A New Moon In Capricorn & The Chinese Lunar New Year Of The Rabbit

Photo by Steffi Wacker on Pexels.com

On December 23, 2022, A New Moon in Capricorn adds to

the new energies of the forthcoming New Year of 2023

Keep in mind that the Moon based Chinese calendar new year will happen on January 22, 2023.

The energy of Capricorn might trigger a strong need for being useful to society.

Sometimes, it may lead us down a path of looking for justification in the outside world.

It can be enticing to underestimate what we want from ourselves and for ourselves.

Resentment can follow shyness when feeling ignored by others.

Rather than seeking approval from the outside, turn yin-ward and trust your inner values.

A gentle and kind inside-out approach will relax harmful self-doubts.

Working Capricorn in the positive awakens self-control.

Try not to get seduced by its shadow side by trying to control everything.

It will be the year of the Rabbit, according to Chinese Astrology.

Energetically, Rabbit is symbolic of good fortune and reflects the powers of the moon.

It will be a good year to develop your sensitivity and artistic expressions,

as well as ambition, fitness & virtue.

Rabbits are associated with sexuality and fertility.

There are many ways other than physically having sex or childbirth

to play with these experiences in our lives.

For example, you can wear different colors, play music and sing

as forms to explore your sensuality,

as well as give birth to a new creative endeavor as a way to flirt with the fertility of life.

Also, these are all healthy ways to reclaim

and nurture a healthy relationship with your inner child.

Truly, reality is multidimensional or quantum in nature.

Meditation helps access these realms as well as soften our attachments to them.

This writer has heard stories about the writer Lewis Carrol’s clinging to

alternate realities that he could no longer access after writing his classic,

Alice in Wonderland,

which was akin to a shamanic journey.

Similarly, Pink Floyd’s Sid Barrett reportedly heard celestial music in the dreamtime.

Sadly, it drove him mad because he couldn’t capture that sound in this realm.

It can take a long time to learn cause and effect, which is not without its consequences.

At the same time, we can imagine the possibilities beyond cause and effect and predictability.

As a spirit guide, we can leap and hop with Rabbit into the Faerie realm and

magical adventures into rabbit holes of the underworld, middle or upper world.

Let us remember a callback to keep our feet on the ground and safely return to our hutch.

Alternate realities are adventurous places for our minds and souls to travel.

Staying grounded in this reality is just as important,

like the old spiritual mantra of walking with one foot in spirit, one foot in ground.

Soul travel is akin to dimensional bleeding.

(See you on the dark side of the moon)

Dawn & dusk reflect the in between times where the veil

between the spirit and physical realms are thinner.

Shadow building is when we call in our fears from our subconscious

into our conscious experiences.

Remember what we resist persists.

Are you contemplating starting a new project?

Could this be envisioning your new self?

Take care of yourselves everyone,


Venturing Down the Rabbit Hole

Small in stature
Rabbits paradoxically represent
A tribal quest in fertility and new life

Remember there is prolific power in numbers

Ready for stillness in freeze frames
Even when on the hop

A forthcoming New Moon remembers our lunar connection
In alignment with tide’s ebb and flow

Are you about to enter into a 28 day cycle?

Gentleness, versatility, quickness and creativity
Rabbits are rooted in defensive footing and gifted at avoiding conflict
Natural tai chi masters of the internal martial arts are they

Are you being gentle, compassionate and modest in your dealings with others?

While hopping down the bunny trail
We open our hearts to multidimensional visions
of previously unseen possibilities
Snatching up carrots of fleeting opportunities

Dawn and dusk veils thins during these times
We can all dig on the realm of the Faery
Unearthing messages to stay grounded even when scampering out and about

What we resist will persist
Knows the psychology of a self-fulfilling prophecy

Pain is part of life
Might as well say yes to it and face your fears head on
Rather than be a fear caller of it through avoided projections
Otherwise, we just create more suffering

This too shall pass

Having a back door exit strategy when feeling boxed in with anxiety
Is good medicine for a sense of safety and security

Stop worrying or trying to control potential futures
that have not yet come about

Do you need to slow down?

Be careful what you wish for
Well-hidden fears might accompany wishful thinking in cleverly disguised secrets

Appetite comes with eating
Bad apples can only sour our core if we consume their negative energy
Are you planting seeds of goodness
While branching out in the proverbial Tree of Life?

