With Rat, We Find Success and Press Onward, While Leaving Behind Familiar Woodpiles

I remember the energy of rat entering my consciousness this week and thought it poignant to reflect on our Nervous Woodland Creature friend for this week’s journal entry.  At school, we are reading the book The Rats of Nihm to our students, while they sit captivated by how shrewd the countryside rats are, with relation to their lab rat counterparts. However, it isn’t that country rats are superior to city rats or white lab rats, as elitist intellectuals might secretly suspect from positions of judgment.  Rats have been popular among social scientists, as they have shown an ability to form cognitive maps and reason.  In fact, if a rat learns where to go to get a tasty morsel of cheese as a reward and when the cheese is removed, the rat will learn a new pathway to the Promised Land.  We humans, on the other hand, tend to keep going back to the once Fertile Crescent, even when it is no longer serving us.  Rats are adaptable, restless, shrewd and are oriented toward success.  But getting attached to any energy, in the spirit of human ego, is somewhat akin to a rat developing an attachment to the comforts of familiar woodpiles.  Further, egotism seeks to strengthen its identity through the relentless pursuit of happiness, rather than knowing inner joy as a way of life.  Sometimes living authentically takes staring fear square in the face, stepping outside of familiar woodpiles and taking it to the edge for growth to occur.  And then blue jay flies in and reminds us that we have the right to become master illusionists, skilled politicians or pretenders to the throne.  But we also know that blue jay will show us how to become true wizards, real magicians, if only we allow for it.  Perhaps meditation on rat will help us succeed in becoming that.

Here in Maine and the nation throughout, we are restless as rats in our drive to level the playing field with gay marriage and voter registration being hot ballot-box items.  Some folks, particularly the dimensionally challenged dinosaurs of the old world want to hold folks back by scaling down human rights by blocking the expansion of certain rights to our human family.  I get a chuckle, in the black comedy sense, when so-called Christians pontificate about protecting the sanctity of marriage and right wingers cite protecting the sanctity of the voting process by finding clever ways to keep the riff raft out, so to speak.  And I get that some heterosexuals that sit on top of the majority have a sense of entitlement about their privileged status.  But what about when you are on the receiving end of deliverance?  What are these folks afraid of?  Was Jesus a bigot?  My understanding of Christ’s fundamental teaching was modeling Love as a way of life and His inspiring us to spread it liberally and unconditionally.  Moreover, the devilish fixed idea of hating the sin and loving the sinner is inconsistent with His message, though I can empathize with the compartmentalized indoctrination of the masses, particularly here in America.  Remember that Hitler sang Christmas carols to children as jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other fringe groups were incinerated.  Remember that Hitler commented that he wanted to come back to America, given our far greater harness on propaganda than Nazi Germany.  Forget not that America’s very own IBM literally made a killing through an exclusive business arrangement with the Nazis, by selling them the technological profiling precision that allowed for strategic genocide.  Prior to that, it was the sound economics of slavery, stealing land that was not for sale and cannot be owned.  How do we own what gives us life?  Do you realize that biological and germ warfare  nearly wiped out First Nation folks?  If “We The People” are going to heal our Nation, Planet and Universe throughout, then we need to clear our Karma.  All Karma means is the Higher Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect, which can be transcended.  When we step into the realm of Infinity, we know the realm of Intention and infinite possibilities.  Perhaps Dick Cheney has had a change of heart since he has had a change of heart and will see that elements of the 2005 Energy Bill that allows for underground pollution hurts all of us.  Where did you get those high cheek bones, Dick?  Maybe Mitt Romney will authentically see himself as one of the biggest welfare recipients around and realize his dependency on the liberal welfare state by his active participation in the Morman-LDS church, which takes in more government welfare dollars than non-Mormons in Utah.  Remember the Preamble to the US Constitutions speaks of promoting the “general welfare”, or a safety net that everyone should benefit from.  The only difference is that Mitt and his followers want the net to catch the welfare for his family, religion and the opulent minority, but not for the rascal multitude.  In his view, the overwhelming majority needs to be contained or else our natural leveling impulses are a threat to Country Club living.

