Cardinal Virtues

I remember visiting the river recently, watching cardinals flocking together and featuring quite an aerial show.  Cardinals are beautiful birds and their cycle of power is year-round.  When flying with the energy of cardinal, we see that everything we do in our lives is important and we renew our life force or chi, if you will.  I like to think of cardinal as program development for the self.  Given their rhythm of 12, cardinal foreshadows our consciousness to gaze onward, as the end of the Mayan calendar approaches us on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.  A myriad of theories postulate why this date is significant to humanity and our home, Classroom Mothership Earth.  One thing is for certain–getting stuck in the mud with fear will not be helpful.  In fact, what we resist will persist.  So, what can we do about it to stay in the flow?  We humans must be prepared for ceremony, prayer, meditation and working proactively with the spirited energies that are visiting us now and will continue to intensify as this date approaches.  None of us know where we are going, not really.  However, staying open to the flow is good medicine and even modern science confirms the power of human beings gathering in ceremony, prayer, meditation and focusing on making positive interpretations about what we see in real-time.  Personally, I am looking forward to hosting another annual fire ritual with my mates from the Clubhouse around the Winter Solstice.

True, so much tyranny exists in our dying old world and that is not fair and balanced.  I once heard a wise psychologist define that fair is that everyone does not get what they want, but they get what they need.  Also, I remember an astute psychiatrist once define pathology as merely deeply ingrained behavioral patterns.  In the spirit of that, systemic change is needed on our planet today and our consciousness must evolve if we are to survive.  There is too much hate that divides us.  Yes, we are diverse expressions of Creator, but we also share in Unity as One.  When Chick-fil-A finances anti-gay groups that try to convert folks in therapy groups from gay to straight and advocate for the criminalization of homosexual behavior, this does not celebrate one human family.  But when the creators of the Muppets flew the coup of their financial backing of Chick-fil-A, that is a step toward Unity Consciousness.  However, when the NRA and our friends in Congress repealed laws that took Federal Assault Weapons off the streets back in 2004, their decision to do that played a role in helping make it more convenient for the terror that took place recently in an Aurora movie theater massacre.  As a citizen in the USA, what a complicated mixed-message it is to send that we could be punished for how we might be  naturally oriented, but we are normally allowed to buy military style weapons to use out on the street.  Alas, my heart-mind particularly remembers learning in my CPR training that 95% of accidents can be prevented.

While the political will would certainly help tip the Critical Mass to come about, every individual has the freedom to choose how he responds to what comes his way.  That being said, it would be a much more gentle world if the choice was to play in a clean park without having to worry about bullying gang activity, stray bullets and/or residual land mines.  What will happen in this year’s presidential selection?  Lyndon LaRouche has called president Obama a modern-day Nero and a fascist.  Putting Obama aside for a moment, the alternative candidate is a businessman who hides his tax returns and hoards money in offshore investments like the Cayman Islands, a Swiss bank and huge deductions for his ballet horse.  When enough of us calm the voice of the ego and instead heed the inner voice, we will hear the answer blowing in the wind.  Meditating on cardinal can help us become whistleblowers in life by adding color to it.  When we allow spirit to flow through our hearts and minds, we organically facilitate taking flight into a positive, peaceful transition into a New Earth.  

Stay True,


Skunk Sprays playful aromatic reminders as we Spring Ahead

I remember my wife and I engaging in a meaningful conversation recently regarding the balancing act of maintaining authenticity and being respectful and aware of others in social environments.  Perhaps not coincidentally, we traded stories about one another’s encounters with a skunk that lives around the way in our ‘hood.  Poignantly, I woke up with a heartfelt chuckle somewhere in time during the wee hours of the Full Moon cycle last week to the literal smell of a skunk residing in our neck of the woods.  Ah, “Skunk . . . tell me the story, so I will know it well, of how to attract, and how to repel.”

In a natural sense, Skunks are a good reminder for Us to carry a playful and nonchalant air about Our Selves.  Moreover, their medicine helps Us balance being True to Our Selves with behaving respectfully within the diversity of Our social environment.  My encounter with Skunk is a pungent reminder that We are rapidly approaching the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2012, here on Mothership Earth.  During this budding time of year, We Spring forward, “just around the corner to the Light of Day”, as Light and Dark (Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine) energies dance equally, if only momentarily.  Although the Spring Equinox is somewhat akin to the Fall Equinox’s energetic alignment–a subtle and yet fragrant scent in the air reminds Us that We are leaving behind Our yinward focus and becoming more outward in Our growth.  In this process, awareness May Spring up from the Underground that stinks to the degree that it May smell like You have been sprayed by a Skunk.  For example, in Our dying Puritanical cultural story in the USA, We have been well-trained to repress and suppress Our True Selves.  Isn’t it obvious to Us that master illusionist behind the Corporate Media’s curtain make a killing by constantly bombarding Us with propaganda?  Do You agree with the voice that says We should augment Our Selves by buying into the cosmetic belief that says We should buy capital that will somehow make Us more complete than We already are naturally?  Skunk is here to remind Us that We need to remember the deep place of self-esteem that says to the Self, “I’m OK and I May stand firmly rooted like a Wise Old Tree in my own personal authority.”  Do You need to fortify your defenses and protect Yourself, so that You can’t be easily intimidated, seduced and/or controlled by others by auctioning off Your power?