Feeling jealous is merely an informer that the
grass is always greener (or also browner)
depending on our field of vision

See you further on up the trails,


Journeying with Rabbit

Here is one possible Shamanic journey that I would like to share with you. Basically, the journey process is about shifting our experience from our conscious or ordinary experience with reality, to an experience with the alternate, non-ordinary realities of the Dreamtime.  This is both a spiritual and scientific process, as our perceptions and brain waves change form, in that our state of consciousness literally changes when we journey and meditate.  We journey to become more conscious and awake during our travels in our material reality.
  • Light incense/candle
  • Start by drumming or rattling to a consistent beat in your sacred space.
  • Picture a rabbit in your imagination.
  • Feel and perceive rabbit energy in your consciousness.
  • Ask rabbit for guidance, let go and then follow rabbit wherever it takes you during your journey.  Be sure to thank rabbit for its gift to you.
  • Before returning to this reality, it is important to change your beat to a call back for an effective transition.  For example, after 10-20 minutes of drumming, I open my eyes and then hit the drum 8 times for 3 repetitions, then 3 times for 3 repetitions and then 7 times for 3 repetitions to signal the end of my journey.  But your call back can be in the form of a word, a thought or a mantra that works for you.
  • Record what arrives to you from your journey.

How far down the Rabbit hole do you want to go?

As deeper souls, the leaps we take in our creative development are not without moments of stopping on a dime, hopping around and sometimes having an effective exit strategy.  Rabbit medicine reminds us to harness our creativity by getting in touch with our own fertility.  Further, our business can be our pleasure, while Rabbit helps us bring play into our work.  When our avocation is our vocation, we paradoxically notice results even though we have let go of outcome, through learning the process of investing in loss.  Given their 28 day birth to independence cycle, the energy of Rabbit symbolically links us to the Lunar calendar.  Rabbit embodies the internal martial arts by modeling quickness and defensive action.  Given that rabbits are most active at dusk and dawn, their spirited teachings serve as a portal to the Faery realm, or the space between the material and spirit realities.   

Climate Changes today require that we face great developmental challenges during the transition into a shifting consciousness and New Age.  Our friends in Congress act as roadblocks by enacting back door deals that cut entitlement programs, while boasting like thieves after a looting.  Their gall to give away the niceties of Democracy to protect their own egotism is alarming.  Palestinian activists were bullied off their tent villages by Israeli soldiers, in much the same way our Native American brothers and sisters were by American troops at that time.  But today, our weaponry is more sophisticated and concentrated than it was back then.  With women’s rights on the rise, how do men redefine masculinity in a way that moves beyond wimp or Rambo?  Given the education to prison pipeline that exists in modern America, how do we discipline our children effectively so that they learn from natural and logical consequences, so that they become more inner-directed and self-governing?  Otherwise, our children will look forward to society making decisions for them by locking them up in institutions like prisons and mental hospitals.  This starts in the womb of the home.  Parents need to understand that by giving our children too much freedom, but without setting age-appropriate limits is a receipt for disaster.  I have a brother in jail who is a poster child for this manifestation and will essentially spend his 30’s locked up, provided he exhibits good behavior.  If we do not teach our children the skills to handle the accompanying price tag of responsibility, then we set them up for failure.  I know past students who have fallen prey to mental illness and criminal behavior because they did not learn to take ownership for their actions, make amends and move forward.  Instead, they have given away their power by becoming victims.  In many cases, bad parenting, disability advocates, lawyers and school boards only concerned about the bottom line help perpetuate this vicious cycle.  What we have here is systemic toxicity that certainly isn’t healed by more offshore drilling, drone strikes, manufacturing pesticides that are killing bees and the US Navy decimating our oceans with sonar military might.  Is this not a developmentally delayed value set?

With Rabbit as Animal Spirit guides, we can acquire the skills of gentleness, versatility, quickness and creativity when studying their lesson plans.  Do you need to slow down?  Have you been too busy hopping from one project to another?  Do you need to bring more compassion and modesty in your relations with others?  Are you unconsciously asking Great Spirit to bring more of what you are afraid of to your waking reality?  Remember the wisdom of what we resist persists.  Remember to breathe in your feelings, while allowing yourself to experience and embrace them running through your Being and then releasing them to Mother Earth for healthy compost.  As we transition closer toward the Spring Equinox, it becomes clearer that our growth may arrive in leaps and hops.  When we pay attention to the signs and attune to the Moon, we become more equipped to snatch up the carrot of opportunities that briefly arrive in our field of vision.

