A True Wizard or a master illusionist?

While playing cards in the company of men recently–a camp fire illuminated our drinking in a waning Full Moon under the stars, as our cards lay on the table.    During our gaming process, a Spider crawled across the table, climbed up my torso until She nestled in the vicinity of my Heart Chakra.  Perhaps I’m still a bit green along my Way, though I couldn’t help but feel pleasantly full after my Spider encounter.  In fact, I find my Spider friend’s medicine infinitely wise as She reminds me of the delicate balancing act of ‘Walking the Line’ during the journey, vis-a-vis “one foot in spirit, one foot in ground”, so to speak.  Meditation on Spider’s energy inspires Us to keep in alignment with Nature’s rhythms–not getting too Loony during the Moon’s waxing and waning cycles and maintaining an egalitarian appreciation for Our own masculine and feminine energy patterns.  If only masses of folks whom are disgruntled with their current status quo lifestyles would choose to move beyond externally cosmetic changes . . . perhaps a systemic movement toward a deeper understanding of who We really are is on the horizon.  Dare We choose peace on earth by finding Inner Peace, without being stung by the propaganda and costs of augmenting ourselves with merely surface band aids?  In saying that, have I become ‘Public Enemy Number One’?

I remember Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom revealing to Us that walking the spiritual path is potentially an ongoing opportunity for each moment to become a sacred walking meditation with Self and God holding hands, if you will.  In this Divine Light, each moment offers a choice to consciously breathe in a fresh breath of whom We are becoming and gently exhaling the death of Our old self, a la that was Zen my friend and this is right Tao.  This is how I practice being present . . . being in the Now and building A New Earth, as We co-create Heaven on Earth as One–albeit diverse expressions of God’s image.  We are all in this together and We are all connected.  As I heal, the world heals as well– so that the flowering of consciousness is watered until She blossoms into an awesome Garden that we can all see.  When We say “peace out” to the voice of the ego and “what up, G” to the Inner Voice, We open up Our True Selves into the realm of Christ Consciousness and welcome Wise Council from Higher Perspectives.  Just like dat.  In this process, Our relationship with God (and Our True Selves) moves beyond an abstract, intellectual concept, toward a direct and sublime experiential relationship.  With Our Third Eye, We are able to view Our energetic exchanges with One another as opportunities to amplify Our shared energy, for the greater good of humanity (and the rest of the Universe).

Finally, I remember Spider’s web containing a message reminding Us of an ancient Mystery School precept asserting that “know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe!”  In their collaborative ‘webinar’, I recall Eckhart Tolle asserting to Oprah that his understanding of Nature’s rhythm stemmed from his understanding of the deeper Nature of Himself.  In the spirit of that, I Bee Leave that We become True Wizards when we consciously create our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a way that understands how to make Our Inner Space smile.  Does Spider’s symbolic figure 8 sign of Infinity reveal to Us that We are equipped to transcend fate and Karma by seeing through the veil of illusion into  a deeper, mystical realm of possibilities?  Isn’t this how We heal polarity and facilitate movement into a New Age and paradigm of Diversity within Unity?  Why not move away from fear and closer to Love as We welcome Our desires as on their way, while letting go of outcome and enjoyably surfing the tides in the process?  And then, just before I published this entry, a neighborly Blue Jay poignantly reminded me that it is my choice to become a True Wizard or a master illusionist.  Why not become the real deal?

I Hopi You are well,


One thought on “A True Wizard or a master illusionist?

  1. I agree that focusing more on what the “real deal” is important to ones life here and in ones soul forever. As I continue to open up my eyes and stop to “smell” the roses to animal encounters and what they are showing me, it helps to show me the way, as well as what my gut tells me already too. It is amazing when I open my eyes to these things, I realize that they were there all along…what may have seemed “unusual” or “weird” somehow feels right and has honestly always felt right now that I look at it. As the Universe speaks, it is speaking in my heart, soul and in my ears that somehow, someway I have gotten to this place that feels like home…and I am good with that 🙂 Thanks again for continuing to be a bright light in my heart, every day.

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