Feeling a bit Loony, while On Golden Pond

Has anyone out there seen the American film classic, “On Golden Pond”?  Every time I see a Loon swimming on a body of water, I can still hear the Ethel in me saying, “look at the Loons, Norman, do you see the Loons?”  And while staying afloat on the waters of life, I sea my consciousness naturally expanding organically.  Loons are like miniature submarines and have the capacity to dive deep and stay under water for five minutes.  I wonder if liberally funded scientists of the military-industrial complex were inspired by Loons when they designed their underwater vessels?  I know it’s a developmentally delayed perspective to design clandestine weapons of mass destruction, but that’s what happens when We “go skating on the thin ice of modern life”, as Roger Waters sang a Loony Toon when he flirted with the blurring line between genius and insanity. 

Ah, Loons–don’t they remind Us of Our human power to dream lucidly and re-awaken old hopes, wishes and dreams?  Can’t You hear the Beatles earworm singing, “living is easy with eyes closed”?  Moreover, I have heard it said that “comfort is joy”, but isn’t it also true that ignorance is bliss?  Meditation on Loon medicine reminds Us to pay attention to Our dreams, even those We may have cleverly hidden, suppressed and/or repressed in Our hearts,  “ghettos of the mind” and the “Darkness on the Edge of Town”.  It is real that Our collective Nervous Woodland Creature energy might like to avoid looking at “what lies beneath”, in much the same way a Rat avoids leaving the comforts of his woodpile.  However, if We allow Our True Selves to look beyond the veil with a cursory glance, We just might notice what otherwise is revealed to Us when We choose to take the plunge into the unchartered depths of the Soul.  In this process, We are afforded the opportunity to explore gateways into other dimensions that stoke the primal embers burning within, that are otherwise missed in the robotic doings of everyday responsibilities. 

As We effectively transition into a New Age and Paradigm, I take notes from Loon as We swim away from a dying Pisces Age into an Aquarian Age.  I’ve heard it said that “Aquarius is about rebellion against how one is supposed to be, and it is anti ego. Aquarius hates tyranny and appreciates equality and freedom. Aquarius walks the thin line between genius and crazy and loves to travel the network of mind and intellect.”  For those of Us that feel particularly loony in normally mundane social situations, I encourage You to marinate on and digest what Loon has to teach You when you incrementally expose Your Self to situations that You may have previously avoided out of anxiety.  If only We allow for it, Loon has the potential to help Us decrease anxiety and increase One’s level of comfort as We crawl out of Plato’s Cave toward the light that illuminates the shadows.  In the spirit of that, please enjoy the energies of the New Moon in Aquarius and the fiery breath of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012.  In keeping my ear to the ground, I hear rumblings that it’s a good time to stay on track and reflect on where We are on Life’s map.

I Hopi You are well,


5 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Loony, while On Golden Pond

  1. I really enjoyed the simple message in this post, Ari. It always helps to have reminders that all too often we live consistently with what is easy and not necessarily with what we want. Every day we need to question whether we are where we want to be and if not, what are we going to do to get there. We need to open our eyes, get out of our comfort zone, and journey into the unknown.

  2. Thanks Ari, I enjoy your take on life. The comment below reminds me of you:

    “It can be exceedingly difficult to entirely shut off the source of toxic influxes into the mind, especially those that flow in from the deepest reaches of the psyche. This is finally accomplished only by an arahant or a buddha. Yet there are plenty of ways in which we can stem the flow, working each moment to calm the waters, siphon out the debris, and catch glimpses of what the world looks like when the mind is able to let it all come and go without attachment, appropriation, or interference. Everything becomes luminous when we clarify the waters and let all things be just what they are.”

    – Andrew Olendzki, “Mind Like a Mirror”

  3. Beautiful, Ari.

    “In this process, We are afforded the opportunity to explore gateways into other dimensions that stoke the primal embers burning within, that are otherwise missed in the robotic doings of everyday responsibilities.”

    It’s amazing to me how much of my consciousness is consumed by the robotic. I needed the reminder.

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