Bighorn Sheep Rams

We enter into a New Moon and Chinese-Lunar Year
of interchangeable Sheep (Ram) Goat later on this week

Rams are stoic, mild-mannered, shy, kind and peace-loving creatures
Except during an impasse when they tend to butt heads.

New beginnings are subtly shifting their underground momentum
Slowly stirring and breaking the ice out of a long Winter slumber

Energetically, we are moving further away from dark-feminine-yin Winter forces
Closing in on budding light-masculine-yang Spring eclipses

We are beginning to adjust our footing from an
inner direction toward tactical outward expansion.

Like New Moons, Rams are associated with new beginnings

Their energies stimulate great mental activity
Akin to the internal marital arts
We are building momentum gradually

Signifying also the birth of a Pisces time of year
The last sign of the Western Zodiac

Winter is ending, while Spring is beginning
Symbolic of water and its powerful feminine forces of Nature

Are you acting on your ideas or just thinking about them?

Hopefully not impulsively without consideration for what we
might want to bring into our material reality from the Dreamtime

Meditation on self-respect and respect for others is always good medicine
While anticipating the arrival of waves of feelings that could come crashing in

Stoking the embers of curiosity and imagination
Increasing our energy and impetus to act on it
We remember that energy is energy
It’s what we do with it that counts

As we move closer to the trail head of a New Age
We are leaving behind past footprints

Picture a New Earth, where we are embracing our whole masculine/feminine and sun/moon Selves by developing deeper relationships with our transformational souls

May we fuel ourselves with a balanced mind-body-spirit diet
so that we organically increase our productivity with brighter light, hope
and less dense effort, duty and sacrifice

See you further on up the trails,


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