A Buddha-Christ-like Carbon Footprint in the Park

The Winter Solstice arrives this week in the Northern Hemisphere
A Full Cold Moon on Christmas signifies a
birth of the coldest, darkest and longest nights of the year . . .

After that we will begin to coax back the light of masculine-yang

Paradoxically, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere experience peak light –
Where masculine-yang reaches its zenith on the Summer solstice . . .
And then a downhill run toward rising dark nights of feminine-yin

Like it or not, pain and suffering are part of life
But most of us want to be happy

So here we sit in a chair with paradoxical tension of opposites

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice
Pain is a wound that hurts
Let yourself feel sad in your heart for this . . .

Our ancestors that have left this planet
frequently revisit us during a death cycle in Nature

Do you remember the Buddha’s God realized teachings on compassion in the park?

Become the courage to move deeper into your pain through a lens of compassion
Gently allow yourself to maintain a graceful and compassionate gaze of Deer

Happiness as a way of life is a real possibility
Sing in the whispering winds to the key of inner peace

Christmas is coming to signal the birth of Christ Consciousness
Might as well come down into your soul and Love one another

Because the gift of your presence here is worth receiving!

Remember that soap opera around your pain is of your own creation . . .
Just own it and move forward!

Onward up the trails,


Falling Back, Bees Are Leaving Us Behind

I remember taking in a sweet breath of life recently and couldn’t help but notice a bee entangled in a spider web.  Some moments later, I felt tangled up in blue as I observed the spider drinking in life by draining the bee’s righteous Chi.  Perhaps some folks would judge the spider as a killer and sentence him to a death sentence as well.  But Nature has Her own way and in this case and as I look back, this experience past was the death of all of us.  In fact, Autumn has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere and the leaves greenery are waning, while the vibrant colors are waxing.  Masculine summer’s light is also waning, as we are naturally slowing down and welcoming the darkness of night rising.  Light and dark are in equal alignment with one another, reminding us that balancing our energies is natural, if not normal.  We all have masculine and feminine energies waxing and waning within our Beings, always in flux, whether realized or not.  Nothing against cosmetic surgery and performance enhancement drugs, but I wonder how costly these enterprises would be if human beings were supported and encouraged to naturally find comfort in our own skins?  Would it be so challenging to find that deep place of self-esteem that says to thyself, I’m OK.  Although watching a bee get whacked was unsettling in the sense that the bee was part of me, at the same time, I thanked the bee for bringing balance to the Force by offering itself to spider and sharing its consciousness with the rest of us.  Perhaps we won’t see any bees for a while, but we are still capable of ingesting their medicine by meditating on the sweetness of life.  Maybe burning a candle made of beeswax will rekindle their power and facilitate the cross-pollination process in raising the consciousness of the planet as we approach the Winter Solstice in December, the darkest day of the year.  What will happen at this significant time on Nature’s cycle? 

Does anyone in the participatory audience remember when Beatles founding father John Lennon sang the anthem Give Peace A Chance?  Well, as I reflect on the Autumn Equinox and Peace on Earth, let it begin with me.  And if you are reading, let it begin with you.  My soulful wife once gave me a card that reminded me that peace does not come from being in an environment of comfortable bliss surrounding me like a security blanket.  Rather, peace is found in the depths of a calm heart, even when chaos abounds.  For the record, I know some of you appreciate and enjoy the way this blog playfully weaves the spirited animal energy into the material realm, while conjuring up positive vibes that feel good.  If that is the case, then perhaps it conjures up empathy for the drug addict that tries to stay high all the time in the ether because hitting the ground is too painful and suffering, though inevitable, is avoided at all costs.  But a key dynamic in the spiritual path is that meditation shows us inconvenient truths about ourselves in that quiet space.  We have the potential to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and make friends with that.  However, I also recognize and appreciate that some readers, like the drug addict, do not like the smack down that they feel when this blog explores the harsh realities that are happening on our planet today.  While I appreciate this position, the mystic swims in the waters the addict drowns in.  This blog will continue to explore healing the polarity consciousness that currently divides us on Mother Earth and co-facilitate the transition into a New Age and Paradigm, where we celebrate the good times of Diversity within Unity.  Instead of God Bless America, we say God Bless The Planet and Universe throughout.  When I gaze on the lyrics of Genesis, it’s almost as if I can hear Peter Gabriel singing let us create humankind in our image.  Now I realize that everything should be taken with a grain of salt.  Moreover, a conservative interpretation of these lyrics, for those who like to take things literally, could be that we were genetically engineered by advanced beings from another planet.  Perhaps a more liberal perspective might view God as a transcendent Collective Energy that allows for the evolution of His-Her co-creation that illuminates as we wake up from our slumber, here on Mothership Earth.  Yes, there is a concrete sense of security in a dogmatic fixed idea of believing in a white man sitting up on a hierarchical throne with a gavel deciding who is permitted to join the Country Club and whom will be punished in a slow roast.  But Heaven and Hell are subjective inner states of consciousness that are reflected in our outer reality.  All we really have is right now, this precious moment that is always eternal.