See you further on down the trails,


Spring forth the Equinox: A New Generation of Growth

“We are called to assist the Earth to heal Her wounds and in the process heal Our own–indeed to embrace the whole Creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder.”–Wangari Maathai

I remember when Our ancient ancestral wisdom spoke of 2012, give or take–albeit in the grand Cosmic scheme of things in this “world of 10, 000 things” right Tao is but a speck and yet paradoxically eternal.  However, here on Mothership Earth, We are in an exciting time of transition in Our classroom.  Yes, We are coming out of the birth canal and experiencing the labor pains that accompany this transition.  I have heard it said that a mass exodus of souls and energies are flooding our planet right now to facilitate and co-create Our transition into a New Age and Paradigm.  We are leaving behind an era of gurus and Messiah’s and moving into a time of individual authenticity and global community, a la diversity within Unity.  Indeed, We are letting go to our addiction to the destruction of  Our Mother, fundamentalist allegiance to the Almighty Dollar and Orwellian control by the “minority of the opulent”, or “the powers that were”.  My spirited dance and plea to the top dawg 1% is quite lightheartedly detached and simple vis-a-vis the lyrics, “there’s enough and We can all win”.

Collectively, humanity stands at the doorstep of a New Age and Paradigm.  If We are to survive as a species here on Our Mothership Earth, the time is now to co-create a new generation by evolving into Our Luminosity.  Really, I get a buzz (without a stinging hangover) and internally lit up merely imagining the possibilities of manifesting Our human potential.  Wood You Bee Leave that we already have the essential ingredients encoded within Us–whether sweet nectar, life enhancing chlorophyll and the capacity to effectively cut back to Inner Peace?  I can hear the Master Yoda in me asserting, “for my ally is the Force (Chi) and a powerful ally it is . . . life creates it . . . makes it grow . . . it’s energy surrounds Us and binds Us . . . Luminous Beings are We . . . not this crude matter . . . You must feel the Force around You.”

In saying “peace out” to Winter and “what up, G” to Spring, We compassionately heed Mother Nature’s soothing reminder that Her seeds underground are excitedly thinking about budding and blossoming a New Generation of Life.  I can hear Robin singing gleefully to the melodious tune of adventurous New Growth, blazing new trails as “the early bird gets the worm.”  During Our cross-pollination and subsequent flowering of human consciousness process, might We allow Our Selves to become the silver lining and make only positive interpretations of Our prophecies that say the Critical Mass will come about and allow Us to stay afloat in Our expanding Sea of Consciousness?  Aye, “this is the time of solar balance.  The Sun and the Earth are in perfect alignment.  Days and nights are the same length.  This represents Our receptive and Our active aspects being in balance, male and female.  Mother Earth’s energies in Us are awakened by the Father Sun energies being in balance.  This is a time of renewing and rebirth.  We have resurrection of Our own Spirit and Our growth, which has come through the Winter.  It’s a time when the trees begin to bud out and show the growth and the promise for the New Year.”  While meandering O’er mountains and streams and dancing to the heartbeat of the forests, the Rabbit energy in me says, “lettuce take joyful comfort in being part of Nature, while staying connected to Her as a carrot of trust, so that We May take the Quantum leap forward.”  Given that the Law of Impermanence reminds Us of Life’s transience and the sobering reality that there are no guarantees, why not seek solace in staying on the hop while noticing continuity within change and the cyclical Nature of the Cosmic Wheel?

As Spring approaches, I awaken my budding words of Love, Light and Laughter in this changing world with recognition that the Sun, Moon and Earth naturally look after One another just because it is Nature’s Way, while in perfect alignment together as One. Further, I am trying to express my own New Generation of growth to reflect the ancient spiritual wisdom “so within as without, as above so below”, if you Will.  In the spirit of that, I would like to share with You a prayer I say bright and Squirrely every morning during my meditation puree:  “We call on God directly, Archangels, Higher Angelic Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Illuminated Ones, Gatekeepers of the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides and Animal Totems, Mother Gaia, Ancestors whom have passed on and all those who walk in alignment with Divine Will, Divine Plan and the Blueprint of Love.  We ask for your continued support and guidance in working through Our Inner Tapestry, allowing the light to illuminate the shadows so within, as without, as above, so below.  And for all your help along the Way, We thank You . . . We thank You . . . We thank You.”

