Humming To My Peeps

Recently, I have enjoyed some meaningful encounters with Hummingbird–fleeting reminders to stay light on the feet and meditate on the figure 8 (sign of Infinity).  Holy Cow, if a tiny bird can venture from Alaska to South America and fly in any direction . . . just imagine the possibilities for humanity to take Quantum flight!  It just might be a grand slam.  Isn’t being playful and humorous a portal to Heaven’s Gate?  Many folks on the so-called spiritual path become way too serious about being godly that they forget their own Divine Light in the process.  If we are created in God’s image, then we must be capable of creating joy on the inside and following Our bliss on Our outward path . . . while radiating that in a way that resonates with Our outer world that reflects back to Us.  Aren’t We all mirrors for One another? 

I remember when my grandma used to say to me, “Ari, people like you because you’re natural.”  While always feeling uniquely different from my fellow humans, I Now understand what she meant.  During Red Carpet onstage performances, I have unwittingly caged myself and died just like Hummingbird does when She loses Her freedom.  In the words of Neale Cassidy to Jack Kerouac, “and that was the last time I committed suicide . . .”.  However, as I breathe in right Tao, I naturally reside where Spirit guides me.  Sometimes, this process unfolds as off-color comments, being a bit of a gauche provocateur to status quo energy patterns, being more interested in a rainbow, moon (I’ve got a hot date with Her right after this post is posted) and/or sunset than those with more important distractions to attend to.  Hummingbird’s nectar reminds me where I wanna Bee, puns typically intended! Playing with aromatherapy, like a little smudge of sage smoke or water, bergamot and/or lavender oils are among some of my favorite ways of illuminating my olfactory senses.  A little dabble do ya! 

Finally, meditation on Hummingbird medicine potentially offers darting glimpses into the sweetness and magic of life.  Like the Joker says in The Dark Night . . . “why so serious?”  If only the Joker had opened himself up to understanding how to move past his desire to create chaos and see the internal radical act of humming to the tune of a Harmonic Convergence with Nature, rather than trying to destroy it.  When we access Our inner celestial music, perhaps the strings reverberate as a chorus that diversely chimes in together as One.  Who knows, maybe Hummingbird might offer You a glimpse into a lovely Inner Space that reveals externally unidentified flying objects that could be literally out of this world?

I Hopi You are well,


2 thoughts on “Humming To My Peeps

  1. Love hummingbirds and recently enjoyed an encounter at the lake with one. It was a different kind then I had seen before and has been presenting itself to others out there as well. I love the “sweetness and magic of life” that they bring during the summer months. I hope to continue to carry that energy into the upcoming seasons. Thanks again for another nice post.

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