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A Full Cold Moon comes out of its Bear cave this Sunday . . .

Dimming lights are slowing us down
Winter is coming soon with Winter Solstice later this month

Mercury in Retrograde amplifies darker days ahead
Shadows of old selves are shedding light onto your awakening new self

Do you see reflections of who you used to be into your mirror today?

Are they aspects of your soul revisiting you to help you
transition into a new season in your consciousness?

See this reflection as inspiration to become the changing you
and let yourself let go of who you were in relation to yourself and others

Picture yourself becoming the new self that you want to see in the world
Imagine a New Earth flowering in your Dreamtime . . .

When you acknowledge that we live in a Matrix that has programmed us with
repetitive and controlling old mental tapes . . .

We open up to imagining ourselves creating novel stories

There is a collective belief that the Earth is a hellish nightmare,
with winners and losers, that’s just the way it was, is and always will be

But Bear reminds us that Life should be sweet like honey!

We are equipped to Intuit wisdom from the Heavens of the Dreamtime
to bring it back into our material world with the grounding power
of wise old trees with roots reaching deep into the Earth . . .

In this space, we are building a new dream for ourselves and our planet!

See you up the trails,


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Bear Medicine represents introspection
Shy unless provoked – gentle giants are they

Meditation on Bear reminds us of the wisdom that
Truth is sweet like honey
Setting us free

Do you need to venture deep within yourself and
draw on your instinctive powers or other natural resources?

Our inner lights are fading yin-ward into the shades of waning Full Moon
Standing in the space of knowing is a marketing free zone
When we enter the center of a circle, there is nobody to convince or sway

Are your judgments off-center?

Do you remember when the stock exchange crashed
and the wealthiest Americans began paying around a 90% tax rate?

Meditation on the Taoist idea of investing in loss reveals
A Bear market knows the time is now to let our
Bullish and expansive material emphasis go into hibernation
We venture closer to the dark night of Winter Solstice

Now is the time to let our greed and arrogance rest in peace

There is a natural impetus to come back down to earth right now
in our relationships with one another, her creatures and our planet.

A more sustainable and equitable way to live wants to express itself

The more the empire tightens its controlling grip
the more unwanted disorder falls through its cracks
and the more painful this process will be

We set our souls free from feeling trapped in our physical bodies
By knowing we are all created in the image of Creator

We bear witness to the death of the illusion of the material reality
Entanglement with form relaxes by
letting go of our sense of expectation and outcome

Do you need to withdraw from the ways of the world for a spell?
Or do you need to come out of your cave and be more social?

We become pregnant with ideas during dimming lights
Dreaming of planted seeds growing in the underground basement of our souls

Spring Equinox on horizon signifies
a rebirth with arrival of budding Spring Eclipse Season
Cubs want to come out and play

All we need is patience to think before we speak
Being open-heartedly inquisitive in our politics of living
Cultivates plasticity of the mind
Revolutionary zeal without the hate
Loving ourselves is loving our planet

Are you using your helping abilities properly?

Prayer is an active, yang-masculine way of stating our intention for
manifesting and expanding – like sending a message out to the Universe.
Meditation is a receptive, yin-feminine state for
contracting and welcoming messages from our
subconscious and unconscious faculties.

We are all an embodiment of masculine and feminine energies
designed for walking with one foot in spirit and one foot in ground

Edgy dark magicians are only able to pull the wool over
us as long as we buy into the hellish nightmare that we are separate from God

But Christ was an embodiment that shed light on a way and truth
reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven as an intrinsic state of Being
Happiness will not come about by the objects of our affection

Do you believe in your capacity to quiet your mind and
receive solution-focused messages from that stillness?
Can you hear your inner voice speaking to you through the sound of silence?

Our treatment of bears mirrors how serious we are about
the preservation of our environment and natural resources
Reminding us of the possibility that bears, humans
and all God’s creatures can live together in harmony

After this latest American election cycle – beyond the cheers and jeers
of preferred or unwanted outcome
Are you seeing the good deep within all situations?

See you further on up the trails,


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I remember being in northwestern Michigan last summer and spending time at the Sleeping Bear Dune, the world’s largest Dune, overlooking Great Lake Michigan.  Where else on Mothership Earth does One watch a sunset in the West from a peninsula where You can’t see the shores of the Other Side?  Michigan, like Maine, is known for its Black Bear, while Alaska is known for its Brown and Polar–all places I’ve been blessed to live.  As We Spring Forth The Equinox and look forward to come what May, Bear symbolizes to Us the awakening of the power of the Unconscious and sends a telepathic message that says, “Bear . . . Invite me into the Cave where Silence surrounds the answers You gave.”

Shamans of the Americas have prophesied that those of Us in the West will facilitate the transition into a New Age and Paradigm, as We co-create A New Earth and cross-pollinate the Flowering of Human Consciousness.  In giving birth to the Cubs of the Dreamtime into this “world of 10, 000 things”, a New World will come about largely through Bear medicine’s meditations on introspection and heeding One’s Inner Voice, the Sound of Silence and Unity Consciousness.  As We shift gears and stick in alignment, puns intended, with Eternal Mother and allow Our Selves to receive “from the placenta of The Great Void”, We will experience a Harmonic Convergence  to the tune of D Sharp.  In the spirit of that, We will find solutions to Life’s infinite questions and trust the answers are within Us, as the sunlight illuminates the shadows of Our Collective Soul.  Further, We Venture onward, one step, one breath, one moment at a time as We awaken from Our slumber in Plato’s Cave, letting go of ego and moving into the realm of Our right brain and intuitive, imaginative, alternate realities and knowing.  While keeping Our Third Eyes open and Our gaze alive with Chi, We will walk consciously while keeping “one foot in spirit and one foot in ground”, as Native American wisdom says.  Like Wolf, Our treatment of Bear will mirror the plight of how We treat Our human family.  Will humanity allow Itself to peacefully evolve into Homo Luminosity as We transition into Aquarian Unity?

Bear like me, are omnivorous with a hearty appetite and eat almost anything.  But mostly, the death of their food source’s consciousness comes from plants, fruits and meat to sustain Its Life Force.  I wonder if fruitarians, vegetarians and/or vegans would find it Foxy to hear that Bear eats less meat than many smaller carnivores?  In Our awakening, I wonder if doctors in the coming era of Energy Medicine will find Bear medicine helpful to those with kidney failure that are in need of kidney transplants?  From a metaphysical perspective, kidneys represent  discernment and discrimination and personal empowerment.  In this process, We learn how to keep Our own personal authority in governing One’s decisions, but without auctioning off Our power to others in a way that leads to underlying resentments that harm both the Goose and Gander.  Bears climb tree as well, which symbolize antennas to the Cosmos, linking Heaven and Earth.  When I climb trees, I always bark, I mean walk away with a New Vista.  As We come out of Winter’s hibernation, We bring Our contemplation from the depths of the Unconscious to see the Light of Day and taste the honey of Life.  I can hear the Dave Mathews Band in me chiming in, “celebrate We will, cuz Life is short but sweet for certain.”

I Hopi You are well,


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