Staying on the Hop with Frog

Frog’s ribet is a harmonic convergence with Father Sky.

Spirit lightens our way with a thunderous applause . . .
Springing forth rains answered by Frog’s prayerful singing.

A rapturous chorus appears as a purifying parade of rain –
leaving our souls feeling cleanly washed.

Got dirty? Are your dogs barking from a long, strange trip
down the road less traveled?
Are you feeling . . .
Tired, overloaded, harried, frustrated, nervous,
at a loss, empty or weakened?

Visualize a psychical, surround-sound stereo sauna –
watery-womb like setting bathing your soul . . .
With a relaxing energetic cleansing cocoon of love and light.

Remember when Bob Newhart played the role of a psychiatrist
that yelled at his clients paralyzed by anxiety to
“stop doing that!”?
Showering us with comic relief –
Featuring alignment with Frog medicine.

Giving ourselves a good, energetic spring cleaning clears out
the filth and muck that accumulates in our souls.

Clear away any negative energy by
Spraying water out of your mouth while picturing a frog.
Indulge in a long bath . . .

Taking deep, relaxing breaths is good medicine.

We all need to wash away our distractions and unplug for a spell . . .

See you further on down the trails,


Spring Equinox Blessing: A Masculine and Feminine Sacred Union

seasons run
shifting tides come undone
moon descends
illuminating water blankets
changing seasons
fleeting feelings transcend

nature’s embodiment of
balanced masculine and feminine
relational equanimity
in transient spring equinox harmony

smiling gold glistening sun-god
permeating our radiant souls
healing our wounds
and expanding our flowing sea of consciousness
whistling though wind chime seashells
beyond the abyss of fear

illuminating our shadowy soul’s
natural rose petal love-light

in our eternal moment of now
drilling into our unrefined well of clean energetic truth
smiling with you
we leap with faith
plunging through and through
together we do

singing a passionate wedding chorus of rekindled seasonal vows
in spite of death, divorce and dirge of waning yin

letting go of winter . . .
waking up to spring . . .

Buds rise up and return to outward yang expansive life again

Inspirational Prayer-Meditation

We ask Great Spirit (replace with semantic of choice) directly . . .

To reveal any useful information to light our way during our journey today . . .

To celebrate the good times of our diversity within Unity . . .

As we co-create Heaven on Earth collectively . . .

And for all Your blessings along the way . . .

We thank You, we thank You, we thank You . . .


A Fantastic Meditative Empathic Conversation With Great Spirit

Imagining in the beginning

Nirvana, alienation and nothing in between

And so it was back zen as it is right Tao –
an opportunity to create . . .

(Big Bang)

To know Myself – experientially

Boundless Energy . . .

Now with a point of reference
Of discovery, forgetting and remembering
(sometimes simultaneously)

Who am I?
Who are you?
Who are we?

And where are we going?

Together as One . . .

Never separate . . .

Merely an illusion of disconnection

My creation reveals
My image in you
In the moment of Now . . .

My sleepy children
Awaken from your hibernation
Venture from Plato’s Cave
You must confront your darkest shadows
Before you may bask in the light of your soul

Mindfully Embracing your thoughts and feelings
Connecting the dots of your behavior
Piecing together the mysterious puzzle of

Infinite Intelligence

Sometimes, my apparent grandest creations
Appear timid and weak

Conversely, seemingly insignificant creations
Manifesting as a critical catalyst
For evolutionary growth

Defenses are eradicated
By expanded consciousness and transcendence

Finally understanding my Universal Language . . .

Love is as Love does

Into The Deep

We are Building a foundation of intimacy
by speaking frankly in the language of love unconditionally

Pisces is water under the bridge between
Winter and Spring transition
Permission to grieve yin’s dirge
While awakening to new beginnings
Darkness fades as light rises in intensity . . .

Sister chaos flows into brother order
Leveling the playing field
Holding peaceful prayers and meditations
for graceful transitional equanimity

A sense of freedom arises in
the sweet surrender to the illusion of control

Let your soul power shine on
by coming out of the closet of psychologically defended modesty

When feeling uncomfortably bugged . . .
Try heeding the ear-worm – Love is all you need
Might that unearth a private and victorious conversational metamorphosis within?

Noticing judgments without judging them
and then letting them go without clinging on to fixed ideas

Sitting with what is empowers us to focus on self

Is it the other person that should change
or could you adjust your own internal dialogue?