Rats, now the cat is out of the bag and the rat is tempted to scurry back to familiar woodpiles.  But with rat consciousness, we are equipped to use our collective intellect and transcend the comforts of old securities in consciousness by releasing old, dysfunctional energies and patterns of behavior.  With the arrival of Autumn, an election coming up and the end of the Mayan calendar coming down the pike on the Winter Solstice in December 21, 2012, we are officially in transition.  Yes, there is forceful opposition to co-creating a more egalitarian New Earth, we have the spirited Universal winds at our backs that cannot be stopped.  Nature reminds us that change is inevitable.  True, we have two republicans running for President.  Barak Obama, being the moderate and Mitt Romney being the right-winger.  Both are candidates of Wall Street and carry allegiance to a dying world, but one offers a slightly more paved causeway to a New Age and Paradigm.  Regardless of who wins, please remember to focus on your own inner spiritual growth and evolve in that light.  Just be, let go and enjoy the ride!  And remember to step up to peace by standing your ground when bullies try to prevent you from getting out to vote!

Stay True,


Union of the Snake

I remember puttering around the garage recently, stepping into the backyard for a spell and sharing an unexpected intimate moment with a snake gazing my way from his vantage point in the grass.  Given that I was about to embark on an adventure to my 20 year High School reunion, I took my encounter with snake as an omen to shed our old skin, while allowing for a smooth transmutation process into becoming something new.  Given the changing tides, this summer is an especially hot time for reunions and gatherings.  When we face the music and participate in the theater of life, it is not always an easy buffet of feelings to consume and digest.  We are all mirrors for one another, albeit diverse expressions of Great Spirit (God, Universe, etc.).  As mirrors, we do not always like seeing the snakes reflected back our way.  However, when we tap into the fire of snake medicine, it invokes within us the process of alchemy that facilitates healing.  By embracing our own power, we wake up to our authentic selves.  In releasing our own suffering, we open up to compassion and love.  Remember that the Buddha arrived at this Earth plane to show us compassion, while the Christ arrived to show us Love.  When we heed their wisdom and walk in this Light, we facilitate the healing of ourselves, the planet and Universal Consciousness throughout by co-creating Heaven on Earth one moment, one slither and one breath at a time.

Has anyone else out there had a tendency to play with fire and get burned in the process?  In the theater of life, facing the music and taking it to the edge sometimes is an experiential learning opportunity for growth, here in Classroom Mothership Earth.  Sometimes, ingesting the poison of the bite stokes the inner flame of alchemy to wake up to our own immortality.  Perhaps our dying selves and dying world will be the death of us, but with every funeral comes a new birth.  Regardless of one’s belief systems, those of us that know the power of prayer and meditation know a direct experience with Divine Energies that are available as powerful resources to us, if only we ask.  At this junction of Nature’s cycle, it was so nice to celebrate good times with old friends and breathe in new life, while exhaling dead air.  While many folks avoided directly participating in our celebratory ritual, I know the good vibrations will be felt by even those that did not show up.  When we effectively integrate our masculine and feminine energy and heal polarity in our consciousness, we light the torch of fire medicine.  In the spirit of that, we create passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality on the material plane; ambition, creation, resolution and dreams on the emotional plane; intellect, power, charisma and leadership on the mental plane; and wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to Great Spirit on the spiritual plane.  Does anyone remember the scene from The Matrix when Neo visits the Oracle and the little boy in the waiting room says to him something like, try not to bend the spoon . . . that’s impossible . . . instead, imagine that the spoon isn’t there.  Readers, do you see that magic is no more than a perceptual shift in consciousness?

Snake’s energy has potential to awaken our Divine Life Force within (Chi).  If you would like to tap into this power, please consider keeping yourself energetically clean by psychically bathing yourself in white light and flushing whatever toxic debris remains down your spine, through the soles of your feet and into Mother Earth for her to receive and compost.  By embracing our power with respect to our relationships, we wake up authentically to our True Selves.  Shamans of the Americas have shared stories of a dying, snake-like god named Quetzalcoatl that would someday return.  In this Light, we will explore fantastic mythical stories like this in future blog conversations.  If anyone out there has a poignant story to share, I would excitedly welcome that.

