Energetic Purification with Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture signals minimal use of resources
for maximum spiritual energetic output . . .

Our Auric fields release toxic waste
from a purifying spiritual cleansing . . .

An earthy New Moon shines a new season –
arriving this week with Autumn Equinox

Nature reflects equality between light and dark
forces of masculine and feminine energies

Sunlight wanes, as darkness makes her assent
where she will reach the hight of her power on December’s Winter Solstice

May the powers of feminine energies come in
gentle and soft waves of systemic change

The spirited light of day of a New Age
cannot be turned off now . . .

We all have the power to move more deeply into our hearts
and become embodiments of higher spiritual capital

We can all become meditative and prayerful
in relaxing the old war like ways of our old world selves

Instead, we can become the media of inner peace
from the inside out

It might be a jungle out there that feels unwelcome for many
But at the same time, we can become more aligned with Nature’s way

May our humanity develop exponentially to catch up
and exceed the speed of our technology . . .

Here in the land of milk and honey,
Let us share milk and bread before the storm
so that everyone is equipped to weather the fronts effectively . . .

Perhaps the dominant majority of the military industrial complex
pushes for war to be used to profit off of human, and planetary subjugation . . .

But we literally don’t have to buy into what the collective
con artists perspectives are peddling!

We just need to love each other and make a heart-centered approach
the hallmark of our universal planetary currency

See you along the trail head,


Cleansing Auric Rainbow Meditation

This meditation loosens up our entanglement with form and lightens up our energy field. Is good medicine for nourishing our mind-body-spirit. This meditation helps us stay in alignment with authentic soul and be light on our feet. Enjoy!

Find a comfortable position, relax and focus on your breathing.
Place tip of your tongue on top of your mouth.
Make a circle with your thumb and finger of choice. Do the same with both hands and connect each circle to form a figure 8.
Picture the bottom red ray of rainbow. Breathe in color red and allow your spirit to bathe in healing red energy and bask in its light.
Picture the orange ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color orange and allow your spirit to bathe in healing orange energy and bask in its light.
Picture the yellow ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color yellow and allow your spirit to bathe in healing yellow energy and bask in its light.
Picture the green ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color green and allow your spirit to bathe in healing green energy and bask in its light.
Picture the light blue ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color light blue and allow your spirit to bathe in healing light blue energy and bask in its light.
Picture the indigo ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color indigo and allow your spirit to bathe in healing indigo energy and bask in its light.
Picture the violet ray of the rainbow. Breathe in color violet and allow your spirit to bathe in healing violet energy and bask in its light.
Picture entire rainbow. Breathe in all colors and allow your spirit to bathe in healing colorful energy and bask in its light.

Bonus material:

Picture pot of gold beneath rainbow
and a crystal clear scintillating waterfall behind it.

See how you feel.

Meditation with Turkey Vulture

Here is a meditation I did recently out in a boarder-edge area in the backyard.
  • Light candle/incense of choice.
  • Visualize a Turkey Vulture effortlessly riding the thermals, while gleaming the skies.
  • Hold snow (or ice-cube) in fist while breathing in and focusing on fiery dark emotions while gazing onto flame of candle, picturing a rainbow and waterfall.  Reiki folks can picture symbols too.
  • Exhale the darkness within to release as compost.  If you have a beverage, take a sip and spray out like a whale/dolphin.

When I finished this meditation, I noticed the snow ball melted quite fast.  In fact, I felt like I thawed out too and noticed a lift after the experience.  Turkey Vulture helps us see the colorful energy fields in Life.  Isn’t that the kind of energy we want to bring into our World?  As above, so below.  So within, as without.  I would welcome your experiences with this meditation or other meditations like it.

Dreaming with Salamander and cleansing withTurkey Vulture

I remember walking along the trails with a student, when he noticed a salamander.  After exhaling dead air, I felt alive after taking a conscious breath of fresh air.  Further along the festival of Life, I became engaged in another conversational flow with one of the cats I roll with from around the way.  After helping him pick up some fallen branches left over from Hurricane Sandy, I said a prayer of gratitude for the storm’s minimal impact in our neck of the woods, while simultaneously expressing a silent blessing to our friends to our South that were affected more dramatically.  Given that I had just cast my absentee ballot, our conversation quickly cut to a commercial about going blue.  Although I didn’t turn into a wolverine or get depressed while listening to my feline friend’s assertion to vote in that hue, it saddens me that we are merely one step away from a dictatorship here in the United States, in that we are more polarized than ever in our collectively boxed-in mindsets.  But seeing two women on a presidential ticket here in the USA fills my heart Chakra green with hope!  When we truly walk in alignment with Nature, we shift our focus less on the odds by levitating into the realm of Infinity, where holographic possibilities abound.  With turkey vulture and salamander as a spirit guides, we ride the thermals of life, elevate our Auric vision and invigorate our energetic field around us.  Moreover, we shed our old skin to make way for rebirth and effectively navigate the elemental forces of land and water.  In this process, we co-create Heaven on Earth by consuming a healthy spirited diet, while feathering each other’s ripple in a positive vibration of Love and Light.

