Dragonflies and Dragon Energy

Right Tao, I remember noticing an army of dragonflies doing flashy aerial feats and putting on colorful laser light shows.  Back Zen, I heard a Wise Old Tree whispering Lao Tzu’s tweetings that “Nature is the best physician.”  In the spirit of His Infinite Wisdom, Dragonfly  reminds me of mythical past connections and lore between Dragonflies and Dragons. Wood You Bee Leave that Ursula Le Guinn’s EarthSea saga might have been somewhat akin to fantastic glimpses into a magical alternate reality, where real dragons fly high in the sky and breathe fire and wisdom into the elements?  And sometimes I enjoy striking a Dragon Qigong pose that gets me all fired up inside, when the situation calls for it.  But We need to be mindful of such activities, if We don’t want to spontaneously combust, in getting all fired up like that . . .

In navigating multiple realities . . . “Dragonfly . . . Breaks illusions, Brings visions of power, No need to prove it, Now is the hour! Know it, Believe it, Great Spirit intercedes, feeding you, blessing you, filling your needs.” By staying light on our feet, Dragonfly medicine reminds Us to stay cool by learning to effectively swimming in the deep waters of emotional life, play outside and spend time by fresh water. Change, transformation, mythical connections to Nature Spirits, weaving through illusions and creative imagination are all aspects of Dragonfly’s teachings. Shedding light into this realm allows us to perceive through shadow realms . . . Is that a bird, a UFO, a UFF (unidentified flying fairy) and/or a Dragonfly I see flying before me? Has anyone out there ever seen the film “A Fairy Tale: A True Story”? I think it’s a great movie for the whole family to enjoy, big and little folks alike.  I once heard a dragonfly flitting about in the garage, as I discovered he was ensconsed in a spider web.  Subsequently, I released him to fly away freely in the backyard.  A few moments later, maybe days, I swear that same dragonfly hovered near my ear and thanked me for letting him go . . .

Finally, if only We allow Our Selves to open up to a larger worldview, these perceptual shifts offer Us glimpses into viewing Our Universe as energetic and sacred, where the unfolding mystery of Life is an ongoing welcoming surprise birthday party every moment–“every day and in every way, We are getting better and better”. Dare We focus on the silver lining and make only positive interpretations of Our experiences?  But it’s easy to do otherwise, as Deep Pockets have a well-oiled system for keeping their mechanistic mind-illusion wheel slickly greased, in their tired (pun intended) battle to control the public mind.  However, we have our Cosmic Wheel that keeps turning, in spite of the Military-Industrial Complex’s reptillian attemtps to control it’s Cog.  Remember the scene in the Star Wars saga, when Princess Lea says to the General, “don’t you understand that the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will fall through the cracks?”

I Hopi You are well,


4 thoughts on “Dragonflies and Dragon Energy

  1. Another nice post! It helps me contextualize ways these creatures have touched me as well…it is opening up my eyes.

  2. Hi Ari,

    Great post.

    I agree that we need to “stay light on our feet” and play outside. These are some of the essentials to maintaining balance, which is essential to being in the Way.

    I like how you ended with Deep Pockets and its attempt to control the “public mind.” The heaviness of control is always there and is as real as the lightness of dragonflies. It is the tension between the two that keeps everything from flying apart.

    Balance is everything.

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