When abuses arrive – empower yourself by taking refuge

Imagine if we all dive into a killing with kindness mantra?
With recognition and appreciation of divergent perspectives
Energetically clearing space for welcoming like-minded birds of a feather

Whistleblowers are akin to canaries in coal mines . . .
Please heed their call!
Their messages manifest sustainable Life!
Born out of the Dreamtime . . .

A balanced Life diet of resting, eating well and physically exercising
moves emotions around –
Nourishing harmony in our daily walking meditative footsteps
With a minimally processed Carbon Footprint

Got boredom?
Remember to hold an eagle-eye vision of the valley ahead
Setting goals, while paradoxically letting go of outcome
Cleansing inner pollution by holding a clean vision for Mother Earth
The Golden Age is an unfolding process of possibilities . . .

Venturing out in Nature affords a doorstep into a portal of
open-hearted receptive listening . . .
Stoking the embers of sensuous and magical feelings by honoring our
mysterious and primal orientation

See you further down the trails,


Cardinal Virtues

I remember visiting the river recently, watching cardinals flocking together and featuring quite an aerial show.  Cardinals are beautiful birds and their cycle of power is year-round.  When flying with the energy of cardinal, we see that everything we do in our lives is important and we renew our life force or chi, if you will.  I like to think of cardinal as program development for the self.  Given their rhythm of 12, cardinal foreshadows our consciousness to gaze onward, as the end of the Mayan calendar approaches us on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.  A myriad of theories postulate why this date is significant to humanity and our home, Classroom Mothership Earth.  One thing is for certain–getting stuck in the mud with fear will not be helpful.  In fact, what we resist will persist.  So, what can we do about it to stay in the flow?  We humans must be prepared for ceremony, prayer, meditation and working proactively with the spirited energies that are visiting us now and will continue to intensify as this date approaches.  None of us know where we are going, not really.  However, staying open to the flow is good medicine and even modern science confirms the power of human beings gathering in ceremony, prayer, meditation and focusing on making positive interpretations about what we see in real-time.  Personally, I am looking forward to hosting another annual fire ritual with my mates from the Clubhouse around the Winter Solstice.

True, so much tyranny exists in our dying old world and that is not fair and balanced.  I once heard a wise psychologist define that fair is that everyone does not get what they want, but they get what they need.  Also, I remember an astute psychiatrist once define pathology as merely deeply ingrained behavioral patterns.  In the spirit of that, systemic change is needed on our planet today and our consciousness must evolve if we are to survive.  There is too much hate that divides us.  Yes, we are diverse expressions of Creator, but we also share in Unity as One.  When Chick-fil-A finances anti-gay groups that try to convert folks in therapy groups from gay to straight and advocate for the criminalization of homosexual behavior, this does not celebrate one human family.  But when the creators of the Muppets flew the coup of their financial backing of Chick-fil-A, that is a step toward Unity Consciousness.  However, when the NRA and our friends in Congress repealed laws that took Federal Assault Weapons off the streets back in 2004, their decision to do that played a role in helping make it more convenient for the terror that took place recently in an Aurora movie theater massacre.  As a citizen in the USA, what a complicated mixed-message it is to send that we could be punished for how we might be  naturally oriented, but we are normally allowed to buy military style weapons to use out on the street.  Alas, my heart-mind particularly remembers learning in my CPR training that 95% of accidents can be prevented.

While the political will would certainly help tip the Critical Mass to come about, every individual has the freedom to choose how he responds to what comes his way.  That being said, it would be a much more gentle world if the choice was to play in a clean park without having to worry about bullying gang activity, stray bullets and/or residual land mines.  What will happen in this year’s presidential selection?  Lyndon LaRouche has called president Obama a modern-day Nero and a fascist.  Putting Obama aside for a moment, the alternative candidate is a businessman who hides his tax returns and hoards money in offshore investments like the Cayman Islands, a Swiss bank and huge deductions for his ballet horse.  When enough of us calm the voice of the ego and instead heed the inner voice, we will hear the answer blowing in the wind.  Meditating on cardinal can help us become whistleblowers in life by adding color to it.  When we allow spirit to flow through our hearts and minds, we organically facilitate taking flight into a positive, peaceful transition into a New Earth.  

Stay True,