Leave Me Alone

Although I enjoy carving out my solitude in the woods, the reality is  We are never really alone and having someone else to play with is always a great way to enjoy Nature.  In the Spirit of that, a surrogate brother friend and I went on a day hike recently in the White Mountains.  I just love getting out in the woods and going on a hiking adventure every now and again.  It’s such an amazing experience being with Nature and in the Elements.  Speaking of elements, being close to the Earth is a great way to stay grounded and Water is a wonderful way to dream and expand one’s consciousness.  We saw some toads, enjoyed clusters of butterflies keeping it joyful and light and witnessed a powerful life’s metaphor unravel before our eyes involving a leaf float about in the stream along the trail.  Of course, getting to the top of any Mountain is always a peak experience, though I remember the wisdom “it’s the journey, not the destination.” 

I remember that leaf floating about and circling a natural pool area in the stream.  It was as if the leaf was speaking to us about life coming full circle–with ebbs and flows and ultimately letting go and flowing with the current gently down the stream.  Although my surrogate brother friend and I both have a bit of the Howard Cosell energy given our propensity for commentary, we enjoyed telepathic moments with our little green friend’s teachings during the non-speak time as well.  Moreover, a cave across the stream caught our attention, somewhat akin to venturing down into the Underworld vis a vis a Shamanic journey process, if you will.  As clear as a Dark Crystal, We were co-existing in a non-local, alternate Dreamtime reality during our leaf in water encounter.  If One is patient and remembers trust, a callback responds to a cry out into the Great Void.

I remember what correlated nicely with the above story was that I had just come out of a  brief  “rainbow meditation”, only moments before the leaf encounter.  I do this meditation daily, usually after I balance my Chakras, but I’ll save that for another entry.  I find the rainbow meditation boosts my Auric energy field and otherwise brightens up my Air by adding color to it.  I make a circle with my middle finger and thumb with both hands and then link the circles together so that the circles form a figure 8, the sign of Infinity.  Then I start with the color red, breathe it in and visualize myself basking in a red ray of a rainbow.  Following that, I proceed along in the same fashion, with orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet and gold.  At the end, I imagine myself basking in a rainbow blanket and typically get all warm on the inside.  This is a convenient mediation that can be done virtually anywhere, whether standing or sitting still, eyes open or shut without anyone else necessarily being wise to it.

I Hopi You are well,


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