond your own family or pod
to see yourself as part of our greater Global community?

Emotional cleansing clears away stagnant water that needs to flow
Our Dreamtime reveals connections to old wounds that want to release and heal

Do you need to enjoy life and become more playful –
In spite of undesirable cosmetic imperfections?

Grieving our heartaches and sorrows is a sign to address pain we have stuffed
Otherwise, the pain builds and suffering continues

May we take back our outward projections

What does our awareness of our traumatic experiences
have to teach us about ourselves?

Adjust our breathing patterns to swim in life’s mutable waters
Altered states and New Dimensions are accessed when inner sounds
reverberate in outer manifestations

Becoming the change you want to see in the world is a good mantra to live by

A Full Worm Moon later on this week hints at softening ground
with reappearing earthworm casts
Robins sings songs of spring arriving
As maple sap begins to flow
Tapping of annual maple tree rituals are beginning

Masculine and feminine energies will flow together
in waves of synchronized oceanic swimming
On Spring Equinox in later March . . .
I hardly think a showcase of collective Olympic gold medals could touch that.

See you further on up the trails,


Living on Earth

Could it be that I see
myself in your eyes?
Perhaps an old self through an entangled
spider web of past lives?

I take a deep breath,
exhale and let go . . .
That was zen old friend,
this is right tao.

Could it be that I’m a tree,
rooted in the Earth?
A Universal antennae . . .
Beaming spirited messages to thee.

I’m alive, I’m alive
in elemental forces of Nature–wind, air and fire.
Here on the ground.
Learning to live on this Earth . . . Down to the wire.

Father Sky-Mother Earth Meditation

Here is a meditation that helps us integrate the energies of the heavens and the earth into our Being. In this way, we co-create Heaven on Earth by becoming living conduits in this process.

–Find a space outside and get into a comfortable sitting position on the ground.
–Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth, while feeling your belly expanding.
–Imagine the energy from the cosmos entering in through a tube in the top of your head (crown chakra) as you inhale.
–Imagine the energy flowing down though your body and exiting your buttocks (root chakra)–with a slight squeeze, as if you are going poop and flushing through a tube into the earth.
–Take turns reversing this process so that your inhalation and energy arrives from the ground up and exits from the top of your head during your exhalation.
–You can also integrate your heart chakra area by circulating the energy to enter and exit this area and work that into the feedback loop cited above.

What do you notice about your connection with Nature after this meditation?

Centered Breathing Meditation

As we move forward in our collective journey into a New Age and Paradigm, it is especially important to breathe effectively. You don’t have to be T’ai Chi master, Yoga Guru or Wise Shaman to know the deeply healing medicinal value of breathing. Here is a quick meditation to remember in your daily walking meditation.

1. Breathe in slowly through your nose into the lower part of your lungs.
2. Feel your stomach moving out as you breathe in.
3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth.

This is a great calming-down strategy because you can use it anytime and anywhere. Repeat as necessary. Remembering to breathe is the simplest way to access the internal experience of inner peace.

Cleansing with Frog

I remember driving to play with the boys in the band the other evening and feeling particularly spirited while listening to the peepers singing in a wetlands choir, if you will.  Although I clearly heard their messages about cleaning and purification, the lyrics arrived more telepathically and clairaudiently than in words of human language.  In fact, just the other day I hopped into a friend in the community and we traded awareness that now is the time to get back into balance and purify the soul.  One way to feed our souls and nourish our mind-body-spirit connection is to fuel our human vessel by awakening the fruitarian, vegan and/or vegetarian within by eating foods that follow that suit.  Even if only for a day or three, what an experiential opportunity to detoxify and purify.  In the spirit of co-creative exchanges while building a New Earth together, I wonder how you will feel after such an action plan?   

Part of walking with one foot in spirit and one foot in ground is to wash the dirty laundry and reduce, reuse and recycle.  For example, I visited our recycling center today to release dead weight and then ventured to the redemption center to return bottles.  Following that, I felt more free and less bottled up inside.  Does anyone else out there feel more alive when they release judgements of self and others?  I enjoyed my co-creative connection with Mother Earth after venturing out in nature and invoking frog’s energy to call the rains to quench Her thirst and inundate our planet to cool it now.  Does anyone else feel the presence of God when they gently allow negative thinking and emotional patterns to pass with care?  The waters in our life is asking us to flow.  When we become stagnant, our water element becomes polluted and we radiate that outward onto the world around us.  Don’t we have enough of that outside of our control?  I Am inspired to know the Unity Consciousness that I am One with everything and yet a diverse expression of that Oneness.  Do you hear what I hear?  Do you see what I see?  Can’t you hear the thunder?

