I got someting to say!

While in Italy recently, I swam in the deepest gratitude for the privilege and pleasure of visiting family there.  I remember noticing many cracks–cracking myself up no less in old castles, cathedrals, ancient remnants of the Eternal City and of course ensconced in the crevasses of Our psyches.  In the spirit of Living Wabi Sabi, I am reminded that “there is a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”  Whether drinking in a fiery Tuscan sunlit moon Umbria the stars, with hoots from an owl echoing in the shadows–the entire experience, in much the way life is when you get down to it, was particularly surreal, like Dali’s melted clocks.  In fact, I noticed an owl feather, while hiking in the mountains, and wondered if it was the same Owl We heard from Nights before.  I just love owls–their mysterious darkness and relationship with omens and psychical gifts.  Like cats with wings, they are such beautiful creatures, reminding Us to tap into our own magical and psychic abilities and perceive through the veils that hide Our own Inner Tapestry.  Silent night riders somewhat akin to Perseus flying across the skies in his winged horse, We may borrow traits from Owl including clairvoyance, wisdom and precision, if only We are open to allowing for it.  I like to think of it like a marinating process, gently allowing the herbs to seep in.

Merely a Grasshopper’s jump from Owl to Butterfly, I’m not sure what was more of a buzz on my Italian adventure–sipping the local regions vino or watching the spectrum of butterflies and bees flitting about the rainbow of flowers that circled the “rustic” villas we stayed inn.  As I look back, I am inebriated by the images of Butterfly and the Yang energy of the summer season.  I know when I watch a Beetle and Butterfly pass me by, I remember to resurrect an open attitude for change to occur, letting go and welcoming the power in being in a joyful state with open arms.  The Sun is alive and feeding Us–a bit like the tendency for Italians to speak in commands while using their hands.  I really appreciated the general attitude of “forget about it”, “don’t mention it”, and “what can you do, it is what it is” that I heard in the air.  Sure, gas is more expensive, the cars are way smaller and far more energy-efficient (as is everything else), there’s a lot more McDonald’s there than the none that I saw when I was a teenager.  And they spend with the almighty Euro instead of the old Lira that made a lot less cents to me anyway–dead serious.  Oh yeah, there’s earthquakes and terrorists, but folks generally don’t seem as moved by those “faults”.

Shifting Tides, has anyone ever seen the classic film, To Kill a Mockingbird?  Remember the unforgettable last scene in the Courtroom, where Gregory Peck’s character carries the energy of a  Wise Old Indian Chief and a women shouts, “I got something to say!”  As I look back, I remember that giving and receiving feedback, especially while being in the hot seat is an uncomfortable process.  However, experience teaches that a seed only grows if We trust and water it with Love.  It’s finding the God within that recognizes the God without and in that moment, Namaste occurs.  I witness this process as  empathy in its purest sense–We are all mirrors for each other, aren’t We?  My stay with family in Italy reminded me that my own imperfections and the imperfections of others are less important and more meaningful when I embrace them with an open heart and a relaxed mind.  While a Lizard might cling to an old idea of myself, perhaps a Butterfly reveals a new, maybe unexplored aspect of myself?  I may sound nuts, but Wood You Bee Leave the Nervous Woodland Creatures agree that goin’ Straight Outta Woodland on Our Selves is just asking for an acorn to drop on top of yo head, ma’ Chuckca.

One thought on “I got someting to say!

  1. Ahh…felt like I was back there with you again. What a nice week we had! I enjoyed the time getting to connect with the culture, each other and the family. Those creatures were amazing. I can still smell the lavender and see butterflies fluttering about. Thanks for bringing me back again with your words….this is a trip I will remember forever.

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