My Blue Heron

As I look back on my experiences here, perhaps my relationship with both myself and the old world will be the death of me.  Who knows, maybe in becoming One with Our True Selves–finding unity within diversity in the New World . . . the collective clearing of Our Karma will reveal to Us the Promised Land?  I’ve heard it said that Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.  I’m not sure, but I know the consistent experiences of being lighter on my feet and knowing joy in my steps in my daily walk.  Moreover, I feel less demonic when I say ‘peace out’ to the familiar road paved with the pain and suffering that accompanies the vicious cycle of negative thinking, emotions and deeply ingrained behavioral patterns. 

Recently, while driving down memory lane, I accepted a significant encounter with a Great Blue Heron.  What a gas I had as I burned fossil fuels while listening to old mental tapes in a rental car.  And then, in the spirit of alternative energy starting with me, I shifted gears by igniting one of my totems in my Shamanic network of Power Animals.  My Blue Winged friend inspired me to remember to Bee thankful and appreciate being in my element with Great bodies of water, while exploring deeper dimensions on Mother Earth.  As I stay grounded and grow my roots, I am realizing the  “jack of all trades” experience.  Although I may be a master of none, I am learning to become the Master of my own Universe.

Finally, in these shifting and rising tides here on Mothership Earth, there is a Critical need to successfully navigate and stay afloat in the waters of life.  Although security is an illusion, a Mass of folks still cling to this smokescreen and deny and resist experiences that remind them otherwise.  However, it is getting more difficult to ignore the dying old world and burning Eternal City.  I find good news in heron medicine that reminds Us that security is really just a matter of perspective.  If We stay on track and keep Our inner ears to the ground, then We are more likely to feel Our feet on the ground, as We gaze upon A Starry Night . . . without getting too derailed in the process!

I Hopi You are well,


2 thoughts on “My Blue Heron

  1. Nice flowing entry…I enjoyed the blue heron story and remember seeing that with you on the trip. What an experience!

  2. Hi Ari,

    As I read what you have written, I am reminded that there is not future, there is not past, just this moment in time, which brings me great joy. Yes, it is wise to reflect on all, but when it comes right down to it, it’s done with.

    I too wish for the veils to be lifted and for igorance to be lost (for self as well as others), alas, not sure if it will happen in this lifetime. We certainly benefit when we listen and act on the blue heron’s advice….

    Looking forward to seeing you and our family at the middle school soon. Be well, and keep those feet on the ground….


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