Mirror Of The Mind Meditation


Welcome to my demonstration of The Mirror Of The Mind meditation. I really love this meditation and enjoy teaching this form to others, many of whom say that it really resonates- both kids, adolescents and adults alike.

Remember that the three key ingredients to the efficacy of this meditation are:

Desire: You have to want to do it.

Belief: You have to believe in the meditation.

Expectation: You have to expect that it will work.

The more you do this meditation, as in everyday, the more you will see yourself becoming the change you want to see in the world- in the mirror of the mind.

Remember to focus on the second part of the meditation during your practice, as in see yourself in the way you want your new self to be. Focus on who you are becoming.

Picture looking at yourself in your mirror of your mind with a luminous golden/white light around the mirror with you representing the change in yourself you want to see. This is what some people call the new human or homo luminous.

Don’t get hung up on how visual you are. Just use your imagination and get in touch with the feeling of it. Not everyone is good at creative visualization. But we can all get better at it.

When you are done with this meditation, send the image in the mirror of the mind into the Universe and let go of it. I like to imagine blowing a bunch of pink bubbles with the image enveloped in them, like when I was a kid blowing bubbles. It’s always good to say thank you and have gratitude.

The first part of the meditation (old self/dark edge/black hole envelope), you can revisit periodically- if you feel the need to release any aspects of your old self that you want to let go of or are struggling with. The Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice or Imbolc (Groundhog Day) might be good times for your consideration to do this form of the Mirror of the Mind because they represent death of the old self times energetically. Some of our ancestors taught to do this form only once. But some of us find it helpful to revisit occasionally.

6 thoughts on “Mirror Of The Mind Meditation

  1. Love the message and the setting. Thank you, Ari for this guided meditation. On both a serious and humorous note: I liked your “zip it and listen” comment AND the image of sending the old self into a black hole. The latter reminded me of the recent movie “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” about multiverses and a love more powerful than fear.

    • Thank you Uncle Pat. Glad you liked the zip it comment- I was chuckling as I wrote it, whilst simultaneously imagining your reaction. Thanks for referencing the movie- I look forward to checking it out at some point. It’s so nice to hear meditation, mindfulness and multiverses gaining more acknowledgement and attention these days. Did you ever read the book, Power vs. Force? Your comment about “a love more powerful than fear” reminded me of that book, where consciousness is mapped out in linguistic/sentient context.

      • Yes, I have Dr. David Hawkins book and watch his YouTube videos often. Love his psychology, philosophy, humorous quips and even his short cackle on the videos. Thanks for making that connection.

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