Deliver Me In The Belly Of A Red Winged Bird

After enjoying some T’ai Chi in the backyard, I ventured out this morning for a run/walk, o’er the river and through the woods.  And though I wasn’t going to grandmother’s house, I was struck by a beautiful male Cardinal that flew right in front of me and perched on a tree nearby.  Although I was breaking out a little lather on my jog and was getting into a groove enjoying parallel realities of a free for service economy, deep mystical connections to Ay and Tiya, Lemuria and The Naacal Mystery Schools–I glanced at the river and then decided to stop and tweet to my peep in the woods.  I just love getting out in Nature–it really helps me remember my Roots.  Is it a coincidence that my encounter with a Red bird parallels the color of my Root Chakra?  I wonder if Bob Dylan was communicating with Cardinal Consciousness when he transcribed “Blowin’ in the Wind”? 

During our “conversation”, Cardinal and I agreed that Summer is a great time to enjoy the Yang-masculine energy and the friendly reminder to Us of the vitality that is delivered in the belly of this red-winged bird.  Moreover, Cardinal helps us remember how important We are and remember Our Power as individuals, particularly by adding color to Our lives.  Who knows Witch one of Us initiated the true feminine Wisdom that We should heed the Inner Voice and Bee reminded that We are what we eat, but I do feel that “birds of a feather, flock together”.

Finally, in my surface and depth, I look at shorelines as mystical places that are between land and sea and I feel at Home living in these places.  Another bird that reminds Us of this, along with paying attention to the subtleties of deeper psychological communication, is the Sea Gull.  I know I have a propensity to have my head in the clouds and sometimes soar from topic to topic, but as I look back on my morning outing, in my Third Eye I Sea them flying around the river bend toward the bay.  In that visual, I am encouraged to “behave and work in other dimensions than that which is normal” and to Bee mindful of consuming balance in Life’s diet.

I Hopi You are well,


2 thoughts on “Deliver Me In The Belly Of A Red Winged Bird

  1. Ari,

    I enjoyed reading about your encounter with the cardinal and the parallel you drew between the sea gull and your life. I do not understand what you mean by a Mystery School, though. Could you explain that?


  2. I continue to enjoy hearing your stories of your encounters with animals and what the meaning of the interaction represents. I particularly enjoy learning about what the animals represent/mean. I notice my animal encounters more as you bring more awareness to me. I am allowing them to show me how it applies to my journey. I look forward to more animal stories and encounters!
    Thanks! Much love!

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