Counting Crows

I remember talking with a fellow pack member recently, whom was howling about a significant Crow encounter. Some moments thereafter, I glanced out our window with my child and our cat as we noticed a Crow gazing at us, while hearing the lyrics, “When I think of Heaven, deliver me in the belly of a black winged bird.” Although Crow might offer Us an empathic glimpse into the realm of ruling in hell rather than serving in Heaven, We are also remedied by its medicine show of seeing through the veils of this “world of 10, 000 things” into the everyday magic and creation of Life.

Crows are intelligent and wary creatures, whom always have a sentinel posted in a high perch atop the treeline. In meditating on Crow medicine, We may acquire and access their traits of sound communication skills, wariness, intelligence and magical knowledge. Moreover, Native American myths speak of Crow being seen as a teacher. In the spirit of that, Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother saga includes two Ravens that play a significant role in guiding the two adolescent shaman apprentices in their quest to help return balance to Nature so that the clans may live harmoniously once again in alignment with Divine Will. We humans have strayed from the Original Blueprint in Our consciousness, given the devilish programing by the powers that were, in their desire to manipulate and control Us. However, a massive awakening is happening and the ‘Flowering of Consciousness’ is cross pollinating across the fruited plains and beyond.

In traditions of the ancients, Crows were seen as guardians of magical secrets that signaled Us to stay alert, begin a new study and/or welcome an arrival of an important message. In the darkness of the passing Winter Solstice, the Black Crow symbolizes the Womb of Life and Creation, raw and full of unmanifested potential. In becoming the Watcher of Our Selves, We become the change we want to see in the world. Further, Crows have been known to predict Climate Change and also effectively adapt to the changes in weather patterns, both internal and external. “Crow . . . are you cawing, so I may know, the secrets of balance, within my Soul? Or are you sending your sacred “caw” just to remind me, of Universal Laws?”

I Hopi You are well,


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