As humans, when we get stuck in our fixed ideas and box ourselves in the ghettos of the mind with intellectual concepts and emotional reactions thereof, we tend to experience security in our consciousness that tastes like comfort food.  However, as we move onward in our collective assent, we expand and open up to the increasing spirited energies that are streaming in our planet right Tao.  Some folks will react to these energies unconsciously and that is their right.  Yes, there are more natural disasters, wars, poverty, famines and disconnection among the human factor with relation to Nature, though paradoxically more technologically connected.  But there is security in knowing that there is predictability in unpredictability.  If one way doesn’t work, another way will.  Together, we climb onward in surface and depth, one breath, one moment, one step at a time. 

Stay True,


Managing the Dragon’s Fire Within

I remember when a brotherly teammate once reminded me of my own oscillations between order and chaos.  Back in High School, we played sports together–riding the wave of a 12 year losing streak on the football field, but exchanging a textbook handoff and going undefeated for some years in track.  While some of us embrace our power, many of us fear it and subsequently choose to slay our internal dragon.  Sometimes, we do this by trying control everything in our lives, such as over indulging in work and practical matters.  Here on Channel Tao, I remember the power in staying light on the feet and adding color and magic to life, when watching dragonflies flitting about o’er grassy ball fields.  In fact, their aerial feats are somewhat akin to UFO and USO sightings that have dazzled scientists and the general public alike.  As I sit here submerged in my consciousness, I cool my own dragon fire when noticing our very own secret government’s role in liberally funneling taxpayer monies into the Pentagon, while cloaked under the auspices of “foreign technology” and “research and development”.  Why is it that senators and congressmen ignore the call to allow the government to “meddle” in our lives by providing single-payer healthcare to “promote the general welfare” of our citizenry?  What makes it the epitome of public enemy to ask for a more equitable structure, where the top dawg 1% pays their fair share and our taxes are more evenly distributed?  Isn’t it homeland security to level the playing field?  But if there is a bailout on Wall Street and/or a war to fuel, then the bailouts are arranged without Federal Reserve!

Long ago, legend teaches us that dragon, in his great power, was once wise and a master illusionist.  But he was tricked by coyote to prove his power by turning himself into a dragonfly.  Somewhat akin to a black sorcerer, or a gifted propagandist, dragon got caught up in his own facade by falling for coyote’s prank and subsequently lost his power.  I wonder if Bob Dylan channeled this story from the heavens when he transcribed and sang the lyrics, “the first one now will later be last”?  The truth is that we are all one.  When we step into the realm of Infinity, abundance awaits for everyone and we can all win.  Money is energy and merely depends on the value we attach to it.  And Great Spirit reminds us that it is wise to let go of our attachments.  Further, as spiritual beings having a human experiences, we are always going to flirt with our attachments because our Source is housed in a human shell with the desire to want more.  But do we allow ourselves to remember gratitude by staying calm in the pocket and cutting back to inner peace like Tom Brady and Barry Sanders, respectively?  When getting distracted from holographic messages from an iBot, negative thoughts, emotions, parenting and work to do and bills to pay–is it possible to remember that we are both part Divine and part creature, rather than getting lost in the robotic doings in this “world of 10,000” things?  As we transition into a Golden New Aquarian Age and Paradigm, the demonic shackles of ego will need to rest in peace, while our awareness rises in the spirit of celebrating the good times of Diversity in Unity in our Collective Consciousness.  Please use the energies of the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on Monday, June 4 and the approaching Summer Solstice on June 19, 2012 to guide you in transforming your consciousness to take flight.  While there is truth in the saying that men are like the Sun and women are like the Moon, the reality is that we all have masculine and feminine energy oscillating within our Being.  Moreover, we need to remember that there exists a Divine Marriage between this Yin-Yang dance and that balance is key.  Energetically, this is a good time of year to manifest and transform our consciousness in our lives and say good-bye to devilish, fixed ideas that box us in. 