Stay True,


Bee Real (even if you are not sitting on a Hill in Cyprus)

Here on Mothership Earth, we are welcoming Buddha’s Light on the forthcoming powerful Wesak Full Moon.  In our neck of the woods in Northern New England, the peak of His Light arrives around midnight on May 5.  However, for many of you tuning in from many other parts of the world, the energies of the Wesak will radiantly illuminate on May 6th.  In some circles, folks prayerfully wish us well by coming from the intention of  “Love and Light”.  When I hear these words, I immediately picture Buddha and Christ co-creating Light and Love in our world and showing us our Divine nature in our human form.  Today, in this “world of 10, 000 things”, I can feel their energy with us right Tao as we awaken our consciousness on our planet one step, one breath, one moment at a time.   Yes, there is global tyranny on the surface of our classroom.  While some are fighting for basic survival, others sit in pomp like the “boasting of thieves after a looting” and some are getting lost in the robotic doings of life, by just trying to provide a better life for their children.  Regardless of what your situation looks like on the surface, nature offers us glimpses into her spirited realm that we may invoke within our individual consciousness and awaken to the Light Buddha revealed to us through his human incarnation and Infinite Spirit. 

Has anyone out there ever drank in and felt buzzed by watching bees flitting about in their industry and flight, while cross-pollinating the flowering of our Garden?  Are you producing enough, enjoying the fruits of your labor and/or so busy you never have time to do what you want?  Are you pregnant with an idea, fertile with your creativity and/or need to examine your own sexuality or attitudes toward sex in general?  When folks meditate on bee consciousness, does anyone else out there feel inspired to transcend life’s roadblocks and transform into something greater to accomplish the seemingly impossible Quest?  Perhaps this looks like merely getting out of bed in the morning, staying away from certain substances and/or staying alive.  For others, it might be remembering to breathe deeply and slowly when feeling anxious, overwhelmed and/or stressed.  Yet for some, it might mean opening up to birthing the idea of a more equitable global economy, where resources are shared and we all win, rather than protecting “the minority of the opulent against the overwhelming majority.”   I wonder if others out there have relevant experiences in this area and I would welcome hearing your stories of how bees have inspired you. 

Given that bees taste with their legs, they provide us with a friendly reminder to stay rooted while traveling on the ground in our human vessel, hopefully without getting stung.  Readers, have you ever pictured a tree that serves both as an antennae to the Heavens, but also grown strong roots channeled deep into the Earth?  This is one way to step into the realm of Infinity, rather than getting stuck in the quicksand of insanity.  Moreover, as we buzz along here on Mothership Earth, perhaps we might heed the wisdom of Ted Andrews that arrives via the lyrics, “the elixir of life is as sweet as honey, and the bee is a symbol that promises us that the opportunity to drink it is ours if but we pursue our dreams.” 

Stay True,


A Soaring Eagle in flight, Passing O’er a Full Moon’s Twilight

Has anyone out there seen the Twilight film saga?  Beneath the surface of the film’s scintillating radiance or dismissing it as merely a pop-culture hit, I prefer taking an Eagle eye view, rather than a cursory glance.  I remember a brotherly friend commenting last week that “flying high gives us a perspective we cannot have when holding our stuff so close.  And as tempting as it is to leave it all behind, it may be easier to chop off an arm or a leg.”  I couldn’t agree with him more.  When We shapeshift Our Selves from how We appear externally to others, We transform into something greater than Our little ego, into the Light of Consciousness within.  And as that happens, We begin to see the world around Us change before Our eyes.  Easter Sunday is a good reminder to know the “I Am” Christ Consciousness within You.  It doesn’t matter what religion, if any, that You belong to or don’t belong to.  We need to move beyond beliefs, mental concepts and worshiping the bigoted God of Opinion that puts the voice of the ego in charge, rather than the deeper, soulful Presence of Who We Really Are.

While missing out at our last communal gathering was the death of me, one of my brothers at The Clubhouse reminded me that part of Buddhist philosophy is to walk the razor’s edge of life–without getting too swayed in any direction, while releasing Our attachments along the Way.  Moreover, whether feeling madly in love with a partner, enraged that Facebook plans to exclude women on its board when it goes public, the recent Trayvon Martin slaying or the greedy 1% top dawgs sitting like phat cats atop the pyramid hoarding the resources from the 99 % of Us–We need to learn to walk in the center of the circle in a balanced way a la “one foot in spirit, one foot in ground.”  Easier said than done when Goliath bullies David to the point where David has had enough and fights back, in much the same way as when “Jeremy spoke in class today.”  No, I don’t know the experience of being pulled over for DWB (driving while black), but I do understand what it’s like to be profiled and looked upon as an outcast.  I don’t have to tunnel very far down into the roots of my own family tree to remember Great Grandfather being attacked in his own home, taken away and beaten by the Ku Klux Clan for being a Catholic Italian-American immigrant, whom slaved in the coal mines, before Unions and the New Deal helped level corporate greed and exploitation. 

