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When we remember Turtle . . .
We are becoming Mother Earth.
There is no separation in Unity.
But we celebrate our diversity.

Her ancient shell is soulful protection –
for weathering Climate Change.

While embodying reciprocity in our harmonic communion with our Mother –
We are giving back our shared blessings to Her as She gives it up to us.
(In our New Earth, this is what a true free market exchange looks like.)

Do you need to retreat into your shell to honor your feelings for a spell?
Do you need to give a warning snap to those that have stoked your embers?

Meditation on Turtle’s medicinal energy lays eggs of grounding creativity . . .
In working with elemental forces of Water and Earth –
We are harmonizing with our environment.

The Empire has programmed us to push the river and swim upstream . . .
Turtle inspires us to gently pass on forceful enticements with care.
Do you remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

Patiently pacing ourselves in alignment with Nature’s cyclical patterns –
Following Her changing tides with a waning Full Moon.
Subtle hints of an Autumnal Equinox . . .
Eclipsing us on a not-so-distant horizon.

While manifesting our goals –
Why not consider powerfully arriving rather than forcefully striving?

Bury your thoughts in the sand and allow the sunlight to do its business.
With Turtle, we welcome abundance into our lives.

See you further on down the trails,


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We remember when liberal curiosity makes friends with conservative restraint
Live and let live
Releasing our coat of armor reveals graceful beauty –
Casting an enchanting spell on one another

Surfing Life’s ebb n’ flows or swimming against the currents

Breathe in the freedom to weave in playful Dreamtime
Breathe out stagnant work habits
Everything old is new again
Imaginative presence is mental martial arts

Colorful eating for the Chakras burns clean energy

Group psychology is a tool to free our minds
Let us not forget
the same systems that oppress can liberate

“We are all Indians . . . Our spirits should be puncture proof”
All are deserving of infinite universal blessings
From polyracial-ethnic cross-pollination that society boxes into white and black labels
(and) those oriented otherwise
Being Native American is a state of consciousness
Thank you to our Elders that have stuck with us

Who am I?
I am all in just being with what is
When Earth cries an acid river of tears
we hallucinate a collectively designed nightmare

Listening to the Great Void of winter
Chinese-Lunar New Year, Groundhog Day and Imbolc passing
Moving us over the hump toward Spring Equinox

Plan of action is a fluid guide for manifestation

Naming and owning our feelings allows mutuality in
authentic conversational partnership

Marching to our becoming collective soulful drumbeat
Gradually gaining gentle and powerful momentum like water
Restructuring our thoughts into positive affirmations

Embracing our unique eccentricities –
Make Love not war with your individuality
Respectfully in community

Imagine . . .
Endangered species supporting one another in mutuality –
old stories posit humans being descendants of wolves
Wolf government is a complex balancing act
of hierarchical pecking order and democratic principles . . .
Does this harmonic convergence sound familiar?

dinosaur developmentally delayed paradigm that asserts:
“bad for people, good for business”
This fool’s gold quackery is bad medicine even for
the movers and shakers at the top of the food chain
Equanimity in business is good practice (win-win)

Naughty bullies need love too
There are no enemies brothers and sisters

Way to break the mold Pete Seeger
Your Spirit is music to my ears

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Personal power versus force (sensitivity) . . .
Dreams and desires manifesting . . .
Picture a bright golden sun in your solar plexus cuz it helps shed light on the darkness on the edge of town . . .

Doc Oz’s wizardry reveals we are what we eat in a Fast Food Nation . . .

Mercury in retrograde revisits past relationship dramas and sometimes Twilight Zoned out realities . . . But remember Spider’s medicine to walk the center of the circle without getting too tangled up in the web . . .

There is narcissism in becoming too self-absorbed in our emotions . . .
Green Heart-centered empathy helps us place others in the center and walk along their strands for a spell . . .

Making friends with our pain dissolves our suffering . . . On the cushion, we feel a new wave of energy come in rather than exiting with anger and denial . . .