Readers, have you ever heard of the old saying, “you are what you eat?”  In the spirit of that, I like to embark on a cleanse every now and again, typically around the quarterly equinoxes and solstices here on Classroom Mothership Earth.  Given my experience, I wanted to share with you a four-day cleanse that I caught wind of by the great Seneca Tribe here in North America some years ago.  Each day is believed to clear different areas in the body.  The first day cleans out the colon.  On the second day, toxins, excess salts and calcium deposits are released.  On day three, mineral-rich fiber flows through your digestive track.  Finally, the blood, lymphatic system and other organs are nourished with minerals.  Remember to drink plenty of water every day, but accompany that with fruit only on day one, herbal teas only on day two, veggies only on day three and broth only on the final day.  This cleanse offers our human shell a meditation 101 opportunity to watch without judgement the thoughts and feelings that arrive in our consciousness and then let them gently pass with care.  Although this may seem daunting, I find this experience good for the souls personal empowerment.  On the personal weather front, have you put on too much weight or do you look like a scarecrow?  Have you tended to the changes you have wanted to make in your life?  Are you resisting change when it would be wise to do otherwise?  Do you remember wisdom in what we resist, persists?  As we become the change we want to see in the world, please remember that we are what we eat!   

Stay True,


If It Quacks Like A Duck

I remember hearing about stories from the porch when Great Grandfather and other relatives drank home-made vino, played cards, sang “these songs of freedom” and laughed a lot, despite their poverty and otherwise very depressing circumstances.  In the backdrop of the USA, it was the era known as “The Great Depression”.  Although they lived in St. Louis, the word out on the street here in Maine is that most folks were poor back then as many still are today, so who knew the difference?  Although the “times they are a changin'”, the top dawgs are still sitting atop the pyramid and our “friends in Congress” are even more out of touch on channel Tao than they were back Zen.  President Gas officially came out of the closet this week saying that he officially supports marriage for all human beings, regardless of how they are oriented.  But the burning question that I still have for the fossils that fuel the American political scene and beyond is this:  is Coke or Pepsi democrat or republican?  What would happen if the powers that were and the masses of us tapped into the free healthcare of duck medicine?  I wonder what would happen if we all meditated on duck’s spirited energy of balance, emotional comfort, adaptability and sense of adventure?  Would our one human family co-create a more equitable and sustainable planet, where birds of a feather flock together and we feather one another’s ripple in Unity Consciousness, even while celebrating the good times of our diversity? 

As we swim on the surface of Classroom Mothership Earth, the dinosaurs refuse to scale back the liberal excesses of the corporate mafia that bribe the government.  The protection of the current status quo-business as usual-bottom line-ends justifying the means mentality is toxic and poisonous to our public and private interests.  This developmentally delayed perspective is especially revealed vis-a-vis corporate propaganda and its tentacles that keeps us programmed in reptilian boxes that make it difficult to see beyond the illusion that bullies us into thinking that we are separate and disconnected.  In much the same way as a paternalistic slave master, our own governor here in Maine reminds us of the old saying that “appetite comes with eating.”  Yes, it is a win-win when “able-bodied” folks “get of the couch and get a job”.  But, excuse me mister governor, but “who payin’ you?”  When our own Constitution systemically fails to honor promoting the “general welfare” of our citizenry, then “able-bodied” folks with anxiety, depression and a myriad of other unaddressed and often undiagnosed mental health and health needs are making self-defeating choices as small businesses sail away on your clock.  In a truly intellectually free thinking society, even every third grader understands that when you slash programs that provide a safety net and encourage what social scientists call resiliency to the masses, then predictably we see and digest the bitter reality of homelessness, emergency room costs, arrests, hospitalizations and incarcerations wax just like the waning Full Moon.  On a global scale, Wal-Mart keeps slashing wages as rebellion erupted this past week somewhere in Asia and I am being bloody serious when I report that the proliferation of genetically engineered foods and Wi-Fi are feeding off our energy fields like a bunch of invisible vampires.  The dying gods of the old world are terrified to unplug from their liberally militaristic ways because they have become attached to the pacifier of the military-industrial complex.  What would happen if the real blood sucking welfare vampires were being targeted and questioned?  But we know that the dominant forces and the hidden hand in society likes to remain unexamined.  Now, if I am looking at all this through the spirited lens of duck consciousness, that would be a foul ball!

