Flying with Catbird

I remember being among old friends recently, while having a whale of a good time on Nantucket.  We enjoyed a nautical reunion of sorts, with my first mate and other kindred spirits.  I know the times they are a changin’ here on Mothership Earth and was reminded of this truism when I caught wind of a captain’s tale of a decreased great white shark population as we sailed around the way.  However, what really sunk my teeth into his story and wet my palate was when our captain speculated that the predators might return before too long in greater numbers, given the current migration of seals returning to the island.  Whether spending time on the ocean, the shoreline and/or land, being out in nature reminds us that we humans have much to remember about Her organic leveling impulses and living in harmony with one another and our environment.  I wonder if John Kerry and his homies beached along the coastal McMansions ponder such nuances? 

Back at the homestead, a catbird poignantly revealed itself and feathered my ripple during its power time of spring and early summer.  When paying attention to the signs and synchronicity in the theater of life, we realize our spirited encounters with animal friends are conduits helping us bring in awareness from the Dreamtime into our grounding material realm.  When we walk in a balanced harmony with one foot in spirit and one foot in ground, we increase our co-creative human potential to effectively hold a positive vision for humanity.  As I look back on my novel encounter with old friends, I remember to heed catbird’s lessons in expanding our connections with one another by celebrating Diversity in Unity and deepen our capacity for effective communication when flocking with like-minded birds of a feather.  Moreover, catbird medicine also pours a short but soulful and sweet beverage to drink in that adds spirit to our social environment.  For example, if you are taking a yoga, tai chi, qigong and/or some other meditation class once or twice a week, consider bringing in more of that energy into your personal daily routine and own sacred space.  Perhaps you might consider indulging in nature and organically find like-minded friends that share your taste for divine encounters.

I find my spirited encounter with catbird a call to this birds wisdom to read one another more effectively.  And the meditation 101 mantra really is about focusing on thyself first.  Not in an egotistical way, but in a way that effectively expresses oneself authentically and respectfully.  Given that the most important marriage and relationship for anyone is with our own self, then it makes sense to get to know our True Selves on a deeper level.  When swimming with local sharks, I can hear the Jimmy Buffett energy in me singing fins to the left, fins to the right.  And then it magically arrives in my sea of consciousness how to chum it up and digest my time with the cats in my walkabout.  How about you?

Stay True,



2 thoughts on “Flying with Catbird

  1. Walking outside into the yard one evening last week, my near-sightedness told me that what I was looking at was a robin standing on a large flat rock. As I approached in curiosity (after all, there’s no large flat rock in the middle of my lawn!), I saw that I was looking at a magnificent snapping turtle. It stopped me in my tracks: I need to slow down! I need to get grounded! Amazing, this nature-thing. As the turtle ambled off into the woods toward the swamp, I stood still for a long time and watched it. And realized: that’s all I needed to do, right then–watch.

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