Skunk Helps Sniff Out Relationship Odors

Skunk arouses our senses and helps in general with relationship discernment
Time to breathe in respect for personal boundaries and the energy fields of others

Are you speaking your truth when you are feeling threatened or annoyed?

We leave behind a New Moon last week . . .

A Full Beaver Moon gains momentum later on this month

Building fantasy into manifestation may spring from noble intentions . . .
But it is wise to question the application of that how might play out on the ground

Like Nature, our souls are moving further into the dark . . .
A dark night peaks on the Winter Solstice in about a month

Yes, we face much darkness in our world today . . .
The latest terrorist attack in France reflects that

But real change comes from digging deep enough to find inner peace –
in spite of the crisis we face in our often unsafe surroundings

Do you need to fortify your defenses to protect yourself?

Picture a skunk to help to strengthen your self-esteem
so that you can’t be easily intimidated or controlled by others

Meditation on Skunk helps us sniff out
when to attract and when to repel other energies

Their air of nonchalance neutralizes
the foul stink of victim and perpetrator toxicity

No need to demonize that aspect of yourself

Are you paying attention to your body language?

Remember there are no enemies, only reflections of
your shadow-side outer rims of your Divine constitution

Do you need to gain more attention without being arrogant or irritating?

Empower the people with the right incentives
so that they will tend to do the right thing

We need to shift our intention away from massive welfare going to the top 1% –
toward investment in spiritual capital that prioritizes
the needs of the overwhelming majority

Onward up the trails,


Lightening Up Our Senses with the Good Stink of Skunk

Sniffing out when to give, expect and demand respect
is an assertive skill sprayed by a tribe called Skunk
Especially when feeling threatened or annoyed

Black hue hints at their nocturnal nature
White stripes symbolizes our flowing chi

Reminding humanity of our heritage
Luminous beings of light are we
Capable of powering cities of lights

Burning clean energy starts with you

Passing New Moon
Ignites an intuitive impetus for heavenly action
But not without respecting earthy feelings of others

We venture further into the dark
Wax on yin climaxing on the Winter Solstice after a long December

Our spirits should be puncture proof
There is nothing to fear when standing in our own personal authority
Our roots grow strong into the ground below

Do you need to fortify your defenses to protect yourself?

Taking refuge is part of the way of the peaceful warrior
Aromatherapy awakens our sensuous experiences with Mother Earth
The time is now to open your heart to receive Her love

Do you need some help to strengthen your self-esteem
So that you can’t be easily intimidated or controlled by others?

We sniff out when to attract and when to repel others
Carrying an air of nonchalance neutralizes
the leaking energetic stink of victim and perpetrator toxicity

Are you paying attention to your body language?

Making amigos with our egos empowers us to increase our holistic sensuality
without leaving behind a foul stench in our wake

Do you need to gain more attention without being arrogant or irritating?

Like-minded relationships are on their way
Taking inventory of our inner space reveals
What kind of energies we are attracting

Many feel powerless and alone
But this grand Universe was created just for you to learn

There is no separation in what is
Although we see diversity in perspectives

Cultivating healthy fluidity in boundaries becomes organic
with clean internal mulching

Acceptance and surrender to what is
Is a dimensional shift toward Higher Ground from indifference or condoning
From the negative dramas that exist in our midst

See you further on up the trails,


Dreaming with Salamander and cleansing withTurkey Vulture

I remember walking along the trails with a student, when he noticed a salamander.  After exhaling dead air, I felt alive after taking a conscious breath of fresh air.  Further along the festival of Life, I became engaged in another conversational flow with one of the cats I roll with from around the way.  After helping him pick up some fallen branches left over from Hurricane Sandy, I said a prayer of gratitude for the storm’s minimal impact in our neck of the woods, while simultaneously expressing a silent blessing to our friends to our South that were affected more dramatically.  Given that I had just cast my absentee ballot, our conversation quickly cut to a commercial about going blue.  Although I didn’t turn into a wolverine or get depressed while listening to my feline friend’s assertion to vote in that hue, it saddens me that we are merely one step away from a dictatorship here in the United States, in that we are more polarized than ever in our collectively boxed-in mindsets.  But seeing two women on a presidential ticket here in the USA fills my heart Chakra green with hope!  When we truly walk in alignment with Nature, we shift our focus less on the odds by levitating into the realm of Infinity, where holographic possibilities abound.  With turkey vulture and salamander as a spirit guides, we ride the thermals of life, elevate our Auric vision and invigorate our energetic field around us.  Moreover, we shed our old skin to make way for rebirth and effectively navigate the elemental forces of land and water.  In this process, we co-create Heaven on Earth by consuming a healthy spirited diet, while feathering each other’s ripple in a positive vibration of Love and Light.