When we dive into the deeper waters of life, we are able to perceive into the realm of Infinity, where Intention awaits, infinite possibilities abound and solutions are revealed.  When we fly over an aerial view of the iceberg, we see that what lies beneath the mere tip is a much larger mountain.  If only the folks who cry “social Darwinism” and assert “that’s just the way it is” would open up to the wisdom that it is less about Nature versus Nurture and more about Nature and Nurture always co-creating and interacting with One another 100% of the time, in any given moment.  In much the same way as duck, when we effectively learn to navigate land, air and water, we become equipped to dive into our emotional nature.  Further, when we nurture our emotional selves, we learn to soar into the heavens.  In this way, we co-create Heaven on Earth, one step, one moment, one breath at a time.  And just as Rome was not built-in a day, building A New Earth is a process, not without its labor pains.  Will we allow for duck to assist us in staying afloat on Mothership Earth and alleviate creating suffering for Our Selves?

Stay True,


Bee Real (even if you are not sitting on a Hill in Cyprus)

Here on Mothership Earth, we are welcoming Buddha’s Light on the forthcoming powerful Wesak Full Moon.  In our neck of the woods in Northern New England, the peak of His Light arrives around midnight on May 5.  However, for many of you tuning in from many other parts of the world, the energies of the Wesak will radiantly illuminate on May 6th.  In some circles, folks prayerfully wish us well by coming from the intention of  “Love and Light”.  When I hear these words, I immediately picture Buddha and Christ co-creating Light and Love in our world and showing us our Divine nature in our human form.  Today, in this “world of 10, 000 things”, I can feel their energy with us right Tao as we awaken our consciousness on our planet one step, one breath, one moment at a time.   Yes, there is global tyranny on the surface of our classroom.  While some are fighting for basic survival, others sit in pomp like the “boasting of thieves after a looting” and some are getting lost in the robotic doings of life, by just trying to provide a better life for their children.  Regardless of what your situation looks like on the surface, nature offers us glimpses into her spirited realm that we may invoke within our individual consciousness and awaken to the Light Buddha revealed to us through his human incarnation and Infinite Spirit. 

Has anyone out there ever drank in and felt buzzed by watching bees flitting about in their industry and flight, while cross-pollinating the flowering of our Garden?  Are you producing enough, enjoying the fruits of your labor and/or so busy you never have time to do what you want?  Are you pregnant with an idea, fertile with your creativity and/or need to examine your own sexuality or attitudes toward sex in general?  When folks meditate on bee consciousness, does anyone else out there feel inspired to transcend life’s roadblocks and transform into something greater to accomplish the seemingly impossible Quest?  Perhaps this looks like merely getting out of bed in the morning, staying away from certain substances and/or staying alive.  For others, it might be remembering to breathe deeply and slowly when feeling anxious, overwhelmed and/or stressed.  Yet for some, it might mean opening up to birthing the idea of a more equitable global economy, where resources are shared and we all win, rather than protecting “the minority of the opulent against the overwhelming majority.”   I wonder if others out there have relevant experiences in this area and I would welcome hearing your stories of how bees have inspired you. 

Given that bees taste with their legs, they provide us with a friendly reminder to stay rooted while traveling on the ground in our human vessel, hopefully without getting stung.  Readers, have you ever pictured a tree that serves both as an antennae to the Heavens, but also grown strong roots channeled deep into the Earth?  This is one way to step into the realm of Infinity, rather than getting stuck in the quicksand of insanity.  Moreover, as we buzz along here on Mothership Earth, perhaps we might heed the wisdom of Ted Andrews that arrives via the lyrics, “the elixir of life is as sweet as honey, and the bee is a symbol that promises us that the opportunity to drink it is ours if but we pursue our dreams.” 

Stay True,