Spider, Creativity and Infinity in We

I noticed some spiders recently and subsequently became entangled with a web of heartfelt thoughts about their significance in our lives at this junction on Nature’s cycle.  Spider represents Infinity, the realm of creation where infinite possibilities abound and Quantum realities arrive.  By simply visualizing and meditating on a figure 8, we welcome a practical strategy to weave the energy of creativity into our journey.  When co-creating life with spider in a balanced way, all directions are included.  When we get into touch with spider medicine, we get to know ourselves on a deeper level.  During this process, weaving magic into our lives becomes possible.  In the spirit of that, I like to dream big, where we all live in a free for service economy that celebrates Diversity in Unity, with equal access to resources that are safely cultivated and shared in a system that promotes authenticity and respect.  I wonder if Vanna White was pregnant with a spider totem, while spinning blocks on the classic TV show, Wheel of Fortune?

Speaking of spinning, churning and dream weaving nightmares, here in the Northern hemisphere we have a full moon arriving in late August, the fall equinox in late September, a presidential selection in the USA and the death of an age-old calendar in December, 2012.  A change in climate is in the air on the consciousness of the planet today.  While ongoing presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche reminds us that President Obama is a fascist and modern-day Nero, it is also true that he is, like Bill Clinton, a moderate Republican and business candidate of Wall Street.  Putting Obama aside for a moment, the alternative rebel is a conservative business man who hides his taxes and hoards his riches in foreign off shore accounts.  Romney reminds us that like any good propagandist, you really have to have it deeply in your bones.  True, once the lies are parroted across the airwaves as if they are fact, then the herd mentality doesn’t skip a beat when hypnotically buying into the propaganda.  Apparently, Mr. Romney doesn’t think we humans are as deserving as his pampered ballet horse when it comes to health care and creature comforts.  For his running mate, our rebellious alternative candidate picked a Nazi like figure who fronts as a charming, down to earth fellow who tells it like it is–someone you might want to have a beer with.  But most folks have more in common with Obama’s politics than with the political platform of Romney, our friends in congress and the opulent minority.  Are folks aware that a vote for Mitt Romney is an unconscious vote against their own interests and a step away from the democratic (small d) process?  But ain’t that America, a land where we indulge in our arrogance, hubris and fixed ideas and intellectual concepts?  A real fair and balanced media would simply report that a Obama administration wants the USA to be a little less miserly in Her social democratic programs than She already is, paling in comparison to many other modern Western nations.  Obama merely wants a little less welfare to be exclusively funded into private mega corporations, wants the haves of society to pay their fair share and expand human factor programs like Medicare, Medicaid and affordable healthcare for all citizens.  For the record, don’t we all want less unwanted births?  In fact, having access to free health care actually reduces unwanted births and abortions.  Even many conservatives in Canada want to keep their health care.

In our modern Western world, particularly in the USA, many of us have become programmed robotic consumers that are toyed with like puppets by master illusionist like Carl Rove and company.  However, I dream of a free thinking population that values a win-win equilateral triangle, where our human family is in alignment with mind-body-spirit.  A practical solution to remedy this farce is to dream a new dream and let go of the cannibalistic nightmare that we consume today.  Daily meditation reminds us to become a watcher of ourselves, while carefully noticing our thoughts and feelings as they arrive in our consciousness.  By simply becoming aware of our breath, we return to the now and become more divinely human and present, while less robotic and scripted.  Try doing this right now and especially during the upcoming political pep rallies and see what happens.  Are you swayed by the boasting of thieves after a looting?  Just imagine what we could do with all the money that is wasted on the grandstanding that goes on during this election year.  Now folks, I get that a true free market economy is a bit of a pipe dream for folks.  In the spirit of that, is taxation with representation conservative enough for you?  And remember the classic Cat Stevens song, “where do the children play?” 

Stay True,


3 thoughts on “Spider, Creativity and Infinity in We

  1. Ari, It’s wonderful to see how you share your insight.
    Let me share that upon returning from vacation this weekend I walked through my slider, onto my deck, and into a giant spider web that had been sewn in my absence. After clearing it off of my face and out of my hair and feeling like I was in the spider scene from Lord of the Rings, I spent some time watching the gnarly arachnid hanging in the corner quickly set out to rebuild what I had just destroyed. I invite you to ponder the significance of my destroying the beautiful means of substanance the spider labored over as I went to have a smoke.
    That, and your entry inspired me to look back on the greatest source of wisdom I know, Walt Whittman.

    A noiseless, patient, spider,
    I mark’d, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated,
    Mark’d how, to explore the vacant, vast surroundings
    It launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,
    Ever unreeling them-ever tirelessly speeding them.

    And you, O my soul, where you stand,
    Surrounded, surrounded, in measureless oceans of space,
    Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing,-seeking the spheres, to connect them;
    Till the bridge you will need be formed-till the ductile anchor hold;
    Till the gossamer thread you fling, catch somewhere, O my soul;

    I look forward to working my way through all of your past entries, (I’ve read 5), and await, patiently, what is yet to come.

    Your Friend, Craig

    • Craig, thank you for your help in weaving in a strand into this post and also for tuning in to the energy of this blog. In fact, I really liked the way that you spun in the wisdom of Walt Whittman and the Lord of the Rings visual. It brought me into a most satisfying mind-soul dance step–without getting too tangled up in the process! Right on daddio. Ari

  2. Funny, I read your description of Paul Ryan and was immediately (and somewhat shockingly) taken back to the silly History Channel show I watched with half-hearted interest last night while reading a book on recycling, about The Breaking of the Seven Seals discussed in the Book of Revelations, and heard again the monotonous voice of the commentator rasping about “the two henchmen of Satan” and from where they might arrive–one charasmatic and full of false prophecy, and the other “appearing to work for good when really working for evil.” The depictions of both characters included each of them having very nice hair. ;o) Oh, what tangled webs are being woven…

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