If we are to co-create a more egalitarian culture here in the Nation, the Americas, Planet and Universe throughout, we need to heed the cadence of Classroom Mothership Earth and the heart of Great Spirit.  All creatures, great and small, above and below are equal in the eyes of Great Spirit and we are all nourished by our Mother Earth.  Nature has an organic way of leveling the playing field and we see that play out in Climate Change.  Some of you have noticed that I have selected Tom Brady as a metaphor for staying calm in the pocket, especially when blitzed by unpredictable and turbulent weather patterns in the form of Giants.  Tom Brady personifies someone who may not have been blessed with the greatest natural talent, but he has become greatness by avoiding catastrophes time and again.  Specifically, the future Hall of Fame quarterback effectively demonstrates T’ai Chi like subtle movements in the pocket, psychically reading and adjusting to relentless defensive storm fronts and maintains a wide open angle gaze downfield, while believing in the possibility of making a big play, against apparent all odds.  Now if you think I’m throwing low balls at the rest of the team around him, I’ll bet that turkey vulture would concur that would be a foul ball.  Like a salamander, Brady slithers between the elements and demonstrates metamorphosis right in front of our eyes.  Like switching gears from running and passing, Mother Nature shows us similar shifting fronts of waning light and movement toward the dark.  Here in the Northern hemisphere, we officially turn our clocks yinward in the week ahead.  Masculine-yang energy is fading to black as feminine-yin energy is becoming more dominant, until it’s climax on the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calender on December 21, 2012.

Given the corporate media’s compartmentalized view of Nature’s new normal, we must get into alignment with Climate Change by embracing this phenomenon, rather than resisting it.  Humanity has a say in how we navigate this process and rather than hate the media, we must become the media.  On a personal spiritual front, experiential wisdom reminds us that what we resist persists and we must become the change we want to see in the world.  Yes, large socialist mega-corporations that continue to rape and abort our Mother need to wake the f-bomb up and stop fracking around folks, as my Midwestern aunt that likes to rant provocatively asserts.  We are spiritual beings having human experiences.  As such, we have the capacity to right the ship, come about and lead an unprecedented shift in consciousness while floating on the waters of life.  When we see things in our field of vision that are alarming, the Universe is providing us an opportunity to send the power of Love to whatever floats in our orbit.  That means that we acknowledge our anger and other flood of negative emotions that arrive and then gently breath those feelings out, while sending them Love for compost.  In a sense, we swim on land and surf the shifting tides into a New Age and Paradigm, one step, one breath and one moment at a time.  This kind of mulching has a much more pleasant stink to it than getting stuck in the muck.  By sending Love to our inner space, we shift from pollution to healthy renewable energy for all to share. 

Stay True,


Bear Like Me

I remember when a fellow virtual blogging friend liked that I referenced the  Law of Attraction and invited me to share a related story in reference to this Divine Law.  In the spirit of that, I serve up this week’s story to share with you.  In my day gig of working in public schools, I know we all get a little stir crazy as the school year winds down to a close.  However, during this transition, I remember to maintain perspective via the Jimmy Buffett earworm that if we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane.  In fact, I kept dreaming about hiking with some cats from The Clubhouse, in the mighty White Mountains, while at the same time practicing letting go of outcome during the visualization process.  Although now considered small in stature, modern scientists tell us that long ago the White Mountains in New Hampshire were once a Goliath of a range compared to the Colorado Rockies.  When traversing the Presidential Range, embracing Climate Change and getting down with the elements is a key dynamic in a successful hike.  Cold, wet and windy weather mixed with rocks, roots and some tactical climbing is always more challenging when slippery when wet.   Although our forecast looked bleak, we were livin’ on a prayer by keeping our feet on the ground and seeing the forest through the trees. 