Are you going to be a rock or water in this eternal moment? Remember to breathe and allow the waters of your soul smooth out the edgy areas.

An Andean shaman’s pipe dream high on the mountain . . . A few moments later a trigger happy ghost revisits my consciousness . . . it’s not raining out but I’m sleeping in a puddle . . . This collective old world nightmare is the death of us (the lunatic and Emperor’s New Clothes are in my head) . . .

An elderly woman behind the rearview mirror of privilege foolishly asserts to a younger filly a “conceal rather than reveal” mantra while oblivious to swinging the door wide open to the protective fortress (what lies beneath your unexamined self?) . . .

Past memories and future projections kill the living moment . . . Entanglements within the web of form blocks intimate pathways of internal communication systems that venture out along leaves of trees and fiber optic highways . . .

Re-working success by giving back Karmic baggage that is dumped on us from previous generations is the Phoenix Rising out of the ashes . . .

Being like water helps us navigate the rocks more gracefully . . .

I dig on seeing the birds flying into the portals of energetic imprints of fallen leaves . . . My ears to the ground with the aid of Bat echolocation . . . Did that angry red squirrel let go of a past turkey’s thievery?

Was Wonder Woman’s invisible jet a metaphor for the possibility of inner space Merkaba travels through cleansed doors of perception?

Being positive and choosing to focus on the silver lining enhances the soul self and everything else in a sweetly satisfying soulful harmonic convergence . . .
Like a Divine John Lennon watching the wheels of his Chakras going round and round cuz life is what happens when we are busy making other plans . . .

Waning light soon outta sight as darkness fades into night . . . Thinning veils awaken spirited conversations and close encounters that liven up dead zones of dark matter and illuminate the shadows coming out into the light during this Samhain.

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I remember us receiving tweets last week from Chickadee reminding us to gently sing truthful songs of freedom. Perhaps not coincidentally, while out on the trails, I caught wind of a harmonic convergence between Robin and Chickadee. In their diversity, I noticed their unity when competing for food both peacefully and cooperatively. I don’t know if they particularly liked each other, but they didn’t seem to carry an air of judging one another as either inferior or superior. Don’t you love feeling your consciousness take flight when seeing birds of a feather respectfully flocking together? Robin feathers our ripple by belting out a melodious song that Spring has arrived. Robin encourages us to sing spirited songs and get into alignment with our Mother’s budding spring energy. Although robins don’t always leave us behind when the food supply is plentiful, they are among the first of their kind to return. Robin medicine affords us an opportunity to see that something new might want to move into our lives. Their energy facilitates growth during the birth of a novel and creative experience. Developmentally, their lesson plan aids us in acquiring and accessing traits in the spheres of being daring, communication skills and musical appreciation. The rusty-red coloring of their belly hints at the kundalini rising. Potential conflicts over territory are resolved through song, thus their blue eggs are symbolic of our throat chakras. How many great blues singers had Robin totems? As a singer-songwriter and a musician, I am a late bloomer. But it is never too late and there is so much help waiting for us in the spirit realm. Spirited energies are wanting to manifest now more than ever. They are free access to resources for all of us to share and they are channeling through our powerful animal friends as preferred mediums.

We know that during our experience with Climate Change, there is dark and stormy weather inside that reflects in our outer world. Many folks find security in their consciousness by becoming identified with something to anchor themselves. But at the end of the day, we can only really stand in our own personal authority and become secure with that. Some folks say that we are doomed and that we have passed the so-called tipping point of no return. Tempting as it is to have a cow about that, did anyone out there catch wind of the news that if we start grazing large herds of livestock on 1/2 of the earth’s barren or semi-barren lands–we could take enough carbon from the atmosphere to return to pre-industrial levels, according to an ecologist, “carbon ranchers”, organic consumers and climate activists? From a brain-program developmental perspective, we humans have the capacity to move from the primitive reptilian part of our brain to the pre-frontal cortex. This is how we evolve into what some folks call Homo Luminous, or from our more demonic selves into our more angelic selves, if you will. From a soulful place, this is what our awakening process reveals to us in our walking meditation. In Maine, a Healthy Kids Act is being considered to protect kids and the environment from chemicals of “high concern.” We are what we eat, in our spirits, our minds and our bodies. Consuming the energies of a New Moon on this Wednesday, Earth Day on April 22 and a Full Moon on the 25th can help facilitate the digestion process during our shifting tides. Becoming secure within our own personal authority by staying rooted is powerful medicine to ingest right now. When we stand in this space in our Being, we reduce pollution and sow the seeds of Love and Truth that will light our way into co-creating a Heavenly New Earth, Golden like our eighth Chakras.