I Hopi You are well,


2012: Birthing into a New Age and Paradigm

I remember when Our ancient ancestral wisdom spoke of 2012, give or take–albeit in the grand Cosmic scheme of things in this “world of 10, 000 things” right Tao is but a speck and yet paradoxically eternal.  However, here on Mothership Earth, We are in an exciting time of transition in Our classroom.  Yes, We are coming out of the birth canal and experiencing the labor pains that accompany this transition.  I’ve heard it said that a mass exodus of souls and energies are flooding our planet right now to facilitate and co-create Our transition into a New Age and Paradigm.  We are leaving behind an era of gurus and Messiah’s and moving into a time of individual authenticity and global community, a la Unity within diversity.  We are saying, “peace out” to our addiction to raping Our Mother, fundamentalist allegiance to the Almighty Dollar and totalitarian control by the ‘minority of the opulent’, or the powers that were.  My spirited Uncle Tom dance and plea to the top dawg 1% is quite lightheartedly detached and simple.  In much the same ways as a Chinese doctor friend sometimes angrily asserts, “in West answer is always to kill . . . don’t always have to kill everything.”  We are not your enemies and We welcome you to join Us too.  Moreover, the Rabbit in me is on the hop in saying, “lettuce all take the quantum leap in consciousness and share the carrot of an Aquarian Age together as We swim away from a Pisces Age.”

Additionally, they built wireless technologies in sweatshop on other shores and they built the satellites that helped the empire win the wars . . . Here in Yourtown, here in Yourtown . . . My sweet Eartha I’m sinkin’ down, here Buddha in Yourtown.  In the spirit of that, technology is not the Messiah that it has been propagated to be, nor is rampant consumerism and gluttonous consumption of Our Mother’s natural resources that She has so liberally and freely given Us.  May You imagine with me technologies that work in harmony with the human factor and all other creatures that live on earth and the greater Universe?  I like what Noam Chomsky has to say about “the same systems that oppress can liberate” and it can change on a dime, in much the same way as Barry Sanders used to cut back to open space on the playing field.  Couldn’t Wal-Mart have greenhouses atop its structures that produce clean energy open to the community, pay their employees a livable wage and take care of their healthcare needs?  I might actually start shopping there if they were to do something like that.  Instead of a sweeping Big Governmental 6 hundred billion and change spent on a War pre-emptively determined to lose, We ask that you shift Your mind-set to more equitably redistributing that toward free healthcare, education, childcare and eco-friendly, true free-market business policies that are equitable and sustainable for all of Us whom inhabit Our planet.  You can still be on top of the pyramid, but the triangle will simply look like an equilateral triangle that floats more buoyantly than the sinking Titanic We are on right now.

In conclusion, there is an old story regarding how the Dragon lost its power of the art of magic by getting caught in its own master of illusion.  However, Dragon lore speaks of a time when Dragon was full of wisdom via bringing light with its fiery breath, while soaring like an Eagle in flight during the darkness of night.  In the Chinese-Lunar calendar, it is the year of the Dragon.  Further, shamans of the Americas have spoken of Quetzalcoatl–a snake-like god. I see Quetzalcoatl’s prophetic return as a powerful metaphor for a Collective shift in Cosmic Consciousness as our old world dies and a New Age awakens, a la ‘out with the old, in with the new’. In venturing out with a community of men around the fire and Clubhouse recently, a brotherly friend reminded me that it’s not necessary to have the ‘Midas Touch’ and turn everything into gold.  Aren’t We all mirrors for One another?  The way I see it, the more of Us gaze on One another in the spirit of Love and Light, then We will naturally disarm the internal and external weapons of mass destruction that pollute Our daily lives.  Do We really need to see World War Three light a fire under our ass to effectively transition into Aquarian Unity, in the once Fertile Crescent where Abraham birthed the Big Three?  Forget about probability and tap into Unity possibilities a la Han Solo, whose famous quote still resonates in the form of  “never tell me the odds.”

I Hopi You are well,