Additionally, Skunk medicine’s year-round power cycle potentially helps Us become more aware of Our body language and the signals We give off toward One another.  Specifically, Skunk asks Us to pay attention to respecting Our boundaries of Self and One another.  For example, Native American wisdom reminds Us that, “it can be dangerous to leak sexual energy if you are not looking for a mate.  It puts you in a games condition that may feed your ego, but is not truly how others may feel about you.  Are you in a sense saying, ‘I’m available?’  This can cause hard feelings and issues when it all comes out.  It also leaks out energy that you could have used in a more constructive way for yourself.”  Moreover, We May learn from Skunk’s mystical and magical associations to gain attention without being arrogant and/or irritating–an especially challenging and hard lesson for Yours truly!  Skunk gently encourages Us to get to know Ourselves truly on a deeper soul level.  One way We evoke the process of getting to, “know Thyself”, is through experimenting with Aromatherapy.  The scent of Aromatherapy May assist Us in increasing Our sensuality, vis-a-vis physically, sexually, psychically and spiritually–if only We allow Ourselves to take the time to breathe it in as we Spring forward!

I Hopi You are well,


Feeling a bit Loony, while On Golden Pond

Has anyone out there seen the American film classic, “On Golden Pond”?  Every time I see a Loon swimming on a body of water, I can still hear the Ethel in me saying, “look at the Loons, Norman, do you see the Loons?”  And while staying afloat on the waters of life, I sea my consciousness naturally expanding organically.  Loons are like miniature submarines and have the capacity to dive deep and stay under water for five minutes.  I wonder if liberally funded scientists of the military-industrial complex were inspired by Loons when they designed their underwater vessels?  I know it’s a developmentally delayed perspective to design clandestine weapons of mass destruction, but that’s what happens when We “go skating on the thin ice of modern life”, as Roger Waters sang a Loony Toon when he flirted with the blurring line between genius and insanity. 

Ah, Loons–don’t they remind Us of Our human power to dream lucidly and re-awaken old hopes, wishes and dreams?  Can’t You hear the Beatles earworm singing, “living is easy with eyes closed”?  Moreover, I have heard it said that “comfort is joy”, but isn’t it also true that ignorance is bliss?  Meditation on Loon medicine reminds Us to pay attention to Our dreams, even those We may have cleverly hidden, suppressed and/or repressed in Our hearts,  “ghettos of the mind” and the “Darkness on the Edge of Town”.  It is real that Our collective Nervous Woodland Creature energy might like to avoid looking at “what lies beneath”, in much the same way a Rat avoids leaving the comforts of his woodpile.  However, if We allow Our True Selves to look beyond the veil with a cursory glance, We just might notice what otherwise is revealed to Us when We choose to take the plunge into the unchartered depths of the Soul.  In this process, We are afforded the opportunity to explore gateways into other dimensions that stoke the primal embers burning within, that are otherwise missed in the robotic doings of everyday responsibilities. 

As We effectively transition into a New Age and Paradigm, I take notes from Loon as We swim away from a dying Pisces Age into an Aquarian Age.  I’ve heard it said that “Aquarius is about rebellion against how one is supposed to be, and it is anti ego. Aquarius hates tyranny and appreciates equality and freedom. Aquarius walks the thin line between genius and crazy and loves to travel the network of mind and intellect.”  For those of Us that feel particularly loony in normally mundane social situations, I encourage You to marinate on and digest what Loon has to teach You when you incrementally expose Your Self to situations that You may have previously avoided out of anxiety.  If only We allow for it, Loon has the potential to help Us decrease anxiety and increase One’s level of comfort as We crawl out of Plato’s Cave toward the light that illuminates the shadows.  In the spirit of that, please enjoy the energies of the New Moon in Aquarius and the fiery breath of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012.  In keeping my ear to the ground, I hear rumblings that it’s a good time to stay on track and reflect on where We are on Life’s map.

