Overcoming Old Ghosts, Mindful Moments & Awakening To The Spirit Of Inner Peace

Check out my latest published writing in Edge of Humanity Magazine at the link below.

Also, underneath the link to the article, you will find contextual references to the allusions that are included in the article:





5 thoughts on “Overcoming Old Ghosts, Mindful Moments & Awakening To The Spirit Of Inner Peace

  1. Thank you, Ari, for your powerful message and the references you shared. Rest assured, your shedding of the “brilliant disguise” is a gift to us all. Your “lonely pilgrim(age)” is a great role-modeling of endurance and survival. _/\_

  2. All I can say is wow, your article really touched a lot of childhood issues that I am still trying to resolve. It has been a journey for me through the support of my husband, meditation and my poetry writing. Thank you for writing your article and including those references listed below.

  3. Thank you for your comment, and sharing a part of your story Mary Anne. I’m with you on the therapeutic nature of writing. You’re welcome. It actually came up for me in meditation to share the references out loud, as they might resonate with some and develop some further connective contextual co-regulation.

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