How many of You out there have been revisited recently by folks from your past in Your consciousness?  What do those relationships from Our past have to teach Us about Our Selves and Our developmental process here on Classroom Mothership Earth?  Isn’t it interesting that Hitler said that if he had it his way, he’d prefer to come back to the USA because we had a much greater harness on propaganda than Nazi Germany?  And that was Zen my friend and this is right Tao.  Now We have a Corporate Media led conservative business like Fox News that reveal the tension of opposites by calling their news “fair and balanced”, but like in George Orwell’s 1984, behind the “telescreen”, We see the opposite is true.  In my dreaming of a free for service economy, We co-create novel ways to pool together Our resources in win-win scenarios by thinking systemically.  We celebrate Diversity in Unity and stay afloat on an equilateral triangle.  In my spirited dance, my plea to the top dawgs asserts that We can all win and You really won’t know the difference because You will still be on top and will feel better about sharing because it won’t feel like a charitable duty and sacrifice.  Really, it will feel as natural as crystal clear water!

Stay True,


Quiet Coyote

I remember feeling proud of my daughter teaching me the prosocial skill of ‘quiet coyote’ that she learned from her school teachers recently. However, after the fleeting emotion passed, I found myself flirting with frustration as she flipped the script by making the ‘quiet coyote’ sign on her dad somewhat akin to a classic Beavis and Butthead move in balking at an adult authority figure. Thankfully, I remembered to breathe and cut back to Inner Peace, kind of like Barry Sanders used to do on the football field, before he walked out on top. And while I’m not getting paid for faking the socks of guys bigger and stronger than me, like Barry I remember to politely hand the ball off to my wife when I need help from my teammate. It’s not always easy to give peace a chance instead of reacting without reserve.

Ah, Coyote . . . “you devil! You tricked me once more! Must I sit and ponder, what you did it for?” I can hear an old teacher saying, “Ari why is it that sometimes you’re a perfect little Angel (pause-look) . . . and other times I just want to strangle you?” Alas, the Universe might not always give Us what We want, but It does always give Us what We need. And while I might not like the bitter taste of our child’s unwelcome rejections at times (and other rejections as well), I am learning to adjust my palate to the taste of digesting bitter. Perhaps it’s in the cards that I return to the innocence and wonder of a child as I meditate on The Fool in the Tarot. Coyote reminds Us to lighten up and remember to laugh at the big Cosmic Joke, in much the same way that Jimmy Buffett reminds Us that “if we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane.” I picture myself embracing the Batman and Joker in me giving each other a big hug and moving onward to New Frontiers. If it wasn’t the for that roaring laughter, there would be no Tao. Further, in Our Judeo-Christian culture in the good ole US of A, We like to think of Ourselves as One Nation under God. But I know many market driven zealots that worship a bigoted god of a dying old world, with a fear-based belief that hell is a physical place where you’re damned and Heaven is an exclusive country club in the sky that discriminates against those deemed not to deserve to stick around.

Finally, I’ve heard stories that Our Christ, while having a Divine intellect and Being a serious thinker, was also playful like a child with a sense of humor that lit up a room.  I Bee Leave that He came here to teach Us to honor Our own power and see the God “as within, so without.” He wasn’t trying to be cryptic when speaking in metaphor and parable. Rather, He was trying to water a seed that was already planted in Our subconscious that would grow so that We could see the Kingdom of Heaven all around Us and understand our co-creative powers to amplify Our world together. For example, when reading spiritual texts with both an open heart and mind, we open up our inner state of Consciousness in a way that sets Us free. When We see in this Light, We become the change We want to see in the world and build the New Earth and co-create Heaven on Earth as One. In the eyes of the Universe, We are moving into an egalitarian age of unity in diversity, where humans, nervous woodland creatures, all other sentient beings and machines share space in the spirit of mutual aid . . . I can hear R2D2 becoming a Public Enemy #1 by sampling Chuck D spittin’, “just like dat.”

I Hopi You are well,