Sleeping With The Bear In Me

I remember being in northwestern Michigan last summer and spending time at the Sleeping Bear Dune, the world’s largest Dune, overlooking Great Lake Michigan.  Where else on Mothership Earth does One watch a sunset in the West from a peninsula where You can’t see the shores of the Other Side?  Michigan, like Maine, is known for its Black Bear, while Alaska is known for its Brown and Polar–all places I’ve been blessed to live.  As We Spring Forth The Equinox and look forward to come what May, Bear symbolizes to Us the awakening of the power of the Unconscious and sends a telepathic message that says, “Bear . . . Invite me into the Cave where Silence surrounds the answers You gave.”

Shamans of the Americas have prophesied that those of Us in the West will facilitate the transition into a New Age and Paradigm, as We co-create A New Earth and cross-pollinate the Flowering of Human Consciousness.  In giving birth to the Cubs of the Dreamtime into this “world of 10, 000 things”, a New World will come about largely through Bear medicine’s meditations on introspection and heeding One’s Inner Voice, the Sound of Silence and Unity Consciousness.  As We shift gears and stick in alignment, puns intended, with Eternal Mother and allow Our Selves to receive “from the placenta of The Great Void”, We will experience a Harmonic Convergence  to the tune of D Sharp.  In the spirit of that, We will find solutions to Life’s infinite questions and trust the answers are within Us, as the sunlight illuminates the shadows of Our Collective Soul.  Further, We Venture onward, one step, one breath, one moment at a time as We awaken from Our slumber in Plato’s Cave, letting go of ego and moving into the realm of Our right brain and intuitive, imaginative, alternate realities and knowing.  While keeping Our Third Eyes open and Our gaze alive with Chi, We will walk consciously while keeping “one foot in spirit and one foot in ground”, as Native American wisdom says.  Like Wolf, Our treatment of Bear will mirror the plight of how We treat Our human family.  Will humanity allow Itself to peacefully evolve into Homo Luminosity as We transition into Aquarian Unity?

Bear like me, are omnivorous with a hearty appetite and eat almost anything.  But mostly, the death of their food source’s consciousness comes from plants, fruits and meat to sustain Its Life Force.  I wonder if fruitarians, vegetarians and/or vegans would find it Foxy to hear that Bear eats less meat than many smaller carnivores?  In Our awakening, I wonder if doctors in the coming era of Energy Medicine will find Bear medicine helpful to those with kidney failure that are in need of kidney transplants?  From a metaphysical perspective, kidneys represent  discernment and discrimination and personal empowerment.  In this process, We learn how to keep Our own personal authority in governing One’s decisions, but without auctioning off Our power to others in a way that leads to underlying resentments that harm both the Goose and Gander.  Bears climb tree as well, which symbolize antennas to the Cosmos, linking Heaven and Earth.  When I climb trees, I always bark, I mean walk away with a New Vista.  As We come out of Winter’s hibernation, We bring Our contemplation from the depths of the Unconscious to see the Light of Day and taste the honey of Life.  I can hear the Dave Mathews Band in me chiming in, “celebrate We will, cuz Life is short but sweet for certain.”

I Hopi You are well,


2 thoughts on “Sleeping With The Bear In Me

  1. From the Native American totem definition, the Bear is “industrious, instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher, courage, will power, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength.”

    Thanks for fulfilling your Bear spirit Ari!

  2. Hi Freeman,

    I appreciate your sharing the Native American totem definition with Us. Isn’t Common Language a healing energetic intention for all of Us to literally get on the same page, as We Venture into Unchartered Territory?

    You’re welcome. And thanks to you as well!

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