I am reminded by the wisdom that our “intentions from the heart do have the power to change the world.” In that light, a most satisfying mind-soul dance step happens when we open up to allowing our heart’s sun and venus to shine out and amplify our heartfelt connections with one another. Growing up with a parent with clinical depression, I felt suffocated and needed to build a protective fortress around my heart. But with a super-sized energy field, extreme empathic sensitivity to the feelings of others and a security in my intellect, a part of my heart leaked blood for psychic vampires to feed on. Given that I indulged in their indulgences, coupled with my built-in anger, I became comfortable with my familiarity of victim consciousness. This Spring, may we allow the light to illuminate the shadows by all of us manifesting an internal spring cleaning, a la out with the old, in with the new. Imagine if the movers and shakers of the world collectively concentrated their energy on building green classrooms, where music classes took place in green-house like facilities, where robins were teacher’s aids in carrying out music lessons. Forget about band and chorus. Now isn’t that sound of music a harmonic convergence to our ears?

See you further on down the trails,


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I remember hearing stories about turkey leading the flock by harmonically harvesting balance, here on the ground of Classroom Mothership Earth.  For example, turkey notoriously drives squirrels nuts when She levels the playing field by taking back squirrel’s stockpiled hoard.  Whether a nervous woodland creature’s modern-day version of Robin Hood, or a Shaman from the Americas, turkey is good medicine for warding off evil spirits.  Have you ever noticed a room lighten up-almost immediately after someone new enters a shared space, where the air just felt heavy with an attached negative vibe?  If so, you might have been the free recipient of some turkey’s shared blessing.  Turkey’s strength lies in their numbers.  When consuming their energy, turkey has the potential to awaken inner vision, feminine energies and infinite possibilities.  In our modern world of 10, 000 things and bling-bling, the more humanity consciously consumes turkey’s positive spirited energy, the more we co-create a more equitable and sustainable New Earth.  Isn’t this just another utopia (or dystopia), ego-centered labeling mechanism describing a totalitarian new world order, communism, socialism and/or devilishly fixed idea of Heaven?  No.  What we are talking about right here, right now is a perceptual shift in consciousness, starting at the intrinsic, individual state of consciousness and reflecting back that picture of the world around us.  From the perspective of Great Spirit, turkey reflects win-win scenarios where abundance is available for all of us to share.  We become the change we want to see in the world. 

Have folks caught wind of the forecast that Wal-Mart workers will strike on Black Friday?  Don’t we already have way too much stuff?  How much money do the heirs to the Wal-Mart empire really need anyway?  Is it really too much to ask that the working folks of Wal-Mart earn a livable wage, with access to the same health care as Wal-Mart’s top dawgs enjoy?  Cheap for me to say, I’ve hardly shopped at Wal-Mart since it came on the scene.  However, when I pass one of their stores, I imagine the building running on renewable energy, with a greenhouse-like park atop its structure and a garden-like oasis that families and children can safely enjoy.  Maybe a sweet penthouse nestles there, like an oversized wolf den, where the landlords and groundskeepers live like Hobbits, boroughed within the structure.  But I digress.  We have much suffering, polarity and disparity on Earth today.  Climate Change is forecasting stormy weather that is affecting the way we live.  Are we going to allow ourselves to get in alignment with Nature, or are we going to resist the changes in weather so within and as reflected in our outer world?  To date, we humans have been so outer directed in our program development.  And yet, we are pre-wired to evolve into our Higher Selves, where the cosmetic and insatiable old world of the dying ego is losing its grip on our plight.  Great Spirit resides within all of us, just waiting to awaken to flow like a fountain of youth that gives freely and replenishing itself endlessly.  When we enough of us awaken within ourselves by welcoming turkey’s shared blessings, we simultaneously co-create an egalitarian human family of politicians, business folk, movers and shakers and salt of the Earth folks that intuitively know reciprocity and egoless harmonic giving and receiving.  At this moment in time, we will see turkey’s meditations reflected more clearly in our internal experience with external reality, with an unfolding convergence.

