Am I Sharing Here Or Just Being A Turkey?

On this Autumn Equinox, I am in a deep place of gratitude as I remember walking with a student out on the trails recently. After detecting a subtle movement down yonder, We quieted our chatter and crouched out of their field of vision and watched a flock of Turkeys reminding Us to honor the shared blessings and harvest atmosphere of the crisp Autumn air.  Once the Turkey caught wind of our scent (including gobble sounds emanated from student) and fled the scene, I was so grateful to see that one left a beautiful feather just for me.  The last time one left an offering like that, was probably about a year ago somewhere else along that path. And I just let go of that feather circa “Am I Going Nuts, Or Have I Just Forgotten Where I Buried My Acorns” blog entry. “Ho, Brother Turkey! So freely you give of everything you are, so others may truly live. Give away Eagle . . . Deep and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self and others.”

Additionally, I wonder if Lao Tzu would concur that Turkey medicine might be a remedy to “the boasting of thieves after a looting”? Would He feather Our modern world’s ripple by calling on Turkey to quiet Our obsession with “rampant consumerism”, by tickling Us into channeling Our Chi in a more egalitarian way? Admittedly, Turkey medicine might be a threat to national security, given that it might be a hard sell to the gravy train Military Industrial Complex, Medical Model Establishment, an Economic Hit Man and/or a Big Pharma Executive, given that it’s free and generally has positive side effects associated with Inner Peace. I remember dreaming a new dream that looks like a free for service economy–vis-a-vis a philosophically free market based on bartering that honors Unity Consciousness and the Diversity within an organically more equitable global village, where resources are shared.  In the spirit of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, “there’s enough and we can all win.” Further, I enjoy Native American stories that share that Turkey was a co-creator of the world by teaching Us how to raise corn and protect Us from the ‘Evil Dewar’s’. In the spirit of that, I wonder if Indian Shamans sought Turkey’s council regarding the original intention of the first Thanksgiving Harvest? Now I don’t know about that for sure, but I hear Turkey drives Squirrel nuts when Turkey steals Squirrel’s acorn stash. If We were talking baseball and Squirrel was pitching, that’d be a foul ball.

Finally, Turkey’s energy connects Us to Our Third Eye in that Our “collective consciousness” is waking up and flowering as We become the change We want to see in Our world. Our waking up is tied to Our Mother waking up and of course how We treat Her. At the end of the day, I say Thank You to Our Mother and send her lots of heartfelt loving energy. Further, Turkey alludes to strength in numbers, which hints at Our growing Critical Mass . . . a rising tide sea of consciousness that will tip the iceberg and lettuce effectively transition into a New Age and Paradigm, a la “birds of a feather, flock together.” Now as I look for a carrot in this New World, I am inspired to perceive humanity from the standpoint of a ‘cultural salad bowl’, chock full of mixed greens.

I Hopi You are well,


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