Spreading multi-dimensional love with Hummingbird

When encountering Hummingbird out on the trials, we remember that humming to ourselves creates an internal massage that changes our vibration. In turn, we stay light on our feet by becoming more equipped to appreciate Life’s beauty. Hummingbird medicine helps us invoke the internal spiritual master within. Although being disciplined is the scholarly thing to do on our spiritual path, we also remember that laughter and having a good time is healthy food for the soul. Hummingbird dazzles us with its ability to fly in all directions, stop on a dime and hover in place. I wonder how many aviation engineers had Hummingbird totems when designing advanced aircraft that creates an air of light-hearted joy when taking flight?   Meditation on Hummingbird might help you co-create a powerful spiritual vessel for effective navigation.

Perhaps visualizing Hummingbird will help you venture into the Dreamtime and bring back what you need to adequately function in this reality. Given “everything is so ephemeral,” why not lighten up and let go our attachments to our fleeting and transient small stuff? Hummingbird reminds us to fly away from becoming too serious or sweating the small stuff. I hardly think Hummingbird gets too hung up or stressed about being such a small aircraft when called to making a seemingly impossible 2500 mile journey. It’s as if Hummingbird is hip to Crab’s crustaceanal wit that recommends picturing water to return to the Dreamtime and our primordial memories. In this space, we remember to balance sensitivity and reclusiveness. Being on guard with and overprotective of our emotions (re-playing mental tapes that say,”conceal rather than reveal”) blocks trust and allowing for authentic exchanges with other human beings. If a hummingbird can tackle such an apparently daunting obstacle with such grace, then why can’t we?

This sounds all well and good until we remember that tragedy and loss are typically unwelcome aspects of Life. As such, it is important to give ourselves permission to grieve. Many of us sit with the tension of opposites in our Being. On the one hand, humanity is embarking on a radical spiritual evolution. However, we also are doing very stupid things with our intelligence. Whether imperial military welfare in the Middle East, miserly domestic social programs, restoration of our rainforests via ecosensitive business practice or the proliferation of meditation in the modern world–we sit with the tension that we are all doomed as well as “life is good”. But it is also true power to realize “you can’t feel good when you’re feeling bad about feeling bad.”  “Hummingbird can give us the medicine to solve the riddle of the contradiction of duality.” Instead of debating, arguing and making judgements about opposite sides of the same coin, we learn to accept and embrace All That Is. Having an open, loving heart allows us to taste the sweetness of Life’s nectar. Embodiment of this internal space brings out the best in folks. Staying away from ugliness, harshness, discord and disharmony is what the levity of Hummingbird conjures up within our Being. Flowers and plants love that Hummingbird allows them to cross-pollinate through their sucking. How many practitioners in the healing arts using flower essences have distilled their wisdom from Hummingbird’s spirited medicinal knowledge?

While venturing with Hummingbird, we walk in the sunlight with a restored sense of health and balance. Life, like sugar, is sweet when we drink in its nectar. Are you getting too much or too little sugar in your diet? Do you put up a front of being sweet, but without indulging in sweetness? Is this an intimacy issue that surfaces as a need for control?


See you further along on the trails,


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