Being present is not always easy.  In fact, it is easier to be distracted from the present moment, hypnotically lost in the robotic doings, than to merge with it.  Yes, there is an endless commentary from the voice in the head that feeds off incessant, predominately unconscious and mostly repetitively negative thoughts and the accompanying choir of emotional reactions.  When we become aware that we are aware, we create space around our thoughts and attached emotional reactions.  The more frequently we become a passive observer, the more we are equipped to watch this drama unfold like a movie before our eyes, without reacting to it.  When this becomes an integral part of our daily walking meditation, we start replacing those pesky soap operas, by consciously choosing to co-direct a solution focused script.  Perhaps the ring tone of this melody sounds like a John Lennon earworm singing, I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.  In dreaming a new dream, solutions are our focus, rather than creating problems that the ego insatiably feeds on.  The most important prayer, if you will, is to carry an attitude of gratitude with what is happening right now in this present moment.  Find a way to say thank you to whatever the situation might bring.  Like a vampire bite, dark emotions carry venom.  Bloody serious.  Why not sink your teeth into turkey to ward off foul food for thought?  In spirit of birds of a feather flocking together, use this energy to drink in the turkey medicine in you, pass it on and be pleasantly full. 

Stay True,


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I remember when I moved from somewhere in Middle America to New England, shortly thereafter, our sixth-grade class ventured out to Plymouth Plantation, then onward for a whale watching voyage to Cape Cod.  Today, pushing 40 years young, I can still sea the Humpback whales clearly docking in to say hello, adjacent to the gas guzzling ferry-boat.  Given Whale’s capacity to hold their breath, I am inspired by Its medicine to pay more attention to my breathing patterns by integrating conscious breathing into my daily walk.  In fact, the Whale energy in me seas that by simply taking the plunge into three conscious breaths, noticing my Life Force within my inner ocean, and then spraying out my Nervous Woodland Creature energy (or anxiety)–literally calms my Chi. “Whale . . . Of mighty Oceans, You have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand, the very roots of history, of when Our world began.”

Given that Whale medicine’s power cycles all year-long, You are afforded a tab-free opportunity to tap into its free-flowing spigot anytime. If I am allowed permission to invoke the Art of Persuasion, perhaps You will find a sea saltwater/epsom salt bath an indulging conduit to access the Whale rider in You (and/or maybe shapeshift into a Whale while swimming in a pool). Do You remember Our connection to Our primordial past? Myths and legends assert stories that Whale carries the Consciousness of Our planet’s history and origins of humanity. Moreover, as We transition into a New Age and Paradigm, I find that it behooves Us to be mindful of Whale’s lessons on integrating Oneness and Unity Consciousness as We build a New Earth together. Further, We are encouraged through Whale energy to respect and honor Our differences to stay afloat and anchor Our survival here on Mothership Earth, as She hoists Her sails to the Promised Land. I wonder if the Boss was reading Moby Dick when he once carried that novel tune in his back pocket? Well, I don’t know about that, though in finding my own voice, I wanted to share some lyrics that arrived from the depths of my soul that reverberate in the surround sound of my presence to Our Collective Soul: From the Harmonic Convergence, to the Ninth Cosmic Wave . . . To transcending the Karmic Groundhog days, the story’s no longer the same . . . Crystalline Grids are rising in dying Pisces centuries, as We birth into a New World of Aquarian Unity . . . In Yourtown, in Yourtown . . . My Sweet Eartha I’m sinking down, here Buddha in Yourtown. 

