What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

I remember being out with family in the community recently and the three of us being mesmerized by a flock of Canadian Geese kickin’ it in their ‘hood along with Groundhogs, Nervous Woodland Creatures and birds of a feather flocking together representing diversity within unity.  Geese fly in a “V formation”, which reminds Us that everyone plays an integral part in Nature’s balance, interdependence and harmony.  When We are in this vibration, We are open to new possibilities that We May not have previously seen from an old legend.  And then I wonder whom has read the Joseph Campbell-Bill Moyers collaborative conversation entitled, The Power of Myth.  If any of my Earth brothers and sisters out there are watching, they teach Us that there is everyday heroism in the daily reality of tending gardens and taking care of the day-to-day business operations of Mother Earth.  Yes, the Star Wars saga’s Jedi’s with their mystical powers, crafty politicians and business folks in the clouds have captured Our interests and entertained Us for sure.  But it’s the folks whom work the land that add salt to the story.  And so it is here on Mothership Earth.  Indeed, the Wal-Mart trucks say, “Always”, but We know differently,  as Robins singing in Spring and Bats flitting about in Summer have been around longer, sowing the seeds of Love, I shit you not and less fears in my tears.

I know it’s hard to remember Turtle medicine when We feel Our anger and other negative emotions that connect to the grip of the military-industrial complex’s “hidden hand” on Our minds.  Moreover, I hear a ringing in my ear singing, “Mrs. Magrath the Sargent said would you like a soldier of your son dead?  A Sargent coat, big cotton hat, Mrs. Magrath would you like that?”  But Our souls belong to Us.  True, Obama has been a disappointment, though when I voted for Barack Obama during the last selection, I remembered Obi Wan Kenobi’s words of wisdom that said, “he’s a politician and they are not to be trusted”, but I voted in favor of his positive energy field that I observed around him.  Similarly, I “turned the other cheek” from candidates like “Catcher’s” Mitt Romney’s dark energy field.  While Rush Limbaugh is my garage band friend’s “favorite person to argue with”, at some point the dinosaur becomes extinct!  Carl Rove might have helped “pull the wool over the American People”, but at some point, he and other master illusionist like Rupert Murdock become seen for who they really are in much the same way as the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulled the curtain back to expose the veil.  I know many of my friends in the growing Atheist movement are more god realized human beings than many of the evangelical and fundamentalist so-called believers out there.  But I am reminded of Deepak Chopra’s Divine Wisdom that says, “it’s not necessary to believe in God to experience God.”  In my worldview, the so-called Atheists and Agnostics are merely aspects of God’s (Universe) Essence.  If You Bee Leave in something greater than Your little ego, then You understand Presence.  Do You realize that which you dismiss, on some level, you are acknowledging as real?

In his book The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers explore together the inner quest of following your bliss and transcending cultural programing.  We are encouraged to elevate Our consciousness and become the archetypal Hero’s that We truly are.  During this dying week, I had the honor and privilege of sitting in classes with students learning math and playing brass instruments as well.  In those moments, I remembered to breathe, as I encourage You to do as well, and realized that I was “in that New Morning”, as I watched “the Saints Go Marching In.”  Further, the Jello Biafra energy in me rings like a “bell of mindfulness” to the ring tone of, “don’t hate the media, become the media.”  Looking down the pike, Bee on the lookout for some meditation and music videos that I’ll be linking to my blog to assist Us in co-creating Heaven on Earth and having some fun along the way . . . after all, We can’t forget the party!  True dat . . . I get a buzz just meandering about the possibilities!

Stay True,


3 thoughts on “What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

  1. Good thoughts this week. Sounds like a call to action, somehow, someway, some form. Some conscious steps, baby or otherwise, to do something.

  2. HEY NOW! This was my favorite yet Ari! I smile wide in seeing the wisdom one reflects in such playful musing:) How humorous reflections can highlight some of the low-lifes while still staying positive and co-mingling with healthful reminders of spirit and method. I sigh with pleasant energies…

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