I Hopi You are well,


Hungry Like the Wolf

I remember when I was “24 and there’s so much more”, while visiting my uncle and family out in San Francisco, being really into Beat poetry at the time and contemplating moving out to the Bay Area.  One evening, we ventured out to North Beach, ate at a place where Francis Ford Coppola reportedly liked to eat that featured a garlic & basil pizza to die for, then went across the street for a brew at Vesuvius, followed by getting lost for a while in City Lights, the worlds largest independent bookstore.  While On The Road, I felt the spirits of Jack Kerouac, Neale Cassidy and Allen Ginsberg with me howling at night, feeling like one of the ’10, 000 Maniacs’ in this “world of 10, 000 things.”

“Wolf . . . teacher, pathfinder, moon-dog of my Soul.  Howling, singing teaching how to know new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.”  I can relate to the Wolf in me as I venture out into the woods, away from the pack and my den to commune with Nature and be with my solitude.  Although I am loyal like a dog and a faithful family guy, I really need to just be with myself sometimes (don’t we all?).  As such, I set the intention and choose to follow through with creating that space for myself down wit my Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) peeps, Straight Outta Woodland, Ma Chucka.  Moreover, the cumulative effect of staying in alignment with this energetic action plan, is that I am noticing that I am becoming the change I want to see in the world.  And though I firmly Bee Leave in the ancient wisdom that asserts, ‘heal Thyself’, I also understand the awareness that there is no substitute for good therapy.  In the spirit of healing Our Selves, sometimes it takes letting go and trusting a gifted professional to allow Our Selves to tap into Our power in a way that has been cloaked in the Darkness of the subconscious Underground, due to Unseen fears within the individual and Collective Consciousness.  Although this is important for all of Us, it is especially paramount for those of Us that are healers and helpers, as We have a responsibility to elevate Our vibrations to Our Higher Selves.  I strongly encourage all of You to spend some time alone out in Nature and/or a quiet Sacred Space that allows the teacher in You to come about.  In doing so, You will evoke and share great truths that will help lead Us to a perceptual shift in the consciousness of Humankind and beyond.  “Mister I ain’t no boy, no I’m a man and I believe in the Promised Land!”

In conclusion, I remember hearing an old Native American story of Grandfather that is teaching his grandson about controlling his emotions and keeping his power without auctioning it off by reacting without reserve.  Grandfather relates to his grandson that there are two Wolves always fighting with each other inside his head.  One wolf is quick to anger and will rage in its desire to tear everything he sees into tiny little pieces.  The other Wolf understands Temperance and is very wise, stays in control of himself, knows when to assert his power and when to yield.  After hearing Grandfather tell this story, grandson asks, “which one wins?”  Grandfather responds, “whichever one I feed.”  Remember balance between authentic Self and respectful family/community is key.  Please enjoy becoming the Full Moon during the wee hours of January 9th, shapeshifting into its energies and the hearty digestion process thereafter–as We breathe fire into the Chinese Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012. 

I Hopi You are Well,


2012: Birthing into a New Age and Paradigm

I remember when Our ancient ancestral wisdom spoke of 2012, give or take–albeit in the grand Cosmic scheme of things in this “world of 10, 000 things” right Tao is but a speck and yet paradoxically eternal.  However, here on Mothership Earth, We are in an exciting time of transition in Our classroom.  Yes, We are coming out of the birth canal and experiencing the labor pains that accompany this transition.  I’ve heard it said that a mass exodus of souls and energies are flooding our planet right now to facilitate and co-create Our transition into a New Age and Paradigm.  We are leaving behind an era of gurus and Messiah’s and moving into a time of individual authenticity and global community, a la Unity within diversity.  We are saying, “peace out” to our addiction to raping Our Mother, fundamentalist allegiance to the Almighty Dollar and totalitarian control by the ‘minority of the opulent’, or the powers that were.  My spirited Uncle Tom dance and plea to the top dawg 1% is quite lightheartedly detached and simple.  In much the same ways as a Chinese doctor friend sometimes angrily asserts, “in West answer is always to kill . . . don’t always have to kill everything.”  We are not your enemies and We welcome you to join Us too.  Moreover, the Rabbit in me is on the hop in saying, “lettuce all take the quantum leap in consciousness and share the carrot of an Aquarian Age together as We swim away from a Pisces Age.”

Additionally, they built wireless technologies in sweatshop on other shores and they built the satellites that helped the empire win the wars . . . Here in Yourtown, here in Yourtown . . . My sweet Eartha I’m sinkin’ down, here Buddha in Yourtown.  In the spirit of that, technology is not the Messiah that it has been propagated to be, nor is rampant consumerism and gluttonous consumption of Our Mother’s natural resources that She has so liberally and freely given Us.  May You imagine with me technologies that work in harmony with the human factor and all other creatures that live on earth and the greater Universe?  I like what Noam Chomsky has to say about “the same systems that oppress can liberate” and it can change on a dime, in much the same way as Barry Sanders used to cut back to open space on the playing field.  Couldn’t Wal-Mart have greenhouses atop its structures that produce clean energy open to the community, pay their employees a livable wage and take care of their healthcare needs?  I might actually start shopping there if they were to do something like that.  Instead of a sweeping Big Governmental 6 hundred billion and change spent on a War pre-emptively determined to lose, We ask that you shift Your mind-set to more equitably redistributing that toward free healthcare, education, childcare and eco-friendly, true free-market business policies that are equitable and sustainable for all of Us whom inhabit Our planet.  You can still be on top of the pyramid, but the triangle will simply look like an equilateral triangle that floats more buoyantly than the sinking Titanic We are on right now.