Beyond the robotic doings of Life and while exploring the hidden aspects of the Self, as living authentically does– Whale energy connects Us to sound and frequency. One effective strategy to dive into this process is through drumming and/or Shamanic journeying.  In a relaxed sacred space, simply ask Whale what It has to teach You, while keeping a consistent rhythmic drum beat, allow whatever messages to Spring forth in Your consciousness and then let go and let God. Whatever you receive in the 10-15 minutes, give or take, please thank Your Whale spirit helper and remember a callback. A callback is a beat, mantra and/or word that brings You back to the material realm. For example, I like to hit the drum 8 times for three sets, then seven times for three sets, then three times for three sets. But you can invent your own callback. The idea is to explore and retrieve information from the alternate realm of the Dreamtime, as the Aboriginal Australians spoke of, or the Spirit realm if You Will. But for God’s sake, don’t get stuck on trying to figure it all out with Your intellect, as it will drive You nuts!  Whale reminds Us, through drumming perhaps, to connect with the heartbeat of the Universe and allows Us to accept heartfelt connections with One another–without drowning out Our own boundaries, personal authority and/or integrity.

I Hopi You are well,


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I remember looking O’er the mighty Atlantic one blustery day recently–feeling inebriated as my gaze was alive with Chi, while drinking in the sea. I so appreciate Nature and still carry a particular affinity for Sea Gulls and large bodies of water–a place where I sink down into my Element (without drowning). Ah, Sea Gulls . . . their medicine invokes within Us powers of perception and the subtleties of communication. Has anyone out there ever seen these Herrings in their natural habitat? When close to home, Our winged friends behave very differently than while co-existing with humans on the beaten path of  our tourist spots–where they like to feather our ripple by stealing our junk food, but for God’s sake hopefully not any Alkaseltzer tablets.

I Sea Gulls as good role models in teaching Us to pay attention to the nuances of non-verbal and alternate forms of communication, such as telepathy, noticing body language and effectively “reading” One another. Shoreover, I mean moreover, their medicine is helpful in being more present in our relationships during Life’s daily transactions. Yes, it is sometimes challenging when picking up on alternate forms of communication, non-local reality and realms that are fantastic when juxtaposed with this “world of 10, 000 things”–vis-a-vis signals that might be unconscious and/or flying below the “normal” radar screen of reality. Further, the social science geek energy in me remembers that approximately 85% of human communication is non-verbal. Perhaps even more unspoken truths remain silent and undocumented. Shorelines are magical and mysterious places, where land and water converge into harmonious ring-tone of Unity Consciousness. In fact, the following lyrics soared from the Heavens recently that I feel inspired to share with You: Well my grampy’s off The Waterfront, Now he come to join Occupy Wall Street . . . This yard’s filled with rusty lobster traps . . . He said, the Man did what fisherman couldn’t do . . . These seas are filled with mermaids and sprites that swim these ocean floors . . . . We sent our daughters to department stores, now we’re wonderin’ what they were buyin’ for.  In Yourtown . . . In Yourtown . . . My sweet Eartha I’m sinkin’ down, here Buddha in Yourtown.

In the deep waters of spiritual wisdom, I sea that personal empowerment involves washing away the tentacles of the ego in this Living Multidimensional Classroom, here on Mothership Earth.  As We transition into a New Age and Paradigm, living authentically means learning how to ingest a proper Life diet that includes effective communication and respectful behavior within Our shared social environment.  In the spirit of that, being a clear vessel will help One stay afloat to the Self first and respectful in relationship second. This process of internal alchemy facilitates co-creation and win-win solutions for all of Us to share. Who knows, maybe Herring will allow for You to see beyond the smokescreen and be informed by the color red in a more fair and balanced way?  In my spirited dance, I feel compelled to assert that if I were in a position to push large red buttons, I’d rather sea beneath the surface of my anger and remember to cut back to Inner Peace . . . while leaving the planet green for all of Us to share!

I Hopi You are well,


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