The Arrival of my New Books

Hi Folks,

It is a blessing to announce the publication of my two new books, that also beautifully illustrate my Aunt Barbara’s artistic wizardry.

Something to Chew on Reborn is an expanded version of my first published book that enhances, yet maintains the integrity of the original piece.

Also, it is an honor to see Something to Chew On For The Children’s Soul evolve from the original idea, as the dream of writing a children’s book has been on the heart list for a long time.

Helping people is a passion of mine, and I like to inspire people to awaken their spirits. It is my hope to reach as many people as possible through my writing.

I remember back in college, when I did an independent study with one of my psychology professors, along with one of his coworkers who was a therapist in private practice. At that time, we were exploring the idea of bibliotherapy as a therapeutic tool between sessions, as a way to help people get unstuck, so that they could transform their lives.

I am deeply thankful for all of your support and encouragement along the way, and really appreciate it!

And, I look forward to sharing the link to my new author website with you once it is ready.

Here is the link to check out my new books:

Sending all of you spirited blessings, and a seasonal harvest of inner peace,



2 thoughts on “The Arrival of my New Books

  1. Am soooooo proud of You Son, taking assessment & turning it into practicile understandable format…. Perfact for instructional tools for all of us. Thank You for BEING & ASPIRING to be the best You possibly can be & Your encouragement for the rest of weee humans. Our Hearts are Truly as 1 in the Cosmos….. LOVE IS ALWAYS THE KEY & most POWERFUL GIFT WE CAN ACCEPT & GIVE…

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