If we are to co-create a more egalitarian culture here in the Nation, the Americas, Planet and Universe throughout, we need to heed the cadence of Classroom Mothership Earth and the heart of Great Spirit.  All creatures, great and small, above and below are equal in the eyes of Great Spirit and we are all nourished by our Mother Earth.  Nature has an organic way of leveling the playing field and we see that play out in Climate Change.  Some of you have noticed that I have selected Tom Brady as a metaphor for staying calm in the pocket, especially when blitzed by unpredictable and turbulent weather patterns in the form of Giants.  Tom Brady personifies someone who may not have been blessed with the greatest natural talent, but he has become greatness by avoiding catastrophes time and again.  Specifically, the future Hall of Fame quarterback effectively demonstrates T’ai Chi like subtle movements in the pocket, psychically reading and adjusting to relentless defensive storm fronts and maintains a wide open angle gaze downfield, while believing in the possibility of making a big play, against apparent all odds.  Now if you think I’m throwing low balls at the rest of the team around him, I’ll bet that turkey vulture would concur that would be a foul ball.  Like a salamander, Brady slithers between the elements and demonstrates metamorphosis right in front of our eyes.  Like switching gears from running and passing, Mother Nature shows us similar shifting fronts of waning light and movement toward the dark.  Here in the Northern hemisphere, we officially turn our clocks yinward in the week ahead.  Masculine-yang energy is fading to black as feminine-yin energy is becoming more dominant, until it’s climax on the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calender on December 21, 2012.

Given the corporate media’s compartmentalized view of Nature’s new normal, we must get into alignment with Climate Change by embracing this phenomenon, rather than resisting it.  Humanity has a say in how we navigate this process and rather than hate the media, we must become the media.  On a personal spiritual front, experiential wisdom reminds us that what we resist persists and we must become the change we want to see in the world.  Yes, large socialist mega-corporations that continue to rape and abort our Mother need to wake the f-bomb up and stop fracking around folks, as my Midwestern aunt that likes to rant provocatively asserts.  We are spiritual beings having human experiences.  As such, we have the capacity to right the ship, come about and lead an unprecedented shift in consciousness while floating on the waters of life.  When we see things in our field of vision that are alarming, the Universe is providing us an opportunity to send the power of Love to whatever floats in our orbit.  That means that we acknowledge our anger and other flood of negative emotions that arrive and then gently breath those feelings out, while sending them Love for compost.  In a sense, we swim on land and surf the shifting tides into a New Age and Paradigm, one step, one breath and one moment at a time.  This kind of mulching has a much more pleasant stink to it than getting stuck in the muck.  By sending Love to our inner space, we shift from pollution to healthy renewable energy for all to share. 

Stay True,


Turkey Vulture

We were especially excited to see a family of Turkey Vultures flock to our yard this past week. Although we have enjoyed our feathered friends circling our ‘hood plenty of times, this week was our first time welcoming our Turkey Vulture friends as new neighbors.  Given the time of year, I don’t think it’s any coincidence our new neighbors symbolize purification, death-rebirth, new vision and connections to the mythical Griffin, which symbolizes Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger, particularly of nature spirits. 

Admittedly, I get a rise out of watching Turkey Vultures riding the thermals with minimal effort.  In fact, seeing these graceful creatures soaring through the heavens adds color to Our world by increasing Auric vision. If you don’t bee leave me, just ask my Earthy wife, whom has been seeing auras for some time now and has strong intuitive gifts that can even be gut wrenching at times. What’s that about a woman’s intuition? Although it might be tempting to view Turkey Vultures as homely and their act of scavenging disgusting, how about gazing on them as natural environmentalists by maintaining Life’s balance by preventing the spread of diseases and redefining dead weight? If only Big Government, Big Business and the Healthcare industry would align with Turkey Vulture medicine. Just imagine the organic possibilities and capacity to levitate above paralyzing red tape! In this process, perhaps We might release and defy the laws of the material realm, as We leave a dying old world behind and transition into a New Age and paradigm. Given that Turkey Vultures are survivors and have thrived longer that We humans, doesn’t it behoove us to regulate Our arrogance and learn from their free and spirited teachings? If you would like to enhance your own Auric perception, please see the rainbow meditation on blog date 7.8.2011 in the archives.

Finally, in staying True to the Self, please consider using Turkey Vulture’s plumage to feather your ripple after walking into another person’s energy field to stay grounded, dissolve any negative energies and connect with ancestors whom have passed on.  I am reminded of old Native American stories that venture in the direction of, “one foot in spirit, one foot in ground” and Buddhist wisdom that speaks of living life on the “razors edge”, without getting too swayed in any direction. Go ahead and enjoy that black cup of coffee, just don’t get too attached to it as part of your identity! Easier said than done.

I Hopi You are well,