Bee Real (even if you are not sitting on a Hill in Cyprus)

Here on Mothership Earth, we are welcoming Buddha’s Light on the forthcoming powerful Wesak Full Moon.  In our neck of the woods in Northern New England, the peak of His Light arrives around midnight on May 5.  However, for many of you tuning in from many other parts of the world, the energies of the Wesak will radiantly illuminate on May 6th.  In some circles, folks prayerfully wish us well by coming from the intention of  “Love and Light”.  When I hear these words, I immediately picture Buddha and Christ co-creating Light and Love in our world and showing us our Divine nature in our human form.  Today, in this “world of 10, 000 things”, I can feel their energy with us right Tao as we awaken our consciousness on our planet one step, one breath, one moment at a time.   Yes, there is global tyranny on the surface of our classroom.  While some are fighting for basic survival, others sit in pomp like the “boasting of thieves after a looting” and some are getting lost in the robotic doings of life, by just trying to provide a better life for their children.  Regardless of what your situation looks like on the surface, nature offers us glimpses into her spirited realm that we may invoke within our individual consciousness and awaken to the Light Buddha revealed to us through his human incarnation and Infinite Spirit. 

Has anyone out there ever drank in and felt buzzed by watching bees flitting about in their industry and flight, while cross-pollinating the flowering of our Garden?  Are you producing enough, enjoying the fruits of your labor and/or so busy you never have time to do what you want?  Are you pregnant with an idea, fertile with your creativity and/or need to examine your own sexuality or attitudes toward sex in general?  When folks meditate on bee consciousness, does anyone else out there feel inspired to transcend life’s roadblocks and transform into something greater to accomplish the seemingly impossible Quest?  Perhaps this looks like merely getting out of bed in the morning, staying away from certain substances and/or staying alive.  For others, it might be remembering to breathe deeply and slowly when feeling anxious, overwhelmed and/or stressed.  Yet for some, it might mean opening up to birthing the idea of a more equitable global economy, where resources are shared and we all win, rather than protecting “the minority of the opulent against the overwhelming majority.”   I wonder if others out there have relevant experiences in this area and I would welcome hearing your stories of how bees have inspired you. 

Given that bees taste with their legs, they provide us with a friendly reminder to stay rooted while traveling on the ground in our human vessel, hopefully without getting stung.  Readers, have you ever pictured a tree that serves both as an antennae to the Heavens, but also grown strong roots channeled deep into the Earth?  This is one way to step into the realm of Infinity, rather than getting stuck in the quicksand of insanity.  Moreover, as we buzz along here on Mothership Earth, perhaps we might heed the wisdom of Ted Andrews that arrives via the lyrics, “the elixir of life is as sweet as honey, and the bee is a symbol that promises us that the opportunity to drink it is ours if but we pursue our dreams.” 

Stay True,


2 thoughts on “Bee Real (even if you are not sitting on a Hill in Cyprus)

  1. Ari,
    The optimism expressed in your writing is always inspirational for me. The Consistent message of our positive future evolving as onekind is the truth and never seems to lose its reassuring effect, and it’s a message the world needs to wake up to. Thank you.

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