When flying high in Heaven, please remember to keep your talons firmly rooted in the Earth

While driving home from school the other day, a bald eagle feathered my ripple as I noticed him effortlessly riding the thermals, then swooping down and gracefully landing on the ground adjacent to my car.  While I was inebriated by the spirited experience and I felt pleasantly full in the moment I ate it, the digestion process was soon the death of me, as I kept my foot on the pedal and my eyes on the road.  Moreover, I counted my blessings of eagle’s powerfully passionate reminders that we are pre-wired to hear the voice of spirit, albeit programmed to hear the voice of ego.  This is not always easy to discern, especially in our modern world, where it is so convenient to merely change the channel if we don’t like what we see and/or hear.  Yes, I understand how our Founding Fathers were inundated by eagle’s sacred nature, even if this powerfully Divine animal totem’s spiritual significance is often misunderstood.  For example, within the current nightmare we collectively share, we are told that we should worship a bigoted, ego-centered mantra that tells us that the better the devil we know old guard should be feared like a metallic atomic bomber that might blow us all up if we do not conform to the illusion of “separate but equal”.  But who has most bombs (the good guys) and who has illegally sold them in backdoor deals that are glossed over with double-talk by our well paid talking heads in TVland (the good guys)?

Speaking of TVland, was anyone paying attention to Eddie Haskell’s recent decision to bow out of the presidential race to dethrone president Obama?  I realize the truth that you cannot be a good propagandist unless it is deeply in your bones.  But “fast” Eddie, I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with you.  I remember when I went to college out in Western Pennsylvania many years ago.  Back then, you had “all the right moves” and your effective campaigns were fueled by negative ads, spinning tough guy conservative politics and christiancentric religiosity–and you just would not leave the Beaver alone back then either.  Have you and your “friends in Congress” not yet seen the Warren Beatty film, “Bullworth”?  “Yo, the people got their problems, the have and the have-nots, but those that make me listen pay for 30 second spots.”  Why is it that you and your big governmental “friends in Congress” are so eager to force our taxpayer dollars to liberally support your own salary, pension, universal healthcare and other bennies, even after your term has long run its course, but deny the rest of us equal access to concrete services?  If you are really a Christian, who would Jesus bomb and why not level the playing field for the rest of us that belong to the overwhelming majority?  Are we not too part of His flock?  Are you saying that you and your homies inside the Beltway prefer behaving like a bunch of communists, in violation of pretty much every conceivable free-market principle, at the expense of being bribed by the excesses of socialist, oligarchical mega-corporations?  Further, are you saying that those of us who do not belong to the exclusive country club should be incinerated if we do not agree to “shut up and shop?”  Who payin’ you?

But I didn’t write this blog entry to change the “world of 10, 000 things” in one fell swoop and divide my phat cat brothers and sisters that are acting like top dawgs while sitting atop the 1 % of the pyramid, from the 99 % of us.  If only the “minority of the opulent” awakens to the awareness that by co-creating an equilateral triangle, you guys will probably still be on top, but we will all float more buoyantly on the waters of Life.  See Eddie, it’s somewhat akin to your relationship with your old friends Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver–you never really pulled the wool over them either.  Rather, Ward and June showed you respect because they were respectful, even though they realized what a gifted method actor you were, when in reality you were merely putting up a front.  And while the Beave didn’t like getting bullied by you, Wally must have seen glimpses of your True Self because he still considered you a friend.  And like Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, I am hoping you and your peers in powerful positions of power will mature in a way that developmentally realizes that we are all connected, a la what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  I am hopeful that you will join us in transforming the current developmentally delayed paradigm that says the fittest dawgs and phattest cats get to party like it’s 1999, but the rest of us should be resorting to cannibalism.  Perhaps there was a time for that kind of all you can eat buffet, but that time is dying and now is the time to cook up something new, puns intended.  But don’t take my word for it, perhaps the energy of Hannibal Lectur would be more convincing and you would prefer to chew on his wisdom that says, “we covet what we see, Clarice.”

Stay True,


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