After two full days of peaks and valleys, five, 4000 footers and coming down from the mountaintop, we were all thankful for Highland Hut’s family friendly atmosphere, hot showers and hearty meals.  After our off the grid jaunt, my hiking brothers could not wait to introduce me to the opulent Mt. Washington Hotel, where big Whigs from another era used to travel via horse and buggy to enjoy the rustic scenery in decadence.  Now readers, you might think we were more likely to make contact with a bear out on the trails, while away from civilization.  Not so.  Just after parking our car at the Mt. Washington Hotel, I barely caught a peripheral glimpse of  a very large creature running past us with the distinct sound of claws on pavement, when one of my hiking buds excitedly identified the animal as a bear!  A few tracks later–after playing an old arcade game that was out of this world, we visited an underground tavern called “the Cave” and told our story.  Further, an employee came out of hibernation, nodded and informed us that this friendly creature was a local and merely following his daily ritual of knocking off local dumpsters in search of his daily bread.  Aye, aren’t bears good reminders for us to tap into our own natural resources within the depth of our souls?  In a karmic sense, bear may facilitate our making life’s choices from a position of personal empowerment, rather than egotism.  Given bears connection to trees, we are reminded that trees are conduits linking Heaven and Earth.  With Yang dominating the season in this neck of the woods, we are more energetically equipped to manifest knowledge, fertility and growth right Tao.

As I look back on our time out in nature, I realize the experience was the death of me.  When listening in on ghostly storytelling that accompanied the  grand old hotel and nature spirits, I look back on a private encounter with a dead man walking that serves as a good reminder that we are indeed spirits in the material world.  With bear in our consciousness, we are equipped to navigate the waters of the subconscious and unconscious mind.  When heeding the deafening sound of silence, the inner voice strikes a thunderous chord reverberating from the soul’s den.  While tapping into the Dreamtime and bringing back to Earth what arrives to us from Infinity, we are able to see through the smokescreen world of 10, 000 things and bling bling.  And bear reminds us that life tastes sweet like honey, if only we allow ourselves to directly experience it by moving beyond egotistical intellectual concepts and the robotic doings.  Do you hear what I hear?  Do you see what I see?

Stay True,


Flying with Catbird

I remember being among old friends recently, while having a whale of a good time on Nantucket.  We enjoyed a nautical reunion of sorts, with my first mate and other kindred spirits.  I know the times they are a changin’ here on Mothership Earth and was reminded of this truism when I caught wind of a captain’s tale of a decreased great white shark population as we sailed around the way.  However, what really sunk my teeth into his story and wet my palate was when our captain speculated that the predators might return before too long in greater numbers, given the current migration of seals returning to the island.  Whether spending time on the ocean, the shoreline and/or land, being out in nature reminds us that we humans have much to remember about Her organic leveling impulses and living in harmony with one another and our environment.  I wonder if John Kerry and his homies beached along the coastal McMansions ponder such nuances? 

Back at the homestead, a catbird poignantly revealed itself and feathered my ripple during its power time of spring and early summer.  When paying attention to the signs and synchronicity in the theater of life, we realize our spirited encounters with animal friends are conduits helping us bring in awareness from the Dreamtime into our grounding material realm.  When we walk in a balanced harmony with one foot in spirit and one foot in ground, we increase our co-creative human potential to effectively hold a positive vision for humanity.  As I look back on my novel encounter with old friends, I remember to heed catbird’s lessons in expanding our connections with one another by celebrating Diversity in Unity and deepen our capacity for effective communication when flocking with like-minded birds of a feather.  Moreover, catbird medicine also pours a short but soulful and sweet beverage to drink in that adds spirit to our social environment.  For example, if you are taking a yoga, tai chi, qigong and/or some other meditation class once or twice a week, consider bringing in more of that energy into your personal daily routine and own sacred space.  Perhaps you might consider indulging in nature and organically find like-minded friends that share your taste for divine encounters.

I find my spirited encounter with catbird a call to this birds wisdom to read one another more effectively.  And the meditation 101 mantra really is about focusing on thyself first.  Not in an egotistical way, but in a way that effectively expresses oneself authentically and respectfully.  Given that the most important marriage and relationship for anyone is with our own self, then it makes sense to get to know our True Selves on a deeper level.  When swimming with local sharks, I can hear the Jimmy Buffett energy in me singing fins to the left, fins to the right.  And then it magically arrives in my sea of consciousness how to chum it up and digest my time with the cats in my walkabout.  How about you?

Stay True,