If you find yourself feeling tired, overloaded, hurried, frustrated, guilty, itchy, nervous, at a loss, empty or weakened, perhaps you might benefit from meditating on frog’s medicine.  Who knows, maybe taking a relaxed, peaceful deep breath, while picturing the rains cleansing your Being and then exhaling your inner demons to see the light of day will lighten you up?  And why not get near water, unplug and listen to the sound of silence?  If you have access to a tub, taking a long bath is a nice way to relax and stay afloat as we swim through these changing tides.  If only the fundraising genius of the Amphibian and his “friends in Congress” would reduce their appetite for destruction, invest less in guns and awaken their frog totems and work its energy in the positive?  Could President Alfred E. Newman and his homies inside the Beltway facilitate a transformation of our global economy into a more equitable structure than the one we currently maintain?  Was it John Lennon or Ferris Beuler who imagined us stopping and smelling the roses, rather than getting stuck in the business of making plans?  Do you dream about our human consciousness flowering into something beautiful? 

Stay True,


While Watching Whales Dive into the Ocean’s Abyss, I Sea Water

I remember when I moved from somewhere in Middle America to New England, shortly thereafter, our sixth-grade class ventured out to Plymouth Plantation, then onward for a whale watching voyage to Cape Cod.  Today, pushing 40 years young, I can still sea the Humpback whales clearly docking in to say hello, adjacent to the gas guzzling ferry-boat.  Given Whale’s capacity to hold their breath, I am inspired by Its medicine to pay more attention to my breathing patterns by integrating conscious breathing into my daily walk.  In fact, the Whale energy in me seas that by simply taking the plunge into three conscious breaths, noticing my Life Force within my inner ocean, and then spraying out my Nervous Woodland Creature energy (or anxiety)–literally calms my Chi. “Whale . . . Of mighty Oceans, You have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand, the very roots of history, of when Our world began.”

Given that Whale medicine’s power cycles all year-long, You are afforded a tab-free opportunity to tap into its free-flowing spigot anytime. If I am allowed permission to invoke the Art of Persuasion, perhaps You will find a sea saltwater/epsom salt bath an indulging conduit to access the Whale rider in You (and/or maybe shapeshift into a Whale while swimming in a pool). Do You remember Our connection to Our primordial past? Myths and legends assert stories that Whale carries the Consciousness of Our planet’s history and origins of humanity. Moreover, as We transition into a New Age and Paradigm, I find that it behooves Us to be mindful of Whale’s lessons on integrating Oneness and Unity Consciousness as We build a New Earth together. Further, We are encouraged through Whale energy to respect and honor Our differences to stay afloat and anchor Our survival here on Mothership Earth, as She hoists Her sails to the Promised Land. I wonder if the Boss was reading Moby Dick when he once carried that novel tune in his back pocket? Well, I don’t know about that, though in finding my own voice, I wanted to share some lyrics that arrived from the depths of my soul that reverberate in the surround sound of my presence to Our Collective Soul: From the Harmonic Convergence, to the Ninth Cosmic Wave . . . To transcending the Karmic Groundhog days, the story’s no longer the same . . . Crystalline Grids are rising in dying Pisces centuries, as We birth into a New World of Aquarian Unity . . . In Yourtown, in Yourtown . . . My Sweet Eartha I’m sinking down, here Buddha in Yourtown. 

Beyond the robotic doings of Life and while exploring the hidden aspects of the Self, as living authentically does– Whale energy connects Us to sound and frequency. One effective strategy to dive into this process is through drumming and/or Shamanic journeying.  In a relaxed sacred space, simply ask Whale what It has to teach You, while keeping a consistent rhythmic drum beat, allow whatever messages to Spring forth in Your consciousness and then let go and let God. Whatever you receive in the 10-15 minutes, give or take, please thank Your Whale spirit helper and remember a callback. A callback is a beat, mantra and/or word that brings You back to the material realm. For example, I like to hit the drum 8 times for three sets, then seven times for three sets, then three times for three sets. But you can invent your own callback. The idea is to explore and retrieve information from the alternate realm of the Dreamtime, as the Aboriginal Australians spoke of, or the Spirit realm if You Will. But for God’s sake, don’t get stuck on trying to figure it all out with Your intellect, as it will drive You nuts!  Whale reminds Us, through drumming perhaps, to connect with the heartbeat of the Universe and allows Us to accept heartfelt connections with One another–without drowning out Our own boundaries, personal authority and/or integrity.

I Hopi You are well,