In conclusion, there is an old story regarding how the Dragon lost its power of the art of magic by getting caught in its own master of illusion.  However, Dragon lore speaks of a time when Dragon was full of wisdom via bringing light with its fiery breath, while soaring like an Eagle in flight during the darkness of night.  In the Chinese-Lunar calendar, it is the year of the Dragon.  Further, shamans of the Americas have spoken of Quetzalcoatl–a snake-like god. I see Quetzalcoatl’s prophetic return as a powerful metaphor for a Collective shift in Cosmic Consciousness as our old world dies and a New Age awakens, a la ‘out with the old, in with the new’. In venturing out with a community of men around the fire and Clubhouse recently, a brotherly friend reminded me that it’s not necessary to have the ‘Midas Touch’ and turn everything into gold.  Aren’t We all mirrors for One another?  The way I see it, the more of Us gaze on One another in the spirit of Love and Light, then We will naturally disarm the internal and external weapons of mass destruction that pollute Our daily lives.  Do We really need to see World War Three light a fire under our ass to effectively transition into Aquarian Unity, in the once Fertile Crescent where Abraham birthed the Big Three?  Forget about probability and tap into Unity possibilities a la Han Solo, whose famous quote still resonates in the form of  “never tell me the odds.”

I Hopi You are well,


Purring With Cat On The Winter Solstice

I remember when 2012 seemed so far out back in 1984. At that time, many folks had cut their Hair, stopped singing the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and STAR WARS gained popularity in the realms of fiction and non-fiction. However, in this ‘world of 10, 000 things’, the powers that were are still fomenting lustful desires of infiltration  and resisting movements that carry leveling impulses to challenge the status quo. However, in dreaming a New Dream, Our sea of consciousness is oscillating toward equilibrium. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, We turn yinward, being Our own Boss when caroling a chorus of Darkness On The Edge Of Town. Tis the season for Us to let go and express Our gratitude during Our darkest day of the year on Wednesday, December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Our ancestors knew the power of the energies of this time of year and remind Us to get in touch with it Now.

Although it is tempting to sing “Manic Monday” this week before the tail end of the Holiday Blitzkrieg, I’ll think of my cat purring on my neck like a warm winter welcome. Is it a synchronicity that I write about Cat this week as we enjoy the magic and mystery of the dark? Like Cat, We might sleep with one eye open, while ever ready to pounce into the New Year as We welcome the Light of Days. I remember a comic strip that showed a Grandmother figure feeding her dog and cat in separate captions. From the dog’s perspective, he had a think bubble that said something like, “she feeds me, takes care of my every need . . . she must be a god.” Juxtaposed below that, was the cat’s perspective that varied slightly in that she said something like, “she feeds me, takes care of my every need . . . I must be a god.” Isn’t that the difference between cats and dogs? Cats remind Us to access and acquire Our independence, curiosity, intelligence and playful sides–as well as seeing effectively in the dark. Cats are naturally gifted martial artists and meditation gurus and they guide Us toward an understanding of the mystery and magic available in everyday Life. When my cat gives me good energy at the end of the day, I remember, “These are the days we have waited for . . . This time in history is the time that every experience, each relationship, within every lifetime has prepared us for. Without doubt, without hesitation, the events occurring right now, within these days, are the reason that we have come to this world. We are living and witnessing a rare event by any standards, the birth of a New World. The events in our lives are the labor that is enabling this birth.”–Greg Braden, Awaken

Finally, I remember the spirit of this season is about giving and receiving and being Our Higher S(elves). It is a time to be thankful for Our time here, to let go and let God. I know We become comfortable with Our securities, but it is good medicine to gently let these securities pass in Our consciousness. The old world is dying, while a New World is birthing. I know We feel the labor pains, but in this waning year of the Rabbit, lettuce be reminded of a carrot of Light at the end of the tunnel as We venture out of Plato’s Cave. As I gaze upon Our global village, I remember an old saying that, “good fences make good neighbors”. I say We Venture out to flock among like minded birds, reinvent the wheel and let those old fences rust in peace and/or burn them in a ceremonial fire ritual.

I Hopi You are well,