Staying True To The Self

If We have ever met in person and/or you have Witnessed the ‘About Ari’ section of my blog, You know that I really love to See folks wake up and Bee True to their Self–hopefully without getting too stung in the process! In fact, I don’t need to look further than yours truly to observe this unfolding process of Awakening. In the Spirit of that, all We really have is right Now and the process of staying True to the Self, is a process of integrating The Many aspects of Our Selves within the ever evolving Living Present moment.

In my experience, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to express Oneself authentically and respectfully in relationship to Self and Others. In my journey, I have been digging deep, unearthing, scuba diving into the mysterious Unknowing, checking in and getting honest with myself and learning to ‘Know Thyself’, as the ancient portals to the Mystery School’s once noted “a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”. Yes, there has been much pain and sitting with uncomfortable tension in the unfolding evolutionary impulse, but I trust the Universal pillars of wisdom that Love and Truth will illuminate the shadowy veils that keep Us separate and disconnected from Our Oneness. Although it is wise to let go of outcome, it is yielding the result of discovering a burning passion inside to naturally radiate a genuine sense of authenticity. Bill Murray’s character at the end of the film ‘Groundhog Day’ carries this kind of energy, so that like Bill’s character, when We clear Our own Karma and release aspects of Our Selves that no longer serve Us, We clear space for a perceptual shift that opens Our Higher Vision. And this benefits what psychologist Carl Jung called the ‘Collective Unconscious’, as We dream a New Dream for all humanity to enjoy, a la “what’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander” (pronounced Gandah in this neck of the woods). This is how We learn to stop playing roles and just Be with One another. And sometimes, the way We need to Be with One another, changes like the caterpillar changes into Butterfly. To say, “that’s just the way I roll” is like saying “that’s just the way it is” when qualifying ‘separate but equal’, which cleverly protects status quo energetic patterns.

Finally, We live in a dying realm of conceptual, mental concepts that fuel and perpetuate the existence of the ego, which likes to hide on “the dark side of the moon” and the “ghettos of the mind”, behind fortresses of the Intellect and sometimes around the Heart. And the ego is a master trickster that likes to cleverly use the intellect and spirituality to hide behind and maintain the status quo of personal identity. I see the ego as semantically akin to a demon that likes to convince Us of “the better the devil you know” mantra. Really, it makes for a skillful meditation practice–even for some of the wiser, “advanced” healing-energy practitioners I’ve come to know. In the spirit of that, I invoke the Art of Persuasion  to encourage folks flocking in this neck of the woods to tap into Blue Jay’s lessons on being a master pretender and True Wizardship. Blue Jay doesn’t care, as it’s medicine will remedy either. However, I’d like to assert that in the spirit of the “power of Love, not the love of power”, I’d rather be a somewhat scorched Eagle soaring in Heaven, than a Crow comfortably, blissfully and ignorantly navigating through hell. On radio channel Now, I can hear Larry King interviewing Marlon Brando when he admitted something to the effect of, “all  we (actors) do is pretend”. If I have a choice, pun intended, why would I eat a hamburger when I can have a steak–so long as I remember to eat mostly veggies?

I Hopi You are well,


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