Spring forth the Equinox: A New Generation of Growth

“We are called to assist the Earth to heal Her wounds and in the process heal Our own–indeed to embrace the whole Creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder.”–Wangari Maathai

I remember when Our ancient ancestral wisdom spoke of 2012, give or take–albeit in the grand Cosmic scheme of things in this “world of 10, 000 things” right Tao is but a speck and yet paradoxically eternal.  However, here on Mothership Earth, We are in an exciting time of transition in Our classroom.  Yes, We are coming out of the birth canal and experiencing the labor pains that accompany this transition.  I have heard it said that a mass exodus of souls and energies are flooding our planet right now to facilitate and co-create Our transition into a New Age and Paradigm.  We are leaving behind an era of gurus and Messiah’s and moving into a time of individual authenticity and global community, a la diversity within Unity.  Indeed, We are letting go to our addiction to the destruction of  Our Mother, fundamentalist allegiance to the Almighty Dollar and Orwellian control by the “minority of the opulent”, or “the powers that were”.  My spirited dance and plea to the top dawg 1% is quite lightheartedly detached and simple vis-a-vis the lyrics, “there’s enough and We can all win”.

Collectively, humanity stands at the doorstep of a New Age and Paradigm.  If We are to survive as a species here on Our Mothership Earth, the time is now to co-create a new generation by evolving into Our Luminosity.  Really, I get a buzz (without a stinging hangover) and internally lit up merely imagining the possibilities of manifesting Our human potential.  Wood You Bee Leave that we already have the essential ingredients encoded within Us–whether sweet nectar, life enhancing chlorophyll and the capacity to effectively cut back to Inner Peace?  I can hear the Master Yoda in me asserting, “for my ally is the Force (Chi) and a powerful ally it is . . . life creates it . . . makes it grow . . . it’s energy surrounds Us and binds Us . . . Luminous Beings are We . . . not this crude matter . . . You must feel the Force around You.”

In saying “peace out” to Winter and “what up, G” to Spring, We compassionately heed Mother Nature’s soothing reminder that Her seeds underground are excitedly thinking about budding and blossoming a New Generation of Life.  I can hear Robin singing gleefully to the melodious tune of adventurous New Growth, blazing new trails as “the early bird gets the worm.”  During Our cross-pollination and subsequent flowering of human consciousness process, might We allow Our Selves to become the silver lining and make only positive interpretations of Our prophecies that say the Critical Mass will come about and allow Us to stay afloat in Our expanding Sea of Consciousness?  Aye, “this is the time of solar balance.  The Sun and the Earth are in perfect alignment.  Days and nights are the same length.  This represents Our receptive and Our active aspects being in balance, male and female.  Mother Earth’s energies in Us are awakened by the Father Sun energies being in balance.  This is a time of renewing and rebirth.  We have resurrection of Our own Spirit and Our growth, which has come through the Winter.  It’s a time when the trees begin to bud out and show the growth and the promise for the New Year.”  While meandering O’er mountains and streams and dancing to the heartbeat of the forests, the Rabbit energy in me says, “lettuce take joyful comfort in being part of Nature, while staying connected to Her as a carrot of trust, so that We May take the Quantum leap forward.”  Given that the Law of Impermanence reminds Us of Life’s transience and the sobering reality that there are no guarantees, why not seek solace in staying on the hop while noticing continuity within change and the cyclical Nature of the Cosmic Wheel?

As Spring approaches, I awaken my budding words of Love, Light and Laughter in this changing world with recognition that the Sun, Moon and Earth naturally look after One another just because it is Nature’s Way, while in perfect alignment together as One. Further, I am trying to express my own New Generation of growth to reflect the ancient spiritual wisdom “so within as without, as above so below”, if you Will.  In the spirit of that, I would like to share with You a prayer I say bright and Squirrely every morning during my meditation puree:  “We call on God directly, Archangels, Higher Angelic Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Illuminated Ones, Gatekeepers of the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides and Animal Totems, Mother Gaia, Ancestors whom have passed on and all those who walk in alignment with Divine Will, Divine Plan and the Blueprint of Love.  We ask for your continued support and guidance in working through Our Inner Tapestry, allowing the light to illuminate the shadows so within, as without, as above, so below.  And for all your help along the Way, We thank You . . . We thank You . . . We thank You.”

I Hopi You are well,


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