Journeying with Rabbit

Here is one possible Shamanic journey that I would like to share with you. Basically, the journey process is about shifting our experience from our conscious or ordinary experience with reality, to an experience with the alternate, non-ordinary realities of the Dreamtime.  This is both a spiritual and scientific process, as our perceptions and brain waves change form, in that our state of consciousness literally changes when we journey and meditate.  We journey to become more conscious and awake during our travels in our material reality.
  • Light incense/candle
  • Start by drumming or rattling to a consistent beat in your sacred space.
  • Picture a rabbit in your imagination.
  • Feel and perceive rabbit energy in your consciousness.
  • Ask rabbit for guidance, let go and then follow rabbit wherever it takes you during your journey.  Be sure to thank rabbit for its gift to you.
  • Before returning to this reality, it is important to change your beat to a call back for an effective transition.  For example, after 10-20 minutes of drumming, I open my eyes and then hit the drum 8 times for 3 repetitions, then 3 times for 3 repetitions and then 7 times for 3 repetitions to signal the end of my journey.  But your call back can be in the form of a word, a thought or a mantra that works for you.
  • Record what arrives to you from your journey.

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