Ram Springs Forth An Equinox, Eclipses Of Rising Light & A Rebirth of Novel Seasonal Vibrations

Photo by Frank Stu00fcbery on Pexels.com

Spring is officially upon us on March 20, where the light of

yang’s masculinity and the dark of yin’s femininity are in equal alignment right Tao.

An Aries New Moon reflects the new energies of a new year in the Zodiac’s rising tide.

Meditation on Ram will allow you to stand in your personal authority that is your Sun.

It is your personal power that is your Solar Plexus Chakra.

We all have these energies within our Being.

It is willfully the part of us that says, I Am!

But those with this birth sign know this assertive dimension better than anyone.

It’s like Ram is a built in animal spirit guide or

totem that makes for an organic everyday positive self talk mantra.

When visited by the downstairs brain of the

chattering monkey mind, anxiety, reptilian brain or

nervous woodland creature energy . . .

Just picture a ram to take the mountain by the horns,

if you’ll pardon the pun.

From there, you can move into the summit of the upstairs brain of your upper Chakras

to balance the rearview mirror of your old self with your budding New Self.

But not without securing your footing to dig into the earth.

We are mulching the old ways of our old selves by balancing our lower Chakras as well.

This is the interplay of duality.

Fear not the intensities of the Eclipse Season, where shakeups are natural and inevitable.

Feel the fire of the Sun co-mingling with the water of the Moon,

especially during late April through early May.

The dog eat dog ways of the old world are fading further into the rearview mirror,

which is particularly scary for those of us more attached to the devil we know.

Transitions from developmental stages of

childhood, adolescence, adulthood, death and rebirth

are akin to a snake shedding its old skin.

The rebirthing we are all going through is not without

grieving the transition, just as we do with the changing of the seasons.

It is wise to avoid getting into power struggles with yourself and others.

Keep in mind that the energy of Ram embodies the fire element which reflects a strong will.

Watch out for others that are like this, as co-mingling with them can lend itself to butting heads.

Remember to breathe and drink in the power of water to cool things down if necessary.

Meditation on the water element will help you soften your will and go with the flow,

even when your eyes are on a target and you feel called toward action and manifestation.

Even doers need rest and rejuvenation.

Take care of yourselves everyone,


Check out the Chakra chart below and Chakra balancing meditation demonstration underneath the chart:

Bighorn Sheep Rams

We enter into a New Moon and Chinese-Lunar Year
of interchangeable Sheep (Ram) Goat later on this week

Rams are stoic, mild-mannered, shy, kind and peace-loving creatures
Except during an impasse when they tend to butt heads.

New beginnings are subtly shifting their underground momentum
Slowly stirring and breaking the ice out of a long Winter slumber

Energetically, we are moving further away from dark-feminine-yin Winter forces
Closing in on budding light-masculine-yang Spring eclipses

We are beginning to adjust our footing from an
inner direction toward tactical outward expansion.

Like New Moons, Rams are associated with new beginnings

Their energies stimulate great mental activity
Akin to the internal marital arts
We are building momentum gradually

Signifying also the birth of a Pisces time of year
The last sign of the Western Zodiac

Winter is ending, while Spring is beginning
Symbolic of water and its powerful feminine forces of Nature

Are you acting on your ideas or just thinking about them?

Hopefully not impulsively without consideration for what we
might want to bring into our material reality from the Dreamtime

Meditation on self-respect and respect for others is always good medicine
While anticipating the arrival of waves of feelings that could come crashing in

Stoking the embers of curiosity and imagination
Increasing our energy and impetus to act on it
We remember that energy is energy
It’s what we do with it that counts

As we move closer to the trail head of a New Age
We are leaving behind past footprints

Picture a New Earth, where we are embracing our whole masculine/feminine and sun/moon Selves by developing deeper relationships with our transformational souls

May we fuel ourselves with a balanced mind-body-spirit diet
so that we organically increase our productivity with brighter light, hope
and less dense effort, duty and sacrifice

See you further on up the trails,