If It Quacks Like A Duck

I remember hearing about stories from the porch when Great Grandfather and other relatives drank home-made vino, played cards, sang “these songs of freedom” and laughed a lot, despite their poverty and otherwise very depressing circumstances.  In the backdrop of the USA, it was the era known as “The Great Depression”.  Although they lived in St. Louis, the word out on the street here in Maine is that most folks were poor back then as many still are today, so who knew the difference?  Although the “times they are a changin'”, the top dawgs are still sitting atop the pyramid and our “friends in Congress” are even more out of touch on channel Tao than they were back Zen.  President Gas officially came out of the closet this week saying that he officially supports marriage for all human beings, regardless of how they are oriented.  But the burning question that I still have for the fossils that fuel the American political scene and beyond is this:  is Coke or Pepsi democrat or republican?  What would happen if the powers that were and the masses of us tapped into the free healthcare of duck medicine?  I wonder what would happen if we all meditated on duck’s spirited energy of balance, emotional comfort, adaptability and sense of adventure?  Would our one human family co-create a more equitable and sustainable planet, where birds of a feather flock together and we feather one another’s ripple in Unity Consciousness, even while celebrating the good times of our diversity? 

As we swim on the surface of Classroom Mothership Earth, the dinosaurs refuse to scale back the liberal excesses of the corporate mafia that bribe the government.  The protection of the current status quo-business as usual-bottom line-ends justifying the means mentality is toxic and poisonous to our public and private interests.  This developmentally delayed perspective is especially revealed vis-a-vis corporate propaganda and its tentacles that keeps us programmed in reptilian boxes that make it difficult to see beyond the illusion that bullies us into thinking that we are separate and disconnected.  In much the same way as a paternalistic slave master, our own governor here in Maine reminds us of the old saying that “appetite comes with eating.”  Yes, it is a win-win when “able-bodied” folks “get of the couch and get a job”.  But, excuse me mister governor, but “who payin’ you?”  When our own Constitution systemically fails to honor promoting the “general welfare” of our citizenry, then “able-bodied” folks with anxiety, depression and a myriad of other unaddressed and often undiagnosed mental health and health needs are making self-defeating choices as small businesses sail away on your clock.  In a truly intellectually free thinking society, even every third grader understands that when you slash programs that provide a safety net and encourage what social scientists call resiliency to the masses, then predictably we see and digest the bitter reality of homelessness, emergency room costs, arrests, hospitalizations and incarcerations wax just like the waning Full Moon.  On a global scale, Wal-Mart keeps slashing wages as rebellion erupted this past week somewhere in Asia and I am being bloody serious when I report that the proliferation of genetically engineered foods and Wi-Fi are feeding off our energy fields like a bunch of invisible vampires.  The dying gods of the old world are terrified to unplug from their liberally militaristic ways because they have become attached to the pacifier of the military-industrial complex.  What would happen if the real blood sucking welfare vampires were being targeted and questioned?  But we know that the dominant forces and the hidden hand in society likes to remain unexamined.  Now, if I am looking at all this through the spirited lens of duck consciousness, that would be a foul ball!

When we dive into the deeper waters of life, we are able to perceive into the realm of Infinity, where Intention awaits, infinite possibilities abound and solutions are revealed.  When we fly over an aerial view of the iceberg, we see that what lies beneath the mere tip is a much larger mountain.  If only the folks who cry “social Darwinism” and assert “that’s just the way it is” would open up to the wisdom that it is less about Nature versus Nurture and more about Nature and Nurture always co-creating and interacting with One another 100% of the time, in any given moment.  In much the same way as duck, when we effectively learn to navigate land, air and water, we become equipped to dive into our emotional nature.  Further, when we nurture our emotional selves, we learn to soar into the heavens.  In this way, we co-create Heaven on Earth, one step, one moment, one breath at a time.  And just as Rome was not built-in a day, building A New Earth is a process, not without its labor pains.  Will we allow for duck to assist us in staying afloat on Mothership Earth and alleviate creating suffering for Our